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All the world loves a clown” . . . Or maybe not. Especially when it involves “a clown” and murder. On May 26, 1990, victim Marlene Warren answered her front door to person dressed-up like a clown and carrying a basket of carnations with two balloons. In the mist of either being shocked and/or laughing at the clown which stood at her door, the clown then pulled out a gun, shot Warren in the face and walked calmly back to their car. Unfortunately, the victim (Warren) died two days later in the hospital.

Fast forward 27 years later, Florida’s cold case squad finally figured out who that murderous clown was. And as BuzzFeed reports, this case which was once labeled by the Miami Herald as the “crime of the year” finally made an arrest. It was announced, the clown behind this awful killing is 54-year old Shelia Keen-Warren. Yes, honty . . . “Yas”!  And if things couldn’t get weirder,  this chick married the victim’s husband 12 years later; hence the reason behind this whole “killer-clown” saga. The Palm Beach County detectives have long suspected Keen and Micheal Warren (Marlene’s husband) of the crime; especially after it was discovered that these two had an affair. Keen and her then-husband repo cars for a living. That is how she met the victim’s husband. They did several “repos” jobs for Michael Warren who own car dealerships and car rentals. Further investigation showed that Keen was the woman who purchased both the flowers and balloons from a Public supermarket near her apartment on the day of the crime.

The car, a white Chrysler LeBaron which was used as a gateway, was identified at the time by Marlene’s 21-year-old son, who chased after the car but lost track of it. The investigators found out that the gateway car was stolen and left abandoned after the killing. Of course, when Mr. Warren was asked in 1991 if he had an affair with Keen he denied it but married Keen in 2002 (So bright of him. He must be a cousin of Trump. You know those Trumps are bright folks). The case was then reopened in 2014 and a new DNA analysis was conducted. After an extensive investigation, the evidence was presented to the grand jury on August 31 and an indictment was issued for the arrest of Keen on first-degree murder. Keen was picked-up and arrested in Tennessee where both she and Michael Warren now lives. As for her husband involvement, only time will tell if he will be arrested as well.

Folks, it ain’t the “clown” which is scary it’s the people that put on that horrible white foundation. They should try Rihanna’s new “Fenty” make-up line. I heard it’s good.

Hey fam!

This morning, I was privy to hear Dr. Bennet Omalu speak on TV One news show with Roland Martin. This is the physician that taught all of us how the brain is damaged due to concussions in the NFL. It was discussed why the NFL didn’t advise the players. Simple answer is, the NFL is a business first. The good doctor made the best suggestion I had heard in regards to how to stop this.

Is it the equipment? Maybe new helmets? For the most part, there aren’t that many youth/high school teams that can afford these helmets. Even with a customized helmet, instead of four hits you will have 2. The head hitting the ground and the brain hitting the skull. That’s if the hitting player does it like he was trained.

Dr. Omalu talked of not allowing any children to play this game until the age of eighteen. This is actually the second time I read something like this. Last week, Marc Buoniconti, said the same thing. Marc who is the son of Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti, has seen first hand how his father is with cognitive issues. Some of you may remember Marc was also paralyzed by the sport but he never let that deter him to tell parents that their child should go and play. It’s only been recently that he changed his mind and feels there should be a ban on children playing this sport.

A few weeks ago, it was learned that Aaron Hernandez, had a severe case of CTE. Mr. Hernandez is one player that we all know played football his entire life. From the Pee Wee league to high school, college, and the NFL.

Dr. Omalu just released a book called, “Truth Doesn’t Have a Side: My Alarming Discovery about the Danger of Contact Sports.  Check this out, I know I will. Now that we have the information, what will you do when your child ask to play?

I am sick and tired of Nintendo pulling our chains with their little tricks in releasing their gaming systems. Like many, once again, I find myself sucked into their nest of madness and torture when searching for that “golden ticket to ones (mine) happiness (Philosophical much). Why am I  frustrate, you wonder? As Wired reports, Nintendo will be releasing their nostalgic version of the “Super Nintendo Classic (SNES)” gaming system. And I betcha’, they are all sold out and it’s only Thursday. Word on the street is, the SNES Classic will definitely help you get your nostigic-on by playing games like Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Street Fighter or the famous Super Mario World.  And to that I say “yeah”!

