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Hey, fam,

Recently, there have been many situations of African Americans just living life and the police being called. What I read today, made me sick to my stomach.

A family brought a wrongful death lawsuit after their loved one was killed during an altercation with the police. The questions asked were, was his constitutional rights were violated. If so, how much should the family be awarded?

Well, fam, this man, Mr. Gregory Hill, died leaving a fiancé and three little children. The jury returned with their verdict after being deadlocked. Their answer was that the officer that actually shot Mr. Hill, didn’t use excessive force, his partner was “slightly” negligent. The officers were only found to be 1% responsible for the incident. The total damages award given to this family is …$4.00! Yes, you read it right. $1.00 for funeral and $1.00 for each child’s loss. This is absolutely ridiculous. The judge should have admonished the jurors and asked them to return with a more compassionate award. The fact that the jurors could technically pay the award on their way out with 33 cents apiece.

Aryanna Hill, Gregory Hill III, Destiny Hill, (l-r)

Somebody explain to me how this family is given such a low award.  Sorry little ones, we know you lost your dad but here’s a dollar for your loss. How insulting could you be? Uuuugh giving them nothing would hurt less.

What do you think fam?

Today’s blog is a follow-up on the stupidity which is . . . Roseanne. First and foremost, for the record, “I’m extremely, yes extremely happy that this ‘ignorant ‘ person finally received what she deserved”. The cheers that were heard around the internet was “thunderous”. Roseanne’s arrogance of her thinking that she can call someone an “ape” and get away with it was both bold and stupid; especially in the age of social media. It showed that she thought, that she was beyond judgment. That she can say whatever she wanted too. And why not, she believed. She had a hit show on ABC. They wouldn’t dare let this “money maker” go, right? But she was wrong, ABC thought otherwise and took the loss. Booyah!!!

What I find amazing is how “social media” provides folks with this “falsehood” of liquid courage. That they feel as if they can say offensive things without any repercussion. Well, it’s not fine and Roseanne had to learn the hard way. Besides her now being an embarrassment (That’s usually with her tho’), a disgrace, and a lier (Her fake conspiracy theories and ‘not’ leaving Twitter as she stated. But she’s still on), the fallout from Roseanne’s racist rant continues.

As both The New York Post and reports, Viacom has decided to pull the plug on the “original version” of Roseanne from its cable network lineup. That’s right folks, starting today, Roseanne will no longer be viewed on Paramount Network, TV Land CMT.

And you know what, she (Roseanne) deserves every bit of the backlash she’s receiving and more. I wish I had a thought-provoking conclusion to today’s blog, but I don’t.  What I do have is a tweet from Alice Glencross who responded to Barr’s weak apology via Twitter. Alice summons it up just perfectly, don’t you think?


Hey fam,

Well as Chris Rock joked about grand opening… grand closing. What does it mean? Basically, your happy something is opened and before you get a chance to enjoy it, grand closing.  Well, that’s probably what the “Roseanne” fans are feeling.

Earlier today Roseanne Barr decided to hit Twitter with a racist comment about Valerie Jarrett. When it started to get noticed. She did the typical thing of “it was a joke”. A joke?! Seriously, you described Valerie Jarrett, former President Obama’s aide, as the child of the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the Apes?!

Now, as the day went on, Wanda Sykes said she was out as a producer of the show. People then began wondering what was ABC’s stance on this. Let’s be clear, ABC didn’t want to address the NFL kneeling on “Black-ish”, but she can talk conspiracy theories and include someone she knows nothing about? By 2:30 this afternoon, “Roseanne” was canceled. I wonder if Whitney Cummings saw this coming down the pike when she left the show earlier

To  Roseanne, You meant it when you typed it out. Own it! Don’t just do the oops, I was just kidding. No, you weren’t. You got caught being you. Just saying! Now because of your mouth, several people are out of a job. Oh yeah, I better not hear something about her mental status to excuse her.  She’s a grown azz woman who knows what she’s doing.  These are my opinions.  What do y’all think?

Hey, fam!

It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood. We have had 2 days (that’s right) of great weather. Sun shining great weather. Matter of fact after I finish this I’m going to watch my little cousin kick butt in a soccer match.

As per usual on Saturday I watch or listen to “AM Joy” on MSNBC. While watching, I saw something that can’t be unseen. Maybe it’s been around since last year and I never noticed. Either way, I was terrified. So, let me back up a bit. First, you need to know I love teddy bears. So much so that I have a few collectibles “Steiff” bears and “Gund” bears.

This isn’t scary. Click below to what is!

When I think of teddy bears I think of them as gifts for kids. Or collectibles. Maybe they are used in child assault cases to show where they were assaulted. Now what I saw today was a teddy bear that won’t do any of these things. I promise that this bear will cause you nothing but nightmares. You know you want to see it.

The attention whore is at it again.

This time around, it being reported that Kanye West spent $85,000 on photos of Whitney Houston’s drug-strewn bathroom. Why I ask. What’s the purpose? Well, it appears that West thinks it’s a great ideal for this “horrible image” which by the way is “allegedly associated” with Whitney Huston, to be used as a “cover album” on this dude Pusha T new album. Yep.

As PageSix reports, during an interview with Angie Martinez, Pusha T revealed that West scrapped the original artwork of his new album called “Daytona” for the late singer’s “drug infested” bathroom photo. Pusha further explains to Martinez that . . .

“1 a.m., my phone rings, no caller-ID. Hey, yeah, I think that we should change the artwork. I like this other artwork. Now, this other artwork is 85 grand. I said, ‘Hey, I don’t want to pay for that. And I wasn’t even going to ask you to pay for that. We picked what we picked. It’s here, it’s ready.’ ‘No, this what people need to see to go with this music. I’ma pay for that.”

Oh gosh. This isn’t the first time Kanye wanted to use controversial images for album covers. Just recently, West twitted out an image of his mom’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams for a possible album cover. But the doctor kinda shut it down by writing an open letter encouraging Kanye not to do so.

At this point, I’m so tired of Kanye West and his strange behavior and/or antics. I mean . . . “Who does stuff like this?” Anywhoozle, if you are into  Pusha T or know who he is, his album is being released like . . . today.