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Hey fam!

I have to admit, nothing tickles me more than hearing about something stupid that a criminal has done.

With that being said, let’s talk about 29 y/o Coleman Martin. Mr. Martin’s wife reported him missing and in distress. He left home saying he needed to “clear” his head. Later, Mr. Martin sent a picture of suicide note to his wife, telling her where he was going to be. He purchased all the items he needed for this suicide. He left all items showing he had committed suicide at this lake.

Austin Police Department

Unfortunately, while he faked all of this, Ofc. Martin, (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he was a police officer from Austin Police Department in Texas) he did the one thing that everyone knows you don’t do. He told someone (his mistress) what he was doing. Ofc. Special was using his own phone. Seriously?! Can we say phone records?! Even kids know that you don’t do that.

Another thing, this all started on the 25th of April and he was caught by the 27th. You might be wondering how? He sent an email to his mistress after he was supposed to be dead. The mistress showed the email to the police.  He clearly was never going to make detective.

Well, as Ron White would say, “Ya can’t fix stupid.”

Hey fam!

First let me say that the entertaining Pla’s Thoughts, is taking a well-deserved day off. Enjoy your day, girl.

Y’all remember that commercial for that soda that showed how a young woman saved the day by giving a police officer a soda. Well, we all know what a failure looks like. Enter Heineken, showing the world how to be “involved” with the talk. They way that this commercial was done was tasteful, engaging and should win an award. No one was touted as the only problem solver. Most of all, there were no stars. This was commercial that conveyed the issues with regular people using basic teambuilding exercises. How beautiful it was to see something so refreshing. It made me wish I was a customer.

I hope that they will do something similar on this side of the pond. That is perfect way to start the conversation of differences by talking about similarities. Just in case, you haven’t seen it, click here. Please know that this discusses things of sensitive nature. Watch at your own risk.

Honestly, I have other things to do in life then to worry about R. Kelly and his “life” issues. But since I’m in s messy mood at the moment, then why not indulge myself with some “messiness” and take you guys on this ‘ride along’ with me.

So let’s do this . . .

It appears as if the “Ignition” star is now being sued by a Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputy, for “allegedly” having an affair with his wife. You heard. . . “suing”. . . “affair” . . . “his wife”.  Court record states that the Deputy Kenny Bryant experienced “emotional, psychological and financial loss” due to his wife Asia Childress, confessed affair with Mr. Kelly back in 2012. What year are we in? I’m just asking. Anyhow, Deputy Bryant states that Asia convinced him to quit his job in Mississippi, move to Atlanta (Better opportunities but I guess she lied there as well), so “she” could continue her affair with Kelly. And on the top of that, Bryant also alleges that his wife contracted chlamydia around the same time she had this affair.

So there you go. Seriously folks, I’m surprised that R Kelly is still attracting women at this point. And another question is, “What happened between the deputy and his wife from 2012 to now?  And why wait so long to file court docs?” Yeah. Like I’ve stated earlier, a little messiness to fit my “messy mood”. Happy Thursday!



It seems as if Starbucks have struck gold with their “temporary” colorful “Unicorn Frappuccino”. And although it was for a “limited time” only, it most definitely became the “Beyonce” of Starbucks and “slayed”. Despite the sadness and/or withdraws that the “Unicorn Frappuccino” left some of Starbucks customers feeling, it appears as if something magical was created. And it happened at a little “Starbucks” joint located in Anaheim California. What is this magical thingy I’m speaking of? Well . . . apparently there this “Pink Pegasus Frappucino” drink and “Ain’t nobody told me nothin’!

The 411 is, during the promotional period for the “Unicorn Frappuccino” there were some Starbucks locations that ran out of the ingredients; while other locations had plenty leftovers. Because of the “lefties” (‘Food’ and not ‘politics’ folks),  this particular Starbucks in Anaheim created this magical, mysticalPink Pegasus Frappucino.

Using the left over pink powder and other ingredients, they were able to make a “raspberry” version of the “Unicorn Frappuccino”, but minus the sourness and color/flavor changer.  And as reported by Bustle, one customers states that the “Pink Pegasus Frappuccino” consist of  . . . “white mocha with raspberry syrup and pink powder”. Booyah! Now, because of these “extra” lefties . . . supplies, I’m sure other Starbucks are being creative as well. Like these folks . . .

But if that creative replica or others can’t fulfill that void you maybe experiencing, then this Starbucks “Dragon Frappucino” should do the trick! Yeah!

This new “challenger” is made with green tea frap mixed with vanilla bean powder and a berry cup swirl. I tell y’ah, I’m feeling gassy already. It don’t take much (TMI) but it looks sure darn pretty.  Now the question is, “Would this successor be as successful as the “Unicorn Frapuccino”? And I say . . . “Hell to naw, to the naw, naw, naw!!  I mean it’s made with green tea. Isn’t that considered healthy or something? I’m just saying.





Hey fam!

I have seen some stupid things sold for exuberant prices but this? This right here is cray-cray?

It always cracks me up when the fashion world tells you something is in. Don’t get me wrong I love watching it but let’s face it, I’m unable to afford it at this time (hey I can dream big). Apparently, Nordstrom’s buyer thought these jeans are the things to sell.


That’s right fam! These jeans aren’t showing you how tough they are.  For $425.00 ,you too, can own a pair a jeans that have the “workman’s experience” of a “dirty job” without getting dirty.  Seriously?! Why not just buy a pair of regular jeans and do the work entailed to get the look? No, that would be just too much like right.  Grow a garden, volunteer to muck a stall, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  Do something! Even if you don’t I’m sure you can just a pair of jeans and have one the servant’s spend the day making them dirty and still come out cheaper.

Well fam are y’all going to get these?