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Hey fam!

This year from politics we dealt with “agent orange” being sworn in and describing an abysmal America. What he didn’t expect was a push back from the “women’s march to the scientist march”. America is showing that we will continue to fight back against what is wrong. Ask Virginia, New Jersey, and Alabama!

This year we had Black women showing that we won’t be ignored. From Maxine Waters, “reclaiming her time” to the Alabama Black Belt showing how that we’re the key to winning. Kamala Harris confused the mess out of then Attorney General nominee Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, at least that’s what he said. Ms. Harris just showed her prosecutorial abilities, in my opinion.

In the entertainment world came the “#metoo” movement. What happened after this became the awakening of how women are being treated. Some women chose to bash other women for being a part of the problem. Then we have the fact that men knew of this and chose to do nothing. But it at least, began the conversation of what was going on. Or did it? We still have women suffering from sexual harassment that can’t afford to do anything, think the hospitality field.

Activist showed us how to get more involved. Unfortunately, one of them, Erica Garner, died today. A woman at the young age of 27, showed that activism chose her. When her father was murdered (medical examiner declared Eric Garner’s death a homicide) she vowed to fight for others that were in the same situation as her dad. Bennington and Chris Cornell

The music world reminded us to reach for help when we lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington due to suicide. The music can only mask the pain. As much as we enjoy it all, we need to be mindful and get the help if needed. There’s no shame in asking help. We need to acknowledge it and get it.

With all that happened in 2017, I’m eternally optimistic of 2018. Let’s keep on fighting fam! Oh yeah and don’t forget to enjoy all the wonderful tasties (yeah I just made that up) that Pla’s Thoughts has been writing about. My scale and glucometer knows I have been.

Happy New Year’s fam!!

I don’t know if this story is worth reblogging but hey, it’s the end of the year, so why not go out with a bang. And boy, is this story one for the ages. Now, word on the street is, that a barber in Madison Wisconsin is actually facing charges due to a customer accusing him of snipping his ear during a haircut. As Huffington Post reports, a 22 year customer walked into Ruby’s Salon on December 22 to request a simple “shave the sides of the head, with an inch of hair cut off the top using clippers No. 2″.

But what happened next, well you just have to continue reading. “See what happened was” . . . 46 year-old barber Khaled A Shabani griped the customer’s head because he was fidgeting to much and began twisting dude’s ear as well to stop him from moving. In the process, somehow the dude’s ear got cut with scissors causing it to bleed. After that, the customer claimed that Khaled grabbed clipper No. 0 and shaved a bald patch right down the middle of dude’s head.


A spokesman from the Madison police department named Joel DeSpain told the “State Journal” that the barber made young dude ( The Victim) look a little like Larry from the “Three Stooges“. And the victim stated that while  he was shocked, bloody for the ear and partially bald, he fled from the salon with the alleged barber Shabani shouting, “You want a zero, right?

Anywhoozle, DeSpain states “while it is not a crime to give someone a bad haircut, you will get arrested for intentionally snipping their ears with scissors”. Of course, barber Khaled Shabani stated this it was all an accident. All I have to say is, “well alrighty then”.



It wouldn’t be a weekly blog by Pla’s Thoughts if I didn’t do some type of food coverage. And since I don’t  want to disappoint y’ah, I’ve decided to share “4 fantastic 2017 New Year’s Dessert Recipes Made with Champagne” that will make you the MVP of 2017 . Hey, you know my philosophy, “Why not get drunk and fat at the same time” (Original idea from Bustle).

So without further ado, let’s do this . . .

Pink Champagne Cake: Now I’m not one for the color pink, but if its something that’s made with both sugar, strawberries and spiked with champagne, then I say . . . “Damn that color!“. And so would you once you’ve tried “The Kitchen’sPink Champagne Poke Cake. Honey, you want be disappointed or even mind the color.

Potato Chip Salted Champagne Caramels: Okay, I’m a sucker for things that both sweet and salty. And since Potatoes chips are my second favorite on the list of junk food (Of course French Fries being first), I fully embraced and/or welcomed this “Potato Chip Salted Champagne Caramels” recipe from How Sweet Eats. And guess what? You should too! Folks, I welcome you to the dark side of HAPPINESS!


Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots: “Shots shots shots shots shots shots, Everybody!!” And Honey, this champagne version of “jello strawberry champagne cubes shots” wont disappoint any party goer  who brings in the New Year. Check out “Budget Bytes” for the recipe.

And FINALLY . . .


Naked Cake With Champagne Buttercream Frosting: Oh, how beautiful is this cake, right? Made with dark chocolate, cocoa, and is covered with a light layer of champagne frosting, this beautiful, stunning, and fattening cake is waiting for any creature who’s just as elegant as the cake itself to be eaten by. But unfortunately, ain’t nobody around like that. So “I” (Pla’s Thoughts) will take the honors. Now, if you are interested in adding class to your New Year celebration, then check out “eHow” for  this lovely cake recipe.


Y’all, I’m trying to end this year on a good note, and apparently Azealia Banks is as well. Now we all know, and it’s well documented that Ms. Banks have offended every living creature that she came in contact with. Heck, she probably owe me an apology but this time around, the “I’m Sorry” goes out to Beyoncé. And I’m sure it warms those hearts of the “Behives” all around the world (Yeah, right).

Anywhoozle, as The Roots reports, in 2016 Azealia made fun at the Beyhives when she attacked Beyoncé  on several social media outlets about the success of her album, “Lemonade” (Jealous rears it’s ugly head). Not only did she criticized the album, but Ms. Banks mentioned that Mrs. Carter, “sold her soul”. To what? Heck if I know. I assume, after a little soul searching and/or  finally listening to the album, Azealia thought, “Hmmm. You know, this Lemonade album is actually serving me life. And ol’ girl probably needs an apology from me“. So what did she do? She went to her source of communication, “Instagram” and posted the following message . . .

Isn’t that lovely?! Ms. Banks went on to further say . . .

“I apologize for throwing tantrums in the past. They totally came from a place of feeling left out.. you’ve inspired so much of the way I think about/value you myself as a performer and I ADORE you. Your presence in the art world and on earth is supernatural and am so so so inspired by you.”

It’s good to see that Azelia has learned the error of her ways and is now apologizing for her hurtful words. And since she’s insulted so many folks throughout the years, I’m sure there is a long list of folks out there waiting for the “Willing To Make Amends” apology from her. Well that’s it for today folks and Happy Last Hump Day for 2017!!!


Before I tell you the answer of where we are, I have to tell my view of what happened in CT. You see there was a bloodhound that worked for the police. Well, Texas (yes that’s his name) was working on tryna find some human that ran away. Texas had a good scent he was following, somehow his human tripped and Texas kept going.

Texas, CSP K-9

I kinda understand that, there’s been times when I’ve done the same thing, but at least I look back to see if she’s okay. Texas kept it moving. I mean he was gone. Connecticut State Police actually had to look for Texas. I felt pretty bad for the boy since his leash was still attached, seriously such an amateur. Every dog knows that you don’t run away when the leash is on. That’s human play time. You run a little to make ‘em think your running.

Texas stayed gone ‘bout like 30 hours, I think. He was found because his leash got him caught up. The difference between me and Texas? He was working when he went missing, me I’m just getting my run on. By the way, the human that Texas was looking for, was found by his co-worker, Zeus a German Shephard.

Okay we are still in CT, but I know we are leaving soon. Mom and sis both got ill and we have the U-Haul trailer. So I know it’s soon. Nobody likes to spend that kinda money without using it.