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Guess what time it is?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Jim Carrey’s blog. And today seems like a good day for one. Everyone knows that Jim Carrey “the artist” has been my hero; especially when he uses his artistic gift to point out both the stupidity and hypocrisy of “Shut Down The Government” Trump and his Administration.

Now, when it comes to Carrey’s swiftness in using a  pen . . . maker . . . or paintbrush to “illustrate”  the wrongness of y’all President, well  . . . Jim is the man. And this time around, Carrey’s new artwork depicting the denial of  “Shut Down The Government” Trump climate control, takes no prisoners in schooling this fool.

As Huffington Post reports, it appears as if Jim isn’t warming up to y’all President’s ideal about the environment. No sir, Carrey’s latest work shows “Shut Down The Government” Trump in the background with either several bookmarks (Hey, that’s how my mind works) or strips of paper covering up y’all President’s face with a “clean nature” like painting background. The capture says . . . “The New American Dream! Get rid of this filth and bring our blue skies back”.

Of course, Jim’s latest painting and heavy mocking from Twitter comes after y’all President tweeted out another ridiculous, uneducated comment about “global warming”  asking it to “come back fast, we need you“. Not to mention the misspelling of the word “warming“.

Honestly, this dude’s spelling is atrocious. And I can’t. Happy Thursday!

Who woke up the dead?!

It’s been a while folks, but I’m back with the “tomfoolery“. And this time around, the “clown of the day” goes to America’s “butthead and not-so-bright” Sarah Palin. Yes sir, it appears as Alaska’s residential red-neck thought it would be a good idea to try and mock “Stacey Abrams” as a “Literal Loser” and it all backfired on her (Sarah) via Twitter.

As Huffington Post reports, the fade-out former vice presidential candidate took to Twitter to remind us . . . no, the world . . . how “dumb” she still is. Now, word on the street is that it was announced on Tuesday that Democratic Party Stacey Abrams is “chosen” to respond back to “Shut-down Government” Trump State of the Union next week. And for some reason, this got old Palin “panties up-in-a bunch” that she went on to  Twitter to retweet this following foolishness.

Note . . . although it appears as if Palin “only” retweeted the article with the negative heading, it didn’t stop folks from reminding her via Twitter how “insufficient” she and her failing career has continued to be a laughing stock in American history. See . . .

And FINALLY . . .

Yep . . . “It’s good to be back“. And Happy Hump Day!



Oh that sister of mine! Sometimes tho’ she works my nerves. That’s why I did it. She keeps actin’ like she can tell me what to do. She ain’t my Momma. She’s my sister!

So let me tell you what’s going on. She told my doc that she would put me on a diet. Guess she didn’t think I heard her. Anyway, no biggie, all it means is I get more string beans, apples and mangos. I knew she was working on some stuff and making herself crazy, soo, I took advantage of it. First, I’d get up early so she would give me breakfast.

Second, I would ask, for my dinner early. Usually, it was around 1 or 2. You know, around the time Momma watches her stories. Sis, is up and runnin’ around shoppin’, which means I get a ride. By the time we get back, it’s time to figure out what’s for dinner.

That’s when I do it. Just when she goes to relax. I sit in front of her an give her my “you forgot about me” look, along with the head tilt. That’s the look that gets me anything. Man, she looks all confused wondering how she could forget me and I get another helping of food. Now it ain’t like I did it every night, ya know. This was going on for about a minute. But ya know, how I got caught? I did it on Saturday and Sunday and Sis had a good night of sleep. We’re good now. She just needs to remember, she ain’t my momma!

Til next time, Ruff ruff out!

Hey fam,

As luck would have it, all heck broke loose while we were getting updated. Jax decided this would be a good time to play me. His punishment is to tell you about it tomorrow.

Politically, we watched old orange man get punished. Ever since the government shutdown his comment was the government would be shut down until he received money for the wall. Well, T-Rump, Nancy as you call her, told and showed you differently. She said she knows what to do when she sees a tantrum. And dang it if she didn’t know, she ignored him until he saw it Nancy’s way.

Now he says that if they don’t come with the money he plans on claiming an emergency. Please explain to me how this wall is an emergency when he’s had two years to get it and couldn’t. Now because of this past debacle Republicans don’t even want the wall, well at least some of the Texas Sheriffs don’t.

There are a few questions I need to get answers for because I admit to not knowing everything about this stuff. So fam, I would love to know what you think about this. And yes even if you’re a Republican. How are you feeling in times like these with the administration?

Hey fam,

We will be back on Monday the 28th. We promise!