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Hey fam,

I’m still trying to keep away from politics but I had to make a comment. I wanted to comment on Joe Biden. People have been speculating for a while about Joe Biden running for president. I admit I was one of them until I decided to really think about it.

Sure we can glamourize the bromance in the White House of Obama and Biden but let’s be honest. There were a few things that people have forgotten about. There were a few times when Biden acted like that creepy uncle that made you cringe when he touched you. Sure some people could say he was doing it in jest. The looks that these women and children are giving truly shows something different. Considering we have the #MeToo movement do we want this?

If Biden decides to run it would behoove him to get out in front of this. Unfortunately, we now have a woman saying how Biden kissed her without her permission. Will Biden have the courage to address this and other times it looked like inappropriate touching? Will Americans be so happy for a change that they would co-sign for a Biden presidency? With the large pool of candidates that are available, will Biden make it to the end?

This week Stacy Abrams appeared on “The View” where she put Meghan McCain in check. Ms. Abrams was asked about the meeting that she had with Joe Biden. She was asked if she was going to be Biden’s running mate on the ticket. Where she responded, “You don’t run for second place”. Go ahead, sis. We know that’s right. What Ms. Abrams showed on this show is that she knows how to shut down the nonsense quick, fast and in a hurry.

I haven’t made up my mind about who has my support. The pool is so wide. I haven’t heard anything that will differentiate the candidates. Of course, with my break from politics, I guess that would be hard. Tell me fam, what do you think of Joe Biden? Do you think the good he could do would outshine the bad? Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Everybody and their momma got them, so why not Dairy Queen.

Finally . . . yes, FINALLY . . . Dairy Queen has entered into the field of Chicken and Waffles. I mean . . . it took DQ like . . . forever, but they finally have entered the game. And as Bustle reports, although DQ has an extensive chicken menu already ike their Honey Hot Glazed Chicken Strips or their Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich, the arrival of Dairy Queen’s Chicken and Waffles is definitely WELCOMED!

The cool thing about DQ’s Chicken and Waffle basket is that it includes fries. Yes . . . FRIES!!! And you know what? “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, right?” Now, the only thing that puts a damper on this whole DQ deal, is that it’s for a limited time. Yup. So, folks,  we have until May to test and fall in love with Dairy Queen’s Chicken and Waffles before they are snatched . . . ripped from out of our lives.

Like I always say . . . “Time keeps on ticking, so go get you some chicken. And yeah . . . waffles.” Corny I know but hey, Happy Friday.


Wendy Williams needs to do what Monica just did and that’s . . . file for divorce.

  Monica Brown a.k.a Monica ain’t here for the foolishness and has “officially” filed for divorce from former NBA player Shannon Brown. Yep, as TMZ reports, Ms. Brown filed her paperwork for divorce earlier this month in Atlanta, Georgia. She sure did. The couple who wed in 2010 has a 5-year-old daughter name Laiyah, although Monica has two sons from her previous relationship with rapper Rocko.

Anywhoozle, speculations swirled around these gossip streets that the couple separated back in October of 2018 despite Monica sharing a “loving” photo of them together via her Instagram. But it now appears as if ‘that mood‘ has passed and Monica was spotted on several of her Instagram photos without the rock (Bling, Bling); which can mean several things, but in her case . . . it was . . . DIVORCE.

Look, the only thing that I have to say about this ordeal is . . . “Wendy, you need to take lessons from Monica and make that “no good loser” husband of yours be . . .”So Gone”. Until the next time . . . Peace!

Hey fam,

By now you have heard about Jussie Smollett’s case being closed. Both sides have said they won. Yet the rest of us are confused. No one is more confused as Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. Both are concerned because of the indictments plus the fact that they feel an apology is in order from Smollett. Well, we can’t always get what we want.

Anywhoozle, I’m nosey as all get out so I went on the web to see what’s up. One of the things I found on Law and Crime website that the state’s attorney made a motion of nolle prosequi. Which means no prosecute. The state’s attorney, as well as everyone else, feels that he’s guilty but why tie the courts up. Smollett surrendered $10,000 that was initially used for bail, to the city. They also say he was doing volunteer work for Chicago. Sounds to me like accelerated rehabilitation.

They have said that the slate is clean and his record has been expunged. While he maintains his innocence, I have to admit I’m perturbed with the results. Hopefully, going forward to other complaints will be treated with the same verve the CPD did with this case.

Hey fam,

Ya know, I’m beginning to think R. Kelly isn’t that bright. Sure he can write music but this boy, well. We all know that he is behind on his child support. Okay my bad, he’s caught up, but he has to pay that person back.

With all the money this man owes everyone, he asked for permission from the court to leave the country to perform. He told the court that he has concerts lined up in Dubai. Now I don’t know what Robert was smoking or drinking for him to think that the court would just say yes. All I know is before the court could start to check on it, the Dubai government announced that Robert Kelly was lying. There isn’t anything in the works for him to perform for the public or royal family. Per AllHipHop, the royal family has no desire to meet him.

Now Robert should have known better but I think he thought he could make a run for it. Didn’t anyone on his team think that about how that government works? I mean it’s not like showing up to your home church asking to put on a mini concert. Or your high school? Dang Robert you have just answered the question, “How stupid is he?”

Fam, as we’ve all said about someone else in the family, that boy don’t have the sense God gave a turkey! SMH