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Lord have mercy . . . this now?! For the record, there are certain foods that I “like” and certain foods that I “like”, but can’t eat much of.  And “pizza” ain’t one of them, well . . . “until NOW”!

I don’t know what’s going on with the food industry but in my opinion, Domino’s has lost its mind. It appears that someone on their marketing team thought it would cool to present a pizza dessert that looks like “bleep on crackers”. Yes . . . “bleep on crackers”. For the moment, I’m only commenting on the appearance of this new Domino’s “Chocolate Pizza” dessert and not the taste. Granted, Domino’s isn’t my first, second or even third choice when it comes to eating pizza, but I still hold a little respect for them . . . until now.

This new 6” dessert pizza is made with Domino’s fresh dough, topped with melted milk chocolate and is now available to their customers. As reported by DigitalSpy, the spokesperson for Domino’s states  the following . . .

“We’re delighted to add the new Lotta-Chocca pizza to our menus, as it makes the perfect after-dinner treat for chocolate lovers nationwide. It’s already proving very popular so we’d suggest that people do try it quickly whilst stocks last, though we’d remind our Domino’s super fans that it is a sharing dessert for four, not all for one!”

Did you catch that Domino’s “shade disclaimer” .  .  . “We’d remind our Domino’s super fans that it is a sharing dessert for four, not all for one!” Yeah, I hear you Domino’s. Although it doesn’t look appealing to me and will definitely cause sugar spikes, it appears to be a hit for some folks here on Twitter.

Not being a bearer of bad news, but . . .  this dessert isn’t available in the US, only in the UK. Sorry! Yeah it’s a cruel world, but at least your sugar is in tack.


Come on folks, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Y’all know how addicted and dedicated I am in blogging about Starbucks creations. So let’s do this . . . shall we. If you are reading today’s blog, then you are “officially” a fan of trendy, hipster like drinks. And we all know that “Starbucks” is the reigning “kings” of dropping new drinks every other day, right? This time around, they (Starbucks) didn’t disappoint. Let me introduce y’all to bucks’ latest creation called “Shaken Watermelon and Passion Tea”.


Made with “Watermelon Juice” and Starbucks’ signature Passion Tea, this colorful and refreshing drink is what’s needed to “quench-that-thirst”; especially during these long hot Summer months. This red abundance of flavor also includes “notes” of hibiscus flowers, lemongrass, mango, papaya and lime juice to provide just a hint of tardiness. Now see, I was on board and ready to buy until “mango” was mentioned. I can’t have “mango” man, cuz I’m allergic is all. And “yes”, I had a Debbie Downer moment, but I’ve digressed.

Anyhow, for those who “aren’t” allergic and would love to try Starbucks “Shaken Watermelon and Passion Tea” drink, you have until August 31, 2017, and must travel to Japan to do so. Oops, did I forget to mention that earlier? You know, this drink being available only in Japan. My bad. Enjoy!



This may not be news to anyone other than me but OMG I love YouTube!

Obviously, I’m a little late to the game, considering YouTube has been around since 2005 and after only a year was bought by Google due to its immediate success. Somebody less obstinate saw just how special this platform was from the very beginning and also saw its potential, whereas I never put much stock into it until about two years ago. Why so late you may ask (or not), well it’s because I didn’t understand its purpose, at one point I thought it was a vlog site, and then I thought it was an unrestricted, unfiltered porn site, then I thought it was another form of social media. Little did I know it’s a little bit of all three and more.

Since discovering YouTube I have reignited my love for 80’s and 90’s music, I have gotten to know one of my kids a little better, and I have discovered so many shows, music videos, talk show snippets, independently produced movies, I have traveled to all around the world and I felt a part of intimate moments such as proposals, weddings and anything else a person feels appropriate for the world to see, I can catch up on current events and everyone’s favorite reality TV highlights or better said low’s point in my own time and on any platform. . I feel like I’m back in the know, which is kinda sad and telling.


In my older age (cause I’m not old at all) I just don’t care to stay abreast of current trends, shoot in my older age I say crap like “abreast” and “in the know.” Anywho, my newest infatuation has renewed my love of theater, Disney and all things gay. No, I’m being serious, one day I sat and watched God only knows how many same-sex flash mob proposals, which led to my obsession with one of the songs in one of the videos which then led me to looking up music videos, then a specific artist, which somehow lead me to looking up the Hamilton mixtape, to watching several snippets of Hamilton the play, without ever having to leave the site.

