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Hey fam,

Yesterday was full of surprises from that indictments and guilty plea. I’m a little scared to get happy but like I said yesterday, it’s only just begun. How many more indictments? So I’m going to lay low today on the politics, and ask something silly. Has your pet ever run away from home?

Bubba at DeBell Golf Club

Well, Bubba decided to take a stroll away from home last week. Bubba is a 140 lb. tortoise that somehow left his habitat at Southern California middle school. The kids were understandably upset about his departure. A few days later, someone posted on Facebook that a snapping turtle was at the DeBell Golf Club in Burbank. Turns out that it was Bubba, 22 miles away from home.

It’s believed that a student may have helped with the escape. I think it’s either that or Bubba has had enough of these kids and was looking for another place.

Enjoy your day fam!

Hey fam!

By now, you know that Paul Manafort has been indicted along with his associate, Rick Gates. It’s always been said to follow the money and that’s what they did. Remember, that’s how Capone was caught. The GOP answer to this has been to call out an investigation on Clinton and the Uranium deal. Well, here’s Joy Reid to clear that up for everybody.

Now I’m trying not to be too giddy with the political stuff. I found out about this situation this morning and still can’t believe this happen. According to USA Today, a 7 year old biracial girl was dropped off to school with long hair. When her mother picked her up, her hair had been shaved. The school says it was for hygiene reason. They didn’t call the mother to ask permission or even provide her with an option. It’s been said that a school volunteer made a comment to the effect of “if you shave her hair, it will grow back straight”.

The alleged reason for this isn’t what makes me angry, it’s the fact that the school felt that they could do what they wanted to this child and not involve the child’s parent. It’s one thing if the child did this to herself but she didn’t. Added to the fact that there have been many children that have suffered through having lice but unless it was an extremely bad case the child was spared of a shaving. My question is why wasn’t the parent advised. EVER? There is no reason that I can think of that a child’s hair should be shaved.
Family, tell me how you would feel if you sent your little girl in pigtails to school and when you picked her up she had her head shaved!

Later fam

Hey fam!

Today I actually struggled with what I wanted to talk to you about. Although it’s National Chocolate Day, I didn’t really want to celebrate it. Besides I could have sworn we did a few months back. I’m tired of politics, that is until Monday, waiting with baited breath to find out who is getting indicted on Monday.

So what about television? Well I only have 2 shows I watch besides my political shows. “This is us” and “Will and Grace”. Unfortunately, I missed them this week and I’ve actually been reading different books. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and I am Number 8 by John Gray III. Actually let me rephrase that. I’m actually being read to. When I was downloading the books, I didn’t know if I would like it. But they are great. What I also love about it is that I can switch back and forth and not have to carry two books around. It also satisfies my ADD. There are times I start with a book and don’t like it but end of carrying it wherever I go as a “just in case” thing to read. But now I can switch around to different genres and I don’t have to carry anything but my phone. Of course, it also helps if the voice reading is basically acting it out. I especially love when there are multiple readers doing the characters.

Well, fam, I’m off to listen to a book and try that new “Zombie Frappachino” Pla’s Thoughts talked about. I will let you know how they turned out.

I think Starbucks is just finding ways to use the color “pink”. But at least I can say this time around, it’s used perfectly for the occassion. Now that we are approaching the holiday season, Halloween is first up to bat. Yeah! And for this spooky, scary, haunting occasion Starbucks’ has just released their “Zombie Frappuccino” to celebrate the welcoming of “Halloween”.

This newly ghastly themed “Zombie Frappuccino” drink is topped with it’s signature “pink brain whipped” cream. Visual much?! And as for the taste, these flavors servers coffee lovers that blended of both carameltarty apples topped off with a fruity light finishing . This drink combination provides that balance of both sweet and tarty just p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. With the appearance that befits any Halloween party theme, this “monster mash” assembly represents “Zombies” to the fullest, I promise you that. Along with this creepy concoction, Starbucks is also offering their collection of “spooky treats tunes“. But only while supplies last.

Well folks, like every calendar holiday, this drink is only available from October 26 through 31st in both the US and Canada (Why aren’t I’m not surprised). If you are craving for a sugar spike, cuz’ I tell y’ah, that’s definitely whatcha’ gonna get, you may want to “giddy-up”. Time waits for no man . . . or woman.


Y’all know what month this is, so why waste time guessing what today’s blog is all about. As a matter of fact, I suggest you pull out those baking tools along with those fattening ingredients like sugar, flour and etc. Cuz’ I tell y’ah, what we about to do, is gon’ be good. Plus, I think it will be a great Halloween treat(s) to have for thos spooky parties which is being held throughout the U.S.A on October 31.

If you are that person who totally goes all out for Halloween and is planning to celebrate “spooky” day with a get together, boy do I have some great party food ideas for you to try.

So let’s do this . . . .



POISON APPLE COCKTAIL:  When I first heard the name of this particular drink, I thought about Snow White and that poisouness apple she bit. So of course, I was automatically drawn to this drink right away. Especially “The Little Epicurean’s”, version of the ‘Poison Apple Cocktail’. If want to relive Snow White’s apple experience (Without falling into a deep sleep of course), then this drink is the way to go.


HALLOWEEN COCKTAIL RIMS + GHOST BUSTED COATAIL: I think the name alone is so . . . cutie, right?! Anyhow, this adorable marshmallow like fluffy drink filled with heavy cream, vodka, vanilla extract  and garnished with black sugar around the rim. Well, all I can say is dang that’s good drinking there. And so will you once you try “Jelly Toast’s” Halloween Cocktail recipe. Boo!!!!



BLOODY RED VELVET CUPCAKES: I’m not understanding why “red velvet”isn’t popular this time of year; especially for Halloween. Which brings Me to this little delightful delicious treat created by “The Little Epicurean”. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to youBloody Red Velvet Cupcakes”. And man, are these devil-licious treats worth the weight gain. Try it out for yourself, I dare you!

And FINALLY . . .

BLACK SESAME CAKE: Okay, I’ve never tried this cake or even attempt to make it. But it sure is “pretty” ain’t it?! Gorgeous! Now I will say, anyone that has a cake like this at their Halloween party, is da’ bomb for all Halloween parties like . . . Ever! Click here for the recipe.