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Yep . . . Here’s a latest update on Meek Mills sentencing case.

It appears that Mr. Mill’s “emergency bail request” has been denied this past Tuesday as reported by Associated Press. Meeks’ defense team decided to put in a request with the Pennsylvania’s Superior Court, instead of going through the lower court. Reason being as Mills’ attorney claims, is that, Judge Genece Brinkley refused to respond to their appeals. For those who don’t know the story, Judge Genece Brinkley was the person who sentenced Meek to 2-4 years last month for violating his probation. And because of the new sentencing that Mills received, there was a public outcry due to the severity of the sentence as well as Meek’s extremely long probation of 10 years that he was serving previously.

As of November, Mr. Mills is serving his sentence in a state prison and received visits from both Reverend Al Sharpton and Colin Kaepernick. With both reporting that Meek is in “good spirits” and  keeping “strong” while incarcerated.

Someone ain’t happy being snubbed by the Grammys and got “lit” with their words. So apparently the Grammys nominations were announced and as usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short in hearing the news. Or, it could be my lackadaisical attitude towards awards shows in general. Whatever it is, I leave those particular commentaries to Collins Journey to blog about. She’s better at it. Anywhoozle, for me to talk about any award show, there must be some type of “craziness and/or drama” to keep me interested, and there was. It came in the form of Q-Tip (One of the original member of “A Tribe Call Quest”). Word on the street . . .  Okay, I mean as Spin reports, when “A Tribe Call Quest” didn’t get nominated, Q-Tip went on Instagram and spoke these eloquent words . . . “I’m sick of Ya’ll Fucking Grammy Niggas”! Now see, this is what I call “red carpet” action.

Q’s bitter words came after the “noticeable” snubbed of “A Tribe Called Quest’s” 2016 comeback album called “We Got It From Here . . . Thank You For Your Services” (Umm, maybe because of the album’s long *bleep* name, they didn’t get nominated. Just saying). While many thought that this particular album was “Grammys bait” aka “A Sure Winner”, apparently those Grammys folks didn’t get the memo and thought otherwise. And because of that, the usual calm, cool and collected Tip went “nuclear” and post (Just a few) a series of rants or as I like to call it, “some choice words” on Instagram. To check out Q Tip’s wordly (Really not a word) thoughts for the Grammys committee, check out his Instagram posts below.  On a side note, I do like his kitchen color scheme. What?! I was just pointing that out. Geez!


Hey fam,

Today is Giving Tuesday. For some this is the day that you are to donate to a favorite non-profit. Now this doesn’t have to be money. Perhaps your time. Maybe there’s a soup kitchen that you can help out with. Let’s be honest, we shouldn’t think about doing this just because of the holiday season. This is something that we should do during the other times of the year.

In keeping in the giving, I send you to the Charity Navigator. This website gives you information regarding charities. Did you know that some organizations use a large part of your donation for administrative purposes? If you’re concerned about that, perhaps you should look for a local charity.

If you have old blankets and towels, Jax wants you to think of his friends. Please give to your local animal shelter. Or you can give them new blankets, some stores have them for 8 dollars or less.

Well fam, I hope you participate in Giving Tuesday, or giving any day.

Hey fam!

Did you see the Soul Train Awards last night? It was an amazing show. SWV started it off with their mini concert. They were being honored with the “Lady of Soul” award. Everybody was singing along and getting there dance on. SWV has been together for 25 years and these sistas can still jam.

Erykah Badu was hostess and she did the dang thang! She opened with kneeling, an ode to Colin Kaepernick. I hope they have her locked in as the hostess for a while. She really does a great job. Along with bringing back her character “Miss Irma” voice coach to the stars, except Keith Sweat. She kept the show moving, unless they cut out stuff. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t live. The only downside.

They show also spotlighted two newcomers a group called “DVSN”, an alternative group from Canada. The second was Demetria Mckinney, an actress from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Both were very good unfortunately they cut Demetria’s song, from what I did hear I liked.

112, Tank and Keyshia Coles performed also. 112 had everyone jamming to their songs, Cupid and Peaches and cream. Tank had all the woman drooling and swooning over him while he undressed and sang “When We” us. Keyshia Coles sang “Incapable” and was in great voice but whoever choreographed it had her looking like a slooow “smooth criminal”.

Kirk Franklin, who everyone on twitter dubbed as the Gospel DJ Khalid, does what he does best. He rearranged the song “Wake up Everybody” from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and made it his own. Then he used Ledisi, Danial Caeser, Major and Le’Andria Johnson to bring it to life. This man is so gifted. Later in the show they showed a video of another song that’s available at Walmart.

Next came the Legend Award being given to Toni Michelle Braxton. The people selected to sing her songs were Ro James, who sang “Seven Whole Days”, Jessy J who sang “You Mean the World to Me”, and Luke James, sang “Unbreak My Heart”. All did an amazing job! Then Ms Braxton, herself, came out and showed them how it’s really done.

In my opinion, this was a great show. Sure there are somethings I wish they could have done, like, have Tamar Braxton sing to her sister. But she at least sang a song “I Would Rather Go Blind” which reminds me of another song. It was pure entertainment as the performers from the 90’s showed everyone else how it’s done. Maybe I’ll go next year and check it out live.

All I have to say is, “Well done BET. Well done!” If you missed it check your on demand or check your local listings to catch it again!

We the Ladies of IMSS would like to say . . .

And “Thank you” for sticking with us yet another year!