It was magical! I cried, laughed and let my imagination run wild; having to remind myself I needed to be productive. How could I have been so wrong for so long? YouTube allows me to fulfill all my basic needs, of voyeurism without having to feel as creepy as that sounds and I just want to thank them for it. It’s platforming like this that make you admire the ingenuity, efforts, and visions of others. Those that can take a step back and look for and create new ways for people to come together and meet, discover and admire each other’s interest and yes sometimes it also works as an outlet for those that feel so alone.

There is something there for everyone all you have to do is search for it.

I love YouTube, don’t you?


Hey fam!

Let’s talk about that BET Award’s show!

Our host, Leslie Jones, started with some jokes and moved into screaming. She was shouting like she was a Baptist minister who was preaching a life changing sermon, complete with wiping the sweat with handkerchief. Unfortunately, her performance became worse as the show went on. Each time she came out “Black Twitter” cringed. I admit to watching this a second time and she was okay. But, I don’t know if it was because I was used to her hollering so much or is she just better the second time around.

The performances are what I really what I watch these shows for. Remember these are my favorite performances. These are just in the order of performances.

Bruno Mars – he brought the concert atmosphere to the place. Let’s talk about the “cultural appropriation” comment that has made it’s rounds on “Black Twitter”. No, I don’t believe that he appropriated. He has named the people that have influenced him and he pays homage to them.

Post Malone and Migos- I had no idea who Post Malone was and he was okay but Migos joined him and that’s what made it a party. And when they went into “Bad and Bougie” nothing was funnier than seeing Tiffany Haddish put her back into it! (do people still say that?)

Mary J Blige-Put it aaaaall out there…sis did the dang thing. It was soo out there that her ex tweeted about wanting to get together to talk and the crickets said…Listen to her words!

Tamar-Now she might get on my nerves on the show, Braxton Family Values, but I have to admit sis has some serious talent. Another person who needs a shout out, is her person that secured her wig. It took a lickin and kept on flipping. Please check this out. Although it’s been rumored she lip synched ( I don’t believe it) that performance was everything!!

Okay so the absolute best performance goes to…NEW EDITION!!! After they received their Lifetime Achievement award. They performed. I’m not gonna lie, I tried to keep up and I felt like Bobby Brown. You know he was gone after that first song. When I say gone I mean he took his mic and went of the stage.  Meanwhile, Ronny, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny worked it out!! I was trying to jam with them in my head I was doing the same…yeah right.


The BET Humanitarian Award went to the all deserving Chance the Rapper. He is the youngest person to receive this award at the age of 24. This young man pledged one million dollars to the Chicago school system. He also received congratulations from Michelle (our forever FLOTUS) Obama. He admitted that it feels a little early but my God never makes mistakes.

Now there are some parts of the show that were um weak.

The tribute section- Roman John Arthur did the Chuck Berry tribute was great, unfortunately they didn’t do the man any justice considering without him there wouldn’t be Rock and Roll. The honored George Michael with El Debarge singing “Careless Whisper”. Now I loved me some George Michael but they didn’t do anything for Al Jurreau but just say his name.

Xscape. Love that the ladies finally worked it out to get back to performing, however, umm, errr, y’all don’t need to do “Just Kickin” (my jam) until you have it as tight as it should be. Still love them.

So fam, I would be interested in what you thought. If you missed it you can still watch it again. Check your local listings, on demand, or on the BET app.


Look, I’m here for the RompHim gear, but enough is enough. When you start putting police officers in one, then I have to call a foul on the play. I understand that June 21st represented the first day of Summer and honestly, living in Georgia, the temperatures represented Summer a long time ago.
“Yes” it’s hot, but it ain’t no excuse for a police officer to be trolling the streets in a RompHim at any time. “Ain’t No Excuse At ALL!

Due to the warmth or the destroying of our climate, the tempuratures in Miami Beach have the police officers celebrating the summer by “revealing” their new RompHim outfits. And boy, it’s a sight to see. As the ad says, “No more hassle of putting on that old uniform. Slip into comfort with: The Cop Romper!”

Grant it, this is a spoof and the Miami Beach police officers are making fun of the Kickstarts’ “RompHim” fashion campaign, which made thousands of dollars. I do find it quite entertaining and so does the Arlington Police Department, which sent out their share of tweeting gifs.

For the record, the Arlington Police Department makes it clear that they “are not” endorsing the RompHim fashion.  But hey, I guess the boys in blue like to have fun as well!