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Some may call it “stalking” . . . but “I” call it just keeping a close eye on something “beautiful” is all.

Like any good blooded woman or . . . man, we can all agree that Idris Elba is a “work of art” both physically and talent wise. So to hear that “People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive” will finally be hosting SNL, well that just warmed my soul.

That’s right folks, Saturday, March 9th, 2019 Mr. Elba along with musical guest Khalid will grace our television screens as reported by both Time Magazine and Uproxx. Promoting his upcoming Netflix comedy series called “Turn Up Charlie” which premieres on March 15th along with other upcoming projects like the ” Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ” this August and Coachella in April, I am D.E.F.I.N.A.T.E.L.Y looking forward to an overdose of “me” some Idis.

But don’t tell my hubby . . . “cuz’ that ain’t somethin’ he needs to know“. Just saying.


Janet . . . Ms. Jackson, if you’re nasty, announced her ‘Metamorphosis‘ Residency show. That’s right folks, my girl Janet has a Las Vegas “residency” and I love it!

The legendary singer’s ‘Metamorphosis‘ residency is kicking off, starting in May 2019 at the MGM’s Park Theater. And as both Variety and Janet Jackson’s Instagram post reports, tickets for the show is going on sale starting on March 2, 2019, at 10 A.M. PST, with starting prices at $79. If you are a die-hard Janet Jackson fan a.k.a  her ‘Fan Club’, you will receive early access to the exclusive pre-sale of her tickets beginning on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. PST. Sweeeeet!

Now, if you are that type of person who wants . . . needs to know the meaning of a “concert names”; especially Jackson’s “Metamorphosis”, the announcement which was made, included the following . . .

“’Metamorphosis’ peels back the layers of the immensely private life of Janet Jackson, sharing her transformation from a young girl with issues of self-esteem to global Icon. The centerpiece of this all-new thought-provoking show will be Janet herself, captivating you through your senses with electrifying visuals, explosive dance numbers, chart-topping hits and fan favorite deep cuts. Fans will follow her path to self-love, empowerment, motherhood, and activism, amidst the challenges faced along her personal journey. She encourages her audiences to find their own light within themselves through her ‘Metamorphosis.’”

Note, Jackson’s residency has only 15 . . . yes, “only” 15 shows. And here are the dates . . .

 May 2019: 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26

 July 2019: 24, 26, 27, 31

 August 2019: 2, 3, 7, 9, 10


Sooo . . . if you are a fan and what to see Janet, then you have until March to save those coins to purchase yourself a ticket. And if you don’t live in Las Vegas (Like myself), and need to find a way out there, “then you betta’ have your good-eye stalking those airlines prices as well”. Harumph . . . know I am.


Hey fam,

Did you watch last night? The first song that came out, was okay. For me, his vibrato irritated me. So you know he didn’t make my team. Last night the games began with someone (Blake) blocking John. He was actually blocked twice, but he’s ready to play. He has two team members so far. You can tell the rest of them are afraid, well maybe not Kelly.

The night was filled with talent, to the point where my team is almost filled and this is only night one. Needless to say, I will be rearranging team members. I think I was excited. Now that I think about it. I know there are people I need to remove. By the time I finish, I will start tonight with three maybe four team members.

Last season, Blake Shelton said that he wanted a rapper on his team. Well, he’s got it this year. A young lady decided to do “Scrubs” and put her own flavor on it. She even tried to do all three parts of the song. Can’t wait to see what Blake will do with her.

Well, tonight is another night of auditions. Who will be added? Will there be anyone with a 4 chair turn tonight? Join me tonight @SayingSimply on Twitter.

Hey fam,

It’s that time again! Time for “The Voice”. This is my favorite time of the show. The blind auditions. I try to do the same thing the judges do. Ya know, listen with my eyes closed and figure out if I want them on my team. If you don’t do that you are missing out. With your eyes closed, you are able to concentrate on the voice and not the family members and the artist looks. You will hear when the contestant is pitchy or flat.

This time around they have added John Legend to the judges while JHud is elsewhere. He is going to be very interesting to watch. How will he coach his starlets? What’s he looking for? I’m guessing that he will be looking for someone to fill the R&B shoes. Wonder who will be his coaching buddy? How will he interact with Blake, Adam, and Kelly?

Well, the wait will be over tonight. Don’t forget to download the “The Voice” app to create your own team. Look for me on Twitter @SayingSimply and chat with me about the show.

Hey fam,

Originally I had planned to “talk” about R. Kelly or maybe even Jussie Smollett. After going out earlier I’m a little perturbed. As you know, my mom is in a wheelchair, (she’s getting stronger to walk with a walker). A couple of weeks ago, I told y’all how things go when we go out.

Well today, I have to add another complaint. Not clearing the snow for access to a building. More specifically in parking lots. Sometimes when companies clear away the snow they don’t get all of it. The problem with that is people in a wheelchair are unable to go over the mounds of snow. Sure there are other areas that are cleared but none of them allowed us access to where we need to go.

It’s so true when they say, you have to walk in a person’s shoes to understand where they are coming from. Since mom has been in the wheelchair we have learned so much. Like for instance, the restroom, there is a “handicap” stall. Why is it when we are waiting to use it, out comes someone that didn’t need it but because it was open they just jumped ahead and used. When I went to “Hamilton” as usual there was a line for the restroom. The only one opened was the “handicapped” stall. I wouldn’t go in because I know how it is for my mom. Would you believe the other ladies were angry because I wouldn’t use it? Was I wrong? I mean I was thinking about it as we do the parking spaces. What would you do?

Well, fam, I’m out to try and calm down. Talk to you on Monday!