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Hey fam!

Kathy Griffin did it again. She’s been known to push the envelope. Matter of fact, envelope pushing is how she obtained her gig at CNN. After doing a photo shoot with her holding what appeared to be the bloodied head of Donald Trump, she’s been fired from CNN. When the picture initially appeared and people complained, she admitted to pushing the envelope or crossing the line. She tried to justify it with, that’s just the type of person she is.

After further reflection, she admitted that she went too far with this joke. The picture was taken down and she apologized. Unfortunately, her apology was a little too late. CNN has canceled her contract and one of her appearances has been canceled.
Kathy made herself known for the show, My Life on the D-List. I’m wondering if she will be on a D-List or lower as far as Hollywood is concerned. It’s a possibility that she made the secret service list. I’m sure they may look at this as a threat and not shock art as the photographer, Tyler Shields, allegedly intended.

Tell me what you think fam!

Happy Memorial Day


Yesterday, all of America was able to unite in their reverence and honor of those people who presently and in the past have fought for our freedom, defended our civil liberties and whose lives are often sacrificed as the first line of defense for a country that doesn’t always honor them in return.

For them, I am most grateful!


Now that I got that out let’s talk about the greatest reality show ever …” The Real President of America”

So the President has just completed his first world tour in the honored position we placed him in and I’m just curious how many people besides myself are concerned that we look like fools?

Never in my life (and I’ve been around for a little bit) have I ever been so disgusted and enthralled by the actions of any previous president.  I finally get it, I finally understand what it is the country or at least those that voted were looking forward too.  There had to be a back room or darknet chat board that worked together to give us the “The Real President of America” as this fall’s hottest new television show.  I mean as reality tv goes this is truly a masterpiece of shit proportion; we have the best of the best in casting, Donald Trump plays the President as close to the character he played on The Apprentice, he’s calculating, yet aloof, he’s a great businessman but he’s also so far removed from normalcy that you can’t possibly expect his expectation to be real, or to be able to explain his actions, he’s rhetoric or the company he keeps i.e. Omarosa Manigault and Kelly Anne Conway.


Then there are the wolves in sheep clothing (by Ivanka Trump) that he employs or doesn’t employ depending on which branch of government is asking. You know the one’s that handle the back door deals and handle the business of the spin, that make you truly question not only his sanity and ethics but those of everyone around him yet somehow you still admire his business savvy because let’s face it, he’ll always come out on top.  Let’s not leave out the love interest that everyone can clearly see is fake and only in it for the additional spotlight and somehow you still feel some amount of pity for the girl/guy because you know they must have missed a hug or two when growing up otherwise how do you explain having such low standards and then there’s the talent, all of the citizens of the United States.

WE the people, umm I mean the talent (to close to how it is written in the constitution) have come together to further our commitment and overall gross interest in the entertainment industry by hosting this grand masterpiece of epic fuckery called “The Real President of America”. We voted for our favorite pick, which usually is the person that we love to hate, or is most ratchet, instead of the person that would be most beneficial to our cause or most beneficial to us as a United Nation, nooooo we voted for what would be most entertaining, what would sell better and we stood together in either our actions or lack thereof and said Yes!, I want the world to judge me based on the actions of this guy, and judge us they have.

With the majority of this morning’s headlines being about his expressions/demeanor, him shoving other world leaders (respectively), his posture when meeting and greeting the Pope, or the overall view being he conducted himself on this trip like a “drunk tourist”, the sneaky actions of his son-n-law,  his wife’s attempt to shoo him away or members of his cabinet resigning, working hard to “spin” his trip or the additional investigations that will undoubtedly be announced, one would think we most hold the #1 spot in this so-called show called life.

Here’s the thing, as entertaining as this may be and despite how many spin-offs shows we may get from this global experiment (Thanks, SNL).

Is that such a good thing?

Hey, I thought this piece of news was entertaining and worth sharing. Look, it’s not about Trump, so today is a good day, right?  It appears as if Dubai now employs a real-life “RoboCop” to help keep their streets safe.

As originally reported on DigitalSpy, Dubai now has a five foot six, 220 lbs robotic policeman patrolling their streets. Well, not actually patrolling, because there are no legs. And to be honest, it appears as if this robotic cop is used mostly for informational purposes instead of enforcement. Yes . . . “informational”. From my understanding, Mr. Robotic cop communicates in both English and Arabic, and is designed to help “report citizens crimes”, “provide information about the city “and “allows payment of fines”. So in other words, this metal being is just a rolling, talking, cash register. And as reported, the Dubai Police wants 25% of its force to be robotic by 2030. And of course, this plan doesn’t involve firing human protectors of the peace as stated by Brig Khalid Al Razooqi, the Director of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Police.

“We are not going to replace our police officers with this tool. But with the number of people in Dubai increasing, we want to relocate police officers so they work in the right areas and can concentrate on providing a safe city”.

The Dubai Police robot was unveiled to the public last week at the  Gulf Information and Security Expo and is now making its appearance around shopping malls. Check out the video below to see this Robo Cop in action.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday!



Are you that person who’s sitting at their work desk planning your “Memorial Day” menu? Trying to figure out what dish to cook that will “WOW” your guest.  If you are,  then today’s food blog is definitely for you. I have 4 . . . yes, Easy Memorial Day recipes that will make you the M.V.P. of all cookouts.

Let’s do this .  .  .

Pizza Dogs: Pizza Dogs?! How ingenious is this idea? To take two of American’s most favorite foods and combined them into one, is definitely a dish that should be serve at a cookout. Check “Taste and Tell”  for this cool recipe.

 Baked Shrimp Po’Boy With Pineapple
:  Yes I know this isn’t the traditional “grill-out” dish for Memorial Day, but the pizza dog isn’t either. My belief is this, why not be different? Stand out from the rest of those grill masters  and try a dish that will bring more guest to your grill. And this Baked Shimp Po’ Boy with Pineapple Slaw dish will have them running to y’ah. Baked shrimps placed on a toasted roll with “Taste and Tell”  pineapple slaw recipe will make a grown person cry with joy. Click here for the full recipe.

Boozy Root Beer Floats
: I recommend this  adult “Boozy Root Beer Float” to everyone that’s over the age of  21.  This old fashion treat made with coconut milk,  cashews, vanilla, sugar and your favorite “beer”, is definitely the way to get your drink on! And “Love and Lemon” has just the recipe to help get that mood on this Memorial Day.

And FINALLY . . .

Grilled Bacon And Cheese Chicken: No, I’m not striving for a heart attack, but come on . . . “It’s Memorial Day”! So why not be happy and enjoy this grilled chicken bacon dish. Don’t judge Me! If you aren’t a fan of beef but love bacon (And who doesn’t), then this chicken dish is perfect for y’ah. Check out “Table for Two” for the recipe.





Hey fam!

Do you know what today is? It’s National Wine Day!

Years ago it was gauche to drink red wine with seafood and white wine with meat. Drinking wine was a thing made people a little uneasy. Not knowing what to drink with fish, poultry, beef or other proteins. Then the powers that be relaxed the rules. They finally realized that wine rules were passé. The new rules are for everyone to drink what you like with whatever you liked.

I’m usually partial to Chardonnay. That is unless I’m having a nice juicy steak and then it’s a nice peppery shiraz. I’m getting hungry and thirsty as I’m writing this. Now my other favorite wine drink is Sangria red. Then there’s the summer time and white Sangria. Let’s face it I like all different wines depending on my mood or food. And thanks to the powers that be I can relax enjoy!

So fam, here’s to you! Enjoy National Wine Day