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Folks, there isn’t much I could say about Mr. Earl Simmons a.k.a DMX. And honestly, I’m waiting for the “Amy Winehouse”  death like announcement for this dude any day. To say that DMX have more then 9 lives is an understatement. And this time around, his life savior comes in a form of a  court judge. Yeah, that Grim Reaper is a little “salty” by now.

Anyhow, as both Associate Press and Spin reports, DMX has been sent to prison for “repeatedly lying” to Judge Jed Rakoff when he (Earl), promised to “obey his bail conditions”. Because of DMX’s consistent lying and yeah, “drug usage”, Judge Rakoff sent the rapper to prison on Tuesday to await his March sentencing for “tax evasion”.

Mr. Simmon’s Defense Lawyer Murray Richman stated that his client “took drugs to cope with his year-old daughter hospitalization”. And he (DMX), left a drug rehabilitation facility  which was located in the Northeast to visit ‘his little one’ in New York City.  To make things worst, the drugs that DMX  tested positive for  were cocaine, opiates and oxycodone. Yeah, that wasn’t a smart move dude.

Look, if I can be quite frank, there isn’t much that one can say about DMX or his situation. And I’m sure like many who’s been cheering for Mr. Earl Simmons to get his life together, is now silently “holding their breath” each time his name appears in headlines, wondering if this might be DMX’s  last “hooray”. You know, his finally stay in this dysfunctional place we call earth. I tell y’ah this, one thing that’s absolutely for sure, “Mr. Reaper will finally collect what’s owed“.

Hey, fam!

Today is Tuesday and usually, I’m excited because of “This Is Us”. Unfortunately, tonight is the SOTU address by T-Rump. It didn’t actually hit me until today that it was going to be on. So I was pretty much in a funk until I read an article on Huffington Post.

This article gave me a new attitude towards watching the SOTU. Now I can’t wait to watch it. Oh, I just realized I didn’t tell you what has me so giddy about watching it. It’s a drinking game. I have to admit it’s a little complicated so I would suggest you print this out. Now if you want to get the whole family involved there are bingo games that I found. One is from the Sierra Club which has multiple cards. I’m sure if you Google you will see others if you don’t like this one.

Of course, if your adventurous, you can play both. Just remember you have work or school tomorrow. Play Responsibly! Also, follow and join in the live tweet @SimplySaying on Thursday at 8 to watch “The Four” on FOX

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So I just gave my rundown of the Grammy’s but if you didn’t watch them you missed out on something. It was announced who would be in the “Celebrity Big House”. Usually, when celebrities do this they are more like “E” list.

The person that shocked everyone was OMAROSA! Yes, former White House employee, that no one knew what she did besides agitating the idiot. It was rumored that she was going to write a book. Maybe she thinks she will have time in “the house”. I have to wonder what she was thinking. Let’s face it no one knew of this chick until “The Apprentice”. She truly was the contestant everyone wanted to hate. Then T-Rump tried to find her a man. She became a minister and was engaged to the late Michael Clark Duncan. Next thing we know T-Rump brings her to the White House where she aggravates folks. One of her antics dealt with bringing her family to the WH without permission and doing wedding photos. Then she either resigned or was fired depending on who you believe. (fired for me). But I don’t know if this chick has done anything other than reality television, I mean besides whatever she did in the WH.

PASADENA, CA – FEBRUARY 11: Omarosa Manigault attends the 48th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 11, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Back to the show, it’s going to be on during the Olympics, which I would rather watch. This is CBS’s answer to it. I can see that being in that house will be interesting. Omarosa didn’t play well with others so I’m sure she will be starting it all and watching the fallout. Wondering who else is in the house? Keisha Knight Pulliam(dang are things that bad?), James Maslow (no clue who he is), Brandi Glanville(wasn’t she on RHBH’s), Ross Matthews (I remember him E! host), Marissa Jaret Winokur (from Hairspray on Broadway), Ariadna Gutierrez (1st runner-up of 2015 Miss Universe), Metta World Peace (former Ron Artest), Shannon Elizabeth (actress and pro poker player), MMA star Chuck Liddell, Mark McGrath (singer).

Now that you see who’s on will you watch it? The show starts Feb 7 and ends Feb 25. It’s all on CBS

Hey, fam!

Y’all know how I love a music show, last night at the Grammy’s was a step up than the usual show. I will only talk about the performances that you should have seen.

Kendrick Lamar opened up the Grammy’s like it was the BET Awards. He started his performance “XXX” and an excerpt from “DNA” U2 participated for a blink. Then, Dave Chappelle came out with the best line EVER “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America”. Such powerful truth.

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover whose voice was soo smooth. He reminded me of the old school R&B “so in love with you” begging kind of man. Just straight sexy. Added to the fact that he had live music. The song was “Terrified”.

Bruno and Cardi B/GettyImage

Bruno Mars and Cardi B brought it. I will say that they looked like they were really having fun performing. Wearing the Cross colors and getting their dance on. It was pure nostalgia going on. Got me out of my seat dancing

Rhianna, DJ Khalid and Bryson Tiller performed “Wild Thoughts”. When it came on with the Rhi Rhi in an elaborate staging with dancers. Rhi Rhi showed that she can hang with the best of them. I loved her performance and the choreography was great. DJ Khalid well, is DJ Khalid the hype man. This was really all Rhianna singing and getting her dance on.

There were a few performances that touched me. Lady Gaga singing the song “Joanne” which was about her dad’s sister that passed away when she was 19. There was a tribute to those that lost their lives or was injured at the music concerts in Las Vegas and Manchester, England. Maren Morris, brothers Osborne and Eric Church sang Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”. Behind them was a montage of the names of the victims. Lastly, was Keysha, singing her song “Praying”. Prior to her song Janelle Monae said a speech started with the poignant line, “We come in peace, but we mean business.” When Ms. Monae finished Keysha sang her song which brought many to tears. When you think of her #metoo moments that she went through. She was surrounded by Cyndi Lauper, Aundra Day, and Camila Cabello.

I have to say I liked the Grammy’s but I’m tired of James Cordon. He has got to go. I get it you want someone to be entertaining but he was getting aggravating. I enjoyed the fact that there was more music but there could always be more. Live music only please. Having U2 perform off location for a video shoot wasn’t cool. Oh, and when honoring lifetime achievements could they have more than just their pics. If a few of those skits were cut they could have been honored with at least a song.

Well fam, tell me, did I miss a performance that you liked. Tell me about it. Later

Hey, fam!

I just read about Superwoman! I call her this because what she did was just amazing. While watching the news they discussed a car-jacking. The news showed the footage of the crime and this woman realized she recognized at least one of the boys. He was her son and she contacted police to let them know. She said that one of the reasons was her mother was around the same age as this woman, which is something she explained to her son.

My next comment goes to AMAZON. WTH were you thinking!  Actually, I have to say I’m sick and tired and tired and sick of companies doing this. Every time I turn around there’s something done by a clothing company “that didn’t know”. Really I refuse to believe it. We all know the answer to this is more diversity in the decision-making area. But let’s be honest. “Slavery Get’s Shit Done”?!

This right here. Ray Charles is blind and dead would have known that this mess was going to cause a problem. I mean come on now! You don’t have to be African American to know this was wrong. Who came up with this saying and why would you want to put it on a shirt and other products?! Really I’m just tired of this.

Well, fam, I’m out. Follow me on Twitter @SayingSimply tomorrow night at 7:30 during the Grammy’s.