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If it appears that I’m a little obsessed with HBO’s “Game of Thrones“, well I am. And with my impeccable timing in waiting for the very end to be fully invested in a “show”, is  “freakin” awesome. Look, ”Ain’t nobody had the time to dedicate 6 years watching a show and waiting desperately for it to come back on each year”.  That’s why, I thank God for BluRay disks, three days of being sick (stuck in bed) and several sleepless nights in getting caught up and ready for season 7. And if you ask, “Was it worth it?” My answer would  be “Yes”. Don’t judge me!

Anyhow, while experiencing another sleepless night, I took to stalking several sites in cyberland to see what information that I can find or I missed in regards to “Game of Thrones”.  And y’all when I say I came across something that’s interesting as well as exciting, it’s just that. So, it appears as if a “bizarre” Easter Egg was hidden in a screen from Sunday’s season finale of GOT and “Aint nobody told me nothin’”! For those who aren’t aware what “Easter Eggs” are outside of “Easter”,  they are hidden messages or things missed in  movies, television shows, video games etc. And “Yes”, I just had a “Geek” moment. But if you think I’m geeking now, wait until you read further.

As reported by DigitalSpy, in the GOT finale, the Night King used his “newly-owned” dragon to blow down “The Wall”. When that happened, the “Army of the Dead” started walking and formed a bizzare shape. Now, before I point it out, see if you can spot it first.

You see it?! I’m sure you do and so did some of GOT fans as well.  It appears as if the “Army of the Dead” created the “Starks’ Direwolf Emblem“.

Unbelievable, right? Honestly, I missed that piece of nugget especially after seeing the Night King and his dragon destroying a large section of “The Wall“. After that shock, I was thinking more of  . . . “Oh *bleep* and they have ‘giants’ too!” But thanks to those dedicated over zealous GOT fans, we now see the shape of this awesome emblem. Nice Easter Egg, HBO. We see you.


Over the past several days, it was a relief to find out that others besides myself thought that a sexual relationship between both newphew and aunt was quite . . . “gross”. And if you don’t have a clue to what I’m talking about, it’s George R.R. Martin’s book called the “Game of Thornes” which is now a HBO hit series.

This past Sunday was the 7th Season finale of Game of Thornes where we found out that Jon Snow isn’t a bastard, his real name is “Aaegon Targaryen”, he’s the rightful heir of the Throne and oh yeah, he’s (Jon) developed feelings and slept with his aunt Daenaerys Targaryen without knowing that they are  related. For the record, “incest” ins’t new to this story. From the start, we had Cersei and Jamie Lannister, brother and sister who grew up together and had kids. So to see another couple heading down this road again . . . “I can’t”. And apparently as DigitalSpy reports, so can’t the actors who plays the two characters Jon and Daenaerys.

Let it be known that both Jon and Daenaerys is definitely  fan favorites. Many folks “ship” for them (Seriously, I still don’t get the full meaning of “Ship” but, whatever) and saw their relationship developing. Although “I” cringed when it was happening and actually fast-forward through it, it was a relief to hear that both actors Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke felt grossed-out about the hooking-up as well. And shared that piece of info in HBO’s behind-the-scenes video called the “Union of Ice and Fire”.



To further explained this thing between Jon and Daenaerys, Reddit user DeeHi posted a clip from an interview that Martin gave two years ago that explains Daenery’s family relationships in regards to incest . . .

“Targaryens were interlopers from another culture, and they had some unique factors that didn’t necessarily fit into the mainstream of the other Westerosi Lords, such as their traditional incest, which was part of keeping the bloodlines pure so that they could better control the dragons, brother marrying sister, and nephews and aunts, and so forth.”

I get it, really I do. And honestly, despite the gross-out family sexual minglings that goes on in the GOT, it’s actually a really good show that focuses on many aspects of society. I myself enjoy the political intrigue, the flying dragons and “the ship” that I have for Jamie and Brienne. Forget Tormund, he’s to thirsty. Hey . . . Who are you to judge me?! 


Woof Ruff! Wreary rand rah rattorny roo! Aight dawg! Woof woof grrr!

Sorry y’all. Woof-glish again. I was talkin to my dawg. We were ralkin eh excuse me, talkin about dog news. Yeah we know about that Trump. We sniffed him out years ago. Ya notice don’t none of us hang with him. Yeah man, a dog knows. Don’t get me started!

Anyruff, in Connecticut we get lawyers. That’s right! All animals get a lawyer to speak for us. Thanks to Desmond’s Law. They stick up for us if we’ve been beat up, beat down, used in fights or not fed. Some people are just haaateful!!

