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It’s about time, don’t you think so?
It’s has been announced that “How To Get Away With Murder” is ending after this upcoming  6 season. And guess what  y’all . . . “I ain’t surprised. Nope, not at all.” As Deadline reports, the ABC show that furthered heightened the talent of Viola Davis which landed her an Emmy for Best Lead Role in a Drama series is closing its doors for good.
 “HTGAWM’s final chapter also brings to an end TGIT as a three-hour Shondaland programming block taking over ABC’s Thursday night primetime.”
And as creator Peter Nowalk of this series states . . .
“Deciding to end this series was a brutal decision, but ultimately, the story tells you what to do – as it did here. For me, Annalise Keating’s journey has always had a clear ending. Knowing I have 15 episodes left to finish her story, and the chance to give all the characters their own killer endings, is a gift rarely given to a series creator and I’m grateful to ABC and ABC Studios for the opportunity and creative freedom. I am so thankful to the brilliant cast, writers and crew for dedicating themselves to the most rewarding experience of my career over the last six years. I also want to thank our fans. The only reason this show exists is because of your loyalty and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for you all to see how it ends, with twists and turns and all the craziness we love to create every Thursday night. Buckle up.”
Honestly, I never got into the series although I tried. But once Scandal was over, ABC dropped off my radar. Yep. Now, for those fans that continued with the show and will experience significant loss once it’s over, I’m sure something else will come around soon to fill that painful void. And if not, then read a book. What . . . I’m just offering a suggestion. And Happy Friday!!!

What is it about ice cream that has folks going crazy? I mean . . . “come on, now.”

Yep, it appears as if another insane “ice cream” attacker has struck out against our beloved soft gooeyness.  It appears as if a woman in Florida decided that it was cool to both spit and pee in an “ice cream” store. As Tampa Bay Times reports, an insane, crazy, looney woman faces felony charges for defiling both the materials and products that used in an Indian Shores ice cream store.

Sixty-six year on Jung Soon Wypcha was charged with “mischief and tampering with consumer products” with damages estimated up to $2000. Yep. Due to Jung’s offensive behavior, it caused the shop to close down for several days. But the arrest and charges of Jung came about on Monday once the Indian Shore police reviewed the store videotapes which outline this disgusting chick behavior.

The ice cream has been destroyed for public safety, and the shop has opened back up. Now, what’s interesting about this whole ordeal is that Ms. Jung Soon Wypcha owns a business next door to the ice cream shop and they share a bathroom. Yup.  As the ice cream owner Paul Chiulli states . . .

“I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular.”

Video footage captures Jung using the restroom several times with the door ajar and not washing her hands. From there, this crazy chick would go to the organic ice cream freezer and rubbed her unsanitary hands over the containers. The video also caught her picking her nose then touching the products and later spitting into the ice cream containers. This chick is just nasty is all.

Look  . . . this crazy lady did some other gross stuff that I don’t have to stomach to continue to write about. But let’s just say, that yeah, I think she needs to do some time and pay a hefty fine.

Anywhoozle, based on folks attitude as of late in regards to ice cream, I think it’s time for a sista’ to go on a diet, regardless of whether I want to or not. You feel me.

Hey fam,

I’m hooked on Netflix. Let me rephrase that, I’m hooked on the new shows. Netflix has two new shows. “Mr. Iglesias” starring Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and Sherry Shephard. The storyline is about a teacher and an administrator that care about their students. The teacher, Mr. Iglesias, is a recovering alcoholic and former student that came back to be a history teacher. I admit I’m not doing the show any justice but it’s a great binge of chuckles. It’s almost like a male funnier version of “Mom”.

My other new favorite show just came out today. I have already watched it twice. The show is called “Family Reunion”. Thanks to the website shadow and acts. That’s how I found out about it. You see the hook to this show is that every one of the writers is African-American. This is unusual. Please believe me when I tell you that it shows. I have read other reviews that say that this is a throwback show. They obviously didn’t watch the season. Sure there are some moments that are a little throwbacky (yes I made that up) but it is still a great family show. There are ten episodes for part 1. I’m ready to see part two. I don’t know when part two comes. Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry-Hardict, and Richard Roundtree are the seasoned actors for this show. And add Telma Hopkins to the mix and you have a show that reminds you of all of your relatives or friends of your relatives.

So if you are looking for some fun with lessons to be learned, watch these two shows. I will let you know the other shows I like too. Maybe next time we can talk about “Claws” and “Queen Sugar.

Later fam!

Hey fam,

By now you have heard about the young man from Arizona that was killed for playing rap music. When I first heard this I thought here we go again. Then I read about this case. I thought this happened near the car. No, it happened inside the “Circle K”. I mean right there in the store. Elijah Al-Amin was 17 years old not knowing why he was being attacked.

Elijah Al-Amin

The killer, Michael Adams age 27, was recently released from prison when he felt “threatened by rap music”. His lawyer is trying to use the “mental health issues” and was released without medication. The reason he was released without medication is that DOC said he wasn’t under psychiatric care while inside.

Michael Adams/Peoria Police Dept

The previous crimes included assaulting other people that he didn’t know. He also assaulted a correctional officer. On one of his cases they tried the same thing and well he ended up being found competent and served his time.

When the police showed up Adams tells them he was fearful of his life. People that played rap music have allegedly harmed him or family members. Now, this is foolishness. The fact that he could hear the music and then go inside the store to find Elijah and slit his throat. I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on t.v. but that seems premeditated to me.

Hey fam,

This is my favorite time of year. It’s Wimbledon time. I love tennis. One of these years I will go there and the U.S. Open. Dare to dream.

This year there is a phenom that received an invite to play and has become the most searched. Her name is Cori “Coco” Gauff. She is only fifteen years old. Although I didn’t see her play her first round when she beat Venus Williams. She graciously admitted that she wouldn’t be there without her.

When I found “Coco” it was by accident. The television was on and I happened to glance and saw this young lady playing. What was funny was that at first, I thought I was watching an old film of Venus. It wasn’t until I really looked and realized that it wasn’t Venus. She has the same stature as Venus. She was one amazing young lady to watch. The way that she handled herself during the high pressure of round 3, put into perspective how beyond her years she is.

She is definitely one to watch. By the time she finished her match, I was in tears filled with pride. I can’t wait to watch her in the future.