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Woof ruff aassue! Sorry, aasssue! I’m soo cold. This is not right. I thought it was spring! This lil bro is here to tell you it sure don’t feel like it. When I woke up and wanted to get under the covers that was a hint and a half. I was actually shaking. I went back to sleep when I warmed up.

My sister knew that it was cold out so she put my sweater on me. Usually, I don’t wear sweaters. Alright, I mean I don’t listen to my sister when she wants to put them on me, but not today. Matter of fact I stood there, not fighting. Then the moment of truth happened. We went outside. OMG, it’s freezing! Even with my sweater on. I can’t do this. Nah man I mean this. I CAN’T DO THIS. My legs locked up and I couldn’t move. The next thing that happened was I was up in her arms. She must have read my mind. She brought me in the house and put me in my chair and wrapped me up. She didn’t take my sweater off either.

When I woke up later, it looked a lot warmer. Since I didn’t go, you know, before, I really needed to go. This time the sun was shining and feeling good, but it’s still cold. We went on our walk with me still wearing my sweater. All I wanna know is where is Ms. Spring at? When is she coming to stay? Cause a lil bro just wants to know! Asssue, asssue! I’m going back to bed.

Hey fam,

On Tuesday, I went to see the Aretha Franklin documentary, Amazing Grace. I was so excited to see it. Her Amazing Grace album was played non-stop around our house. On some of the songs, I remember acting like I was the choir director.

Trying to find the movie was a little challenging. It was playing in an independent theater, that I don’t usually go to. Hopefully, it will play larger theaters. Once the movie started you’re placed in a time machine. Everyone is setting up for night one and Rev. James Cleveland gave the instructions for the night. Once the music starts, your feet will be tapping and you want to clap along with the choir and audience. You are back in any Baptist church. You may find yourself catching the spirit.

One of my favorite songs is Precious Lord, Take my Hand mixed with “You’ve got a Friend. Actually my all time favorite is “Mary Don’t You Weep”. What I realized from the film is that there were several takes to get her album the way she wanted. I recommend listening to her album if you’re lucky enough to have it or listen to youtube prior to going. You will also want to have it cued up so you can listen to it on the way home. Do what you can to see this film. I highly recommend it.

It’s been about a month since I’ve done a “Jim Carrey Twitter” posting party. And boy, is it time for another one. It appears as if Mr. Carrey’s paintbrush has been busy lately with its continuous attack on Trump . . . his administration . . . and the corruptness “that it is”.  Despite the constant “stupidity” that we as Americans have to deal with in regards to this clown which is in office, it’s good to see a person like Jim “givin’ it to the man“. Yep . . . feels good.

That is why today’s blog gives all its attention (As usual) to the “OG of Twitter” Jim Carrey and his powerful, hard-hitting, latest twitter feeds.

Until the next time folks, “enjoy” and  Happy Thursday!!!


And DEFINITELY the MVP of them all . . .


Look, I’m all for experimental food . . . really I am, but I think some folks take things a little too far. If you don’t believe me, then check out KFC’s new menu item the “Popcorn- Bread Chicken“. That’s right, it appears as if KFC has lost its mind when it comes to “creativity”. And apparently, Hong Kong did as well. Yep . . . “Hong Kong”, because this “epic combination” of sweet popcorn mixed with cinnamon-sugar pretzel is only available there. As Bustle reports, the mixture of those two flavors is a a “sweet and savory” goodness.  And as a matter of fact, some say that you basically have to “throw hands” to get a piece of that drizzled top “caramel sauce” chicken. Yep . . . “throw hands“.

Now, I don’t know if this  “Popcorn Breaded Chicken” will ever be released in the United States. But if it does,  it will definitely give KFC’s “Chicken-And-Waffles” a run for their money . . . “So I’ve heard.”

Anywhoozle,  If you live by Birdland, Hong Kong and is reading this blog, then ” go and getcha’ some chicken“. It’s only available for a limited time. And as for the “Popcorn Breaded Chicken” making it over to these parts of the country (USA), I really don’t know “if or when” that will ever happen.

Hey, if it doesn’t, then at least you have KFC’s “Chicken and Waffles” . . . until April 29th.


Hey fam,

Today is a day that’s near and dear to our (Jax and I) heart. Today is National Lost Dog Awareness Day. Whenever Jax decides to take himself on a walk of the neighborhood, there are times I find him because someone reads his tag and calls me.

The other thing Jax has is a microchip. There are other programs out there but we use “HomeAgain”. If I report Jax missing, they ask for a current picture. They also request the area where he was lost. Once all the information is gathered, it’s relayed to surrounding veterinarians. Most veterinarians will secretly scan a dog when someone comes in with a “new” dog. Just in case, the dog was reported missing.

Before we go, if you should find a dog roaming check to see if friendly by allowing the animal to sniff you. If the dog allows you to get closer to do it. If not, contact the local animal control officer. Keep an eye on it to see if it’s acting strangely. These are things an animal control officer told us.