The best thing about our lawyers is they dig deeper about the woofbutt (sorry for the language)! Sometimes the state lawyer doesn’t have time or the people to check this fool out. Who knows they could have hurt another animal in another city or state. Plus, the lawyer listens to us.

So paws up to the state of Connecticut, for thinking bout a dog and the other animals.  WOOF WOOF BOW WOW

Well, fam, I can’t believe I’m going to say this. But I actually have to give it to the staff of the VMA’s for picking people that can perform live to entertain us this year. The first performance was Kendrick Lamar who was literally was on fire. Well he wasn’t, but someone was in his set.  Then he was followed by Ed Sheeran who kept it up and brought out Lil Uzi that finished the energy.

Then the energy died when the absolute stupidest skit involving the hostess Katy Perry and space. It would have been better if she just walked out and did a regular opening. I just couldn’t handle how awkward it was. There were many people in the crowd that were wearing that cringed look too. Every time she came out and did a skit the energy died. It was like an extra bathroom break.

Everyone’s performance was great…scratch that. What the what was Lorde doing? She didn’t lip synch. She didn’t sing. All she did was dance. That would be fine if this was “If You Think You Can Dance” but it wasn’t soo…

Kudos to MTV for being on point with the social issues. They tackled all things recent. Cardi B decided to do a shout out to Colin Kapernick before introducing, Demi Lovato. Jared Leto came out to talk of friends Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. He talked of the relationship between Chris and Chester. It was touching not just someone reading off of a teleprompter, matter of factly. He then introduced a performance of Linkin Park at an earlier MTV award show. Later in the show, Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid performed a song that is the National Suicide Hotline number “1-800-273-8255”. Their performance included survivors and family members. I was tearing up. The talk turned to white supremacy and racism. A descendant of Robert E. Lee, Rev. Robert Lee, spoke of his family being used as the representative of hate. He denounced white supremacy and talked of all being equal. Next was Heather Heyer’s mom, Susan Bro asked everyone to stand up to racism.

Granted it was an award show but these are my Journey Award winners.  Kendrick Lamar won my “Best Use of the Earth Elements”, His performance involved fire and it put some fire in me.  Ed Sheeran, and Lil Uzi I’ll give them “Shock Award”. Look at Cardi B’s face during this set. Fifth Harmony won my Shade Award during their performance they had someone to fill the “fifth” part and she fell back off of the stage never to be seen again…really ladies?! Miley Cyrus won my Forgotten Talent Award because, well, I did. Pink won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award which was definitely well deserved but she won my Best Use of the Stage Award“. She used every inch of the stage to do her performance. She went from flying Cadillac to driving a John Deere lawn mower to walking through the crowd. “Best Venue for a Performance Award” went to Demi Lovato for performing poolside at the Palms in Las Vegas .  My “Honor to Seasoned Performer” was DNCE with Rod Stewart. The fact that Rod Stewart is still moving it like he used to and the fact that DNCE thought to do this. Best Imaginative Performance went to Thirty Seconds to Mars

My last award doesn’t go to a performer but I just couldn’t resist.  The “Style with the Least Material” is a shocker but it’s Asahd Khaled. He wore a Gucci suit and he was too cute all through the night. Remember this is my opinion.

What did you think? Did you miss it? Do you want to see it again? Well in true Viacom fashion, it will be on again, check you local listings.

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie ya! Bow wow yippie yo yippie ya!
Wuff!! Wuff! Watomic Wawwwg!

Hey peeps! It’s my day and I’m getting my jam on!  That’s right,MY DAY. It’s National Dog Day. My sis and Mom, let me be in charge of the music.  My all-time favorite dog song is “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton.  I know it’s ol school music, but hey.

When I’m in a ruff mood, I turn to my man DMX.  He speaks my language. Y’all call it a growl but I tell ya that man right there, that man right there (thumping my chest wit my paw an smh) understands a dog! I’m just learning about him cause I was kinda too young understand all of his stuff.  When I listen, it pumps me up to get my walk on!! The song (warning he doesn’t spit clean lyrics)  “walk these dogs” really get’s me.

I can’t forget to add the ultimate Snoop Dogg! You know why, he’s the D-O double G!  Come on now!  Anything from him does it for me. Now that I told ya what’s going to be on my Dog Day music list!  I hope y’all are doin one for your dog. If not, listen to mine and get your jam on.

To all my brothas and sistas Happy Dog Day