Looking exactly like the original SNES but only smaller, this system includes 2 game controllers,  buttons for both Power/Reset and an “Eject button” to pop out those cartridge. To keep that “nostalgic” theme going, the body of this system has the same “gray” color that’s highlighted with purplish-blue accents.  And the chunkiness of this system, is now replaced with smallness. Honestly,  it barely looks bigger then a Rubik’s cube.

Like the Nintendo Classic, SNES Classic includes 21 of their classic games, except the games aren’t in “cartridge” form. No, they are “built” into the system. Which I guess, defeats the purpose of having that “Eject” button, right? Although the aesthetic of this SNES system pays homage to the 90s original console, this SNES Classics plugs into your TV’s HDMI, can be powered through a Micro USB cable or even through ones laptop. Some additional features is, the allowance to tweak “how the games looks”, changing the background to the game itself so it seems as if you are playing on a big Nintendo DS and other goodies that I ain’t got time to mention.

Look,  if you interested in chasing, hunting and practically selling your first born to get the SNES Classic, it “will” be released this upcoming weekend (Friday actually), pricing at a whopping $80. The option in ordering the SNES online is slim to none. And if history repeats itself, I’m sure by the time you get to your nearest BestBuy, Target or even Walmart, they will be sold out unless you decide to camp-out over night.  In other words, good-luck in hunting!

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This is something I have been thinking about since forty-five decided to talk about the NFL players and the flag.  I have to admit I was shocked that the NFL allowed the players to do what they wanted and backed them up.  Even those that weren’t on the field didn’t receive punishment.  Now that this has happened, what will the players and the NFL do next? Do the owners even know what they were kneeling for?  Were they kneeling because they weren’t going to be told they can’t do by 45? That is what I believe.  I don’t believe that the NFL finally have a conscious, it’s a matter of how dare you tell us what to do with our employees.

abc news.

Since the kneeling, I have seen two YouTube videos that pretty much sums up what the players are kneeling about. One is by Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs.  The second is Dale Hansen a journalist from WFAA

On Tuesday, 45 couldn’t concentrate on a press conference without bringing up the proper way to protest.  While in the rose garden at the White House, he was asked about helping Puerto Rico adding that he seemed to be pre-occupied with the NFL to do anything for them? Trump said he wasn’t preoccupied but this is very important. This is disrespecting to the flag.  Seriously 45?!  There are people dying, literally dying on this island and you have the nerve to discuss the flag. Here’s something, the allegiance to the flag includes “one nation under God” and that includes Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands, sir.  When are you going to help them, forty-five?

Mr Hansen basically said how dare we talk about how sacred the flag is when it’s used in mattress ads, bikini’s, and bandana’s. Don’t forget you can burn it too. It’s a piece of cloth.  And as far as the military goes, they pledged to protect the constitution something that Trump hasn’t read, I’m sure until a few day’s ago.

Well, fam I would love to hear from you on this because it’s time to talk about this!

Hey fam!

Do you know what today is?  It’s National Pancakes Day!  I love me some pancakes.  My favorites are a little strange. I like anything that sounds kind of weird, buckwheat and walnuts.  As much as I like to go out to eat, I’m a little unique on how I like my pancakes. Yes, the pancakes must be super-hot, so that when I put the butter on it will melt. Speaking of which the butter must be soft so it can melt.  If I’m having a short stack, the butter must melt and the syrup must be warm.

All this talk about food is making me hungry, so let’s talk what else the day represents.  Today is also National Situational Awareness Day.  What does this mean? It’s being aware of your surroundings.  I’ve been told/trained that you should be aware of what is going on around you.  There have been a few times when I was around a situation and able to leave the situation before the fight started.  Another thing is to practice, in your head, how you would respond in other situations.  Are you aware of exits?  How far away you are from them?  When you walk to your car whether it’s day or night are you aware of the parking lot/garage? What type of vehicle parked next to yours?

So fam, head on out to IHOP, Chip’s, or stay at home and celebrate National Pancake day.  If you go out be mindful of your surroundings, not just today but everyday.