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Whatever goes around comes around. And what James Comey did is the “perfect” example for that saying.   Now,  before I start today’s blog, let me first put out this ALERT WARNING. Here goes . . .

WARNING!  If you are a Trump voter . . . die hard supporter . . . a loyal Trumpster fan boy/girl and easy to get pissed off at any pettiness thrown towards him, then “keep it moving” and catch our next blog. Cuz’ simply, “ain’t nobody got time for ‘hurt feelings’”. But, if you enjoy a little “messiness” that’s being dished out by someone else towards Trump (Taste of his own medicine), well continue on and . . . Enjoy!

Anywhoozle, back to the ‘subject’ at hand.  As CNN reports, it appears that Former FBI Director James Comey does have a sense of humor and decided to “poke fun” a.k.a “throw shade” at Trump via “Twitter” style.  Mr. Comey has a book coming out and tweeted out the following . . .

“Lordy, this time there will be a tape. Audio book almost finished”.

Folks, you don’t have to be a political enthusiast to notice the “political circus” that now embodies Washington DC. And unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2017, well wait . . . 2016, then you should know about the firing of  Comey and the drama which took place in  May 2017. Although the firing alone seemed “shady” (Yes, the ‘side-eye’), when Comey was scheduled to testify in June before the  Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump thought it was clever (Weak threat at the most) to tweet out the following . . .

In response to Trump’s  perceived “fail threat tweet”, Comey served up the following during his testimony saying, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes”. Hence, his recent “Lordy” tweet shade. Yeah, it’s a little bit corny but hey, he ain’t no “Dave Chappelle”, let’s not get it twisted.

On a side note, for those who are interested in what James Comey has to say, his book titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” is scheduled for release on May 1, 2018. But like I’ve mentioned earlier, if you are that type of person who’s sensitive to negative jokes and/or puns towards Trump, then I suggest you grow a “tougher” skin. “Lordy knows us liberals . . . Democrats had to do so doing the Obama years. Or have y’all thin skin folks forgot that already”. That selective memory is something else.

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Hey fam,

Did you see who wants to be a U.S Representative? Stacy Dash! Yes, sir! Just when we thought the gopher was still in its hole out she pops. Of course, she’s running as a Republican.

She has filed her federal papers but she hasn’t filed her state papers. Most people want to serve in their district or at least a district they could win. This clueless wonder has decided to go to the 44th District in California, although she is registered to vote in the 28th district. The 44th district serves Watts, Compton, San Pedro, and North Long Beach. A district that has more Democrats than Republicans registered. Oh yeah and a Republican never made it to the 2016 general election.

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Hey fam,

Agent Orange started talking about arming teachers with weapons before the investigation was done. Since it has been noted the officer that was supposed to be protecting the school was outside; this discussion really should stop. Asking the chief to step down is absurd. When someone is hired you never know how they will handle a situation until it happens. Not for nothing, don’t you think that you should wait for a situation where officers stay and do their job? Not that I’m wishing this on anyone.

Let’s also talk about other ways to save students. Maybe metal detectors with the officers stationed there. I mean it works for the inner cities. I understand that there are townships that have armed teachers, but the exception is that the police response time is 20 minutes. I don’t know why they don’t have a sheriff in the school. Anyway, considering the fact that his tax bill wouldn’t allow teachers to claim school supplies, and most school districts barely can afford other things.

Now the Idiot, states “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” Yup, now he’s making it about him again. Really you idiot! Let’s see, a big old target like you vs an AR-15? Yea I see that working out! Fool!

Are you really surprised? Actually “surprised”, that Trump used cliff notes aka “Reminder To Listen” notes at the “listening session” that the Whitehouse held for victims of gun violence. To be honest, Trump looks like he started using cliff notes as early as his kindergarten days. And to be realistic, a person who can’t display empathy and/or sympathy in times of trouble and dismay needs a cheat sheet. Well, at least one of his advisor thought so.

Look, it’s not a crime to use notes as reminders. As a matter of fact, that’s probably the slogan used for “sticky notes”(Umm, yeah. I wouldn’t quote ‘me’ on that). But the problem here is that sir doofus held his “what to say”  notes towards cameras for the whole world to see. And boy did we “see it” via news outlets and/or social media. I’m sure by the end of tomorrow’s workday, Trump being Trump will have blamed his “ineptitude” on either the FBI,  Mueller, President Obama and/or Hillary Clinton. And the weirdest part about it all is that Fox News will back him up on the blame(s).

Like I stated earlier, people do use notes. And as Huffing Post points out, it’s not unusual for Trump to have notes; especially while speaking at various gatherings. But what I do find disturbing is that, who needs to be reminded to ask “concerning questions” like . . . “What would you most want me to know about your experience?” Or say “Hey, I hear you”. I mean, what person with common sense . . . heck, with emotions don’t know how to express themselves in a time of tragedy. But we must remind ourselves that we are talking about Trump. He’s a man who lives in a delusional state.

Now, whether this dude provided any comfort to those visiting students and families that attended Wednesday meeting, who knows? But if I was a betting person, I would have to put a hundred on, “probably not”; especially if his emotions come from scripts and/or written cliff notes.



Desperate times call for desperate measures, but what this cab driver did was . . . “stupid”. Queens cab driver Hilaro Agustin was “convicted” of third-degree criminal possession of stolen property for stealing John Legend’s luggage. Yes sir, as Page Six reports, Mr. Agustin faces up to 7 years for “swiping” Mr. Legends Louis Vuitton luggage which contained an expensive set of “Cartier cufflinks”.

The story goes, on March 2017, 64-year-old Hilaro walked up to the cart carrying of Mr. Legend’s black leather luggage at JFK, then wheeled the cart off to a discreet area before stealing the bag and its contents. See folks, it was snatched up just like that.  

After a week-long trial (It took that long?), John Legend testified that his wife Chrissy purchased him the “panther cufflinks” that valued from $25,000 to $30,000, that so happened to be in that expensive bag which was snatched by Hilaro. In defense, Hilaro stated that he “mistakenly” took the luggage, but airport surveillance shows otherwise. And when arrested by cops, the 64-year-old admitted the following . . .

“I know I should not have taken it. I made a mistake.”

Like I asked earlier, “this took a week-long?!”  Anywhoozle, the defendant is scheduled back to court in March for his sentencing.  And to that I say, “Bro, at 64 years-old, prison should have been the furthest thing from your mind. Especially when you commit a senseless crime in a place where cameras are sure to be around.  Like the airport? Duh!”