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………………but not soon enough. As the Minister of Magic Rufus Srimgeour once said These are dark times, there is no denying” (Harry Potter reference). And the news does its best to highlight that fact daily. So like everyone else I look to brighten my day with varying forms of entertainment. These days both in music and in film there has been a resurgence of quality and talent that we haven’t seen in years.

I’m not completely throwing shade at the young men and women that have made valiant efforts in their own rights to be the next big thing. Artist such as all the A$ap Mob guys, Young Thug, and other of their kind but I desperately miss the days of artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, Common and others like them that put forth energy, time and imagery into their talents.

I miss the days of words that could be discerned, lyrics that slayed, and the ability to truly freestyle at the drop of a dime. I also miss the respect that each artist had for each other, even when they “beef”, artist were quick to admit that another artist was skillful but they could do it better. So, imagine the joy I felt after listening to the absolute madness that was Remy Ma’s Shether.

Oh my freaking gosh, I can’t tell you that last time I was this excited to listen to or better yet hear the pure rawness she spat out as a comeback to the nonsensical beef Nicki Minaj started. It gave me chills, man real chills, only magnified by the fact that she dropped it over the ether beat (originated by Nas).

Whether you agree or not with so-called rap beefs, what is undeniable is the admiration of talent, skill, and flow that was clear in her rebuttal. Remy Ma, I applaud you and I thank you for reminding me what good music, great lyrics, and Hip Hop used to be.

My prayer on that fateful Saturday, that Shether was dropped was that it is enough of a spark to bring back true talent. May we once more be allowed to listen to the radio and be excited to hear the next song, may we once more be able to understand what the hell someone is saying beyond the chorus. One could hope, right?


Hey fam,

Let’s talk about the Oscars! Remember these are my opinions.

It opened with Justin Timberlake singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the Trolls soundtrack and “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers. Well, it was ok. TBH I forgot about him. Bless his heart he turned it into one of his concerts. Soo many people doing what they do best…act. Yes, the audience acted their butts off, for that alone they deserved an Oscar
Jimmy Kimmel was the host. I will talk more about him later.

History Time

Best Actor in a Supporting Role went to Mahershala Ali for his performance in “Moonlight”. Making him the first Muslim to win an Oscar in this category. When he did his speech it was only at the end that he mentioned that his wife wasn’t with him due to having his baby four days prior. I’m happy for him even though I didn’t see his movie.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role went to Viola Davis. I screamed when she won. This woman is soo amazing. At the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep wanted Hollywood to notice the great work Ms. Davis was doing. This win made history for her as she is the first African American to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony. Somebody write something for her to sing or rap so she can get that Grammy. It was also the first time that Best Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role were won in the same year by African Americans.

The beautiful women of “Hidden Figures” were presenting for the Documentary category and introduced the world to the real Ms Katherine Johnson. She looked fabulous and was well received. BTW OJ Made in America won.

Kimmel sees this as an opening for a joke, it would have been if he knew how to do one. Dude you are not Fallon!!

You can’t knock a good woman down

Next we had Lin Manual Miranda do a set up to a “Moana” song in true “Hamilton” style. Then this 16-year-old young lady with the voice of an angel sang, Miss Aulii Cravalo “How Far I’ll Go”. During the song she was hit by one of the flags used in the performance and didn’t stop!! This young lady truly understands what it takes to be a performer.

Yada, Yada, Yada

It became boring as usual. I don’t know why they just don’t make this show an hour long to tell us the winners of the major categories and call it a night.

Best Movie

Now onto who won the Best Movie. Well I guess I need to back it up a bit. Best Actor went to Casey Affleck. Denzel Washington got robbed (Yeah I said it) Best Actress went to Emma Stone for “La La Land”. This is a movie I won’t see unless it’s beyond free. I don’t like watching hyped movies (but I digress)

Anywho, it’s the end of the night and we have Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway telling us who won Best Picture. Warren Beatty realized something was wrong but didn’t say anything. He shows it to Dunaway, who doesn’t really look at the card and says “La La Land”. I scream because I like the underdog or any film for that matter. We watch the actors and everyone from the movie run up on stage. That’s when the commotion begins. Finally, the director of “La La Land” states that there is a mix up. “Moonlight” won Best Picture.

My question about all of this is why didn’t anyone speak up? Why didn’t Warren Beatty say umm this can’t be right we just did this category. Because of this mix up, “Moonlight” truly missed their due. The crowd was too busy trying to figure out what’s going on than helping in celebrating the moment. This film wasn’t a high budget film it truly was an underdog.

Don’t Bring Kimmel Back!

Back to Jimmy Kimmel. During this confusion what’s this fool say? Something to the effect of both films should get an Oscar. Seriously, it would be okay if that’s what the Academy and Price Waterhouse agreed to. But that’s not what happened bruh? Then he says, this is my first and last time. I won’t be here next year. You’re darn tootin’ you won’t. I don’t know who came up with the tour bus skit? But they need to be out of a job. That was the worst skit I had ever seen. Then there was the candy drop. Because Ellen started it with pizza, they have been trying to one up it each year. Just let it go.

Hey fam!

I watch the show “This Is Us”. I don’t watch it weekly. I like bingeing on it a couple episodes at a time, except for this week. Thanks to “On Demand” I watched it the next day. Now before I go any further, if you haven’t seen it save this for later, because there may be spoilers.

Last week’s episode ended with Kevin being a brother to Randall. Which was a beautiful thing. We had seen Kevin really not be a big brother to Randall. What made Kevin step up to the plate? Well, part of had to do with Miguel. When Kevin was looking for someone to be in his corner prior to his performance, everyone was a little too busy for him, except for Miguel. Miguel explained to Kevin that all he had to do remember he was “Jack Pearson’s Son”

THIS IS US -- "Memphis" Episode 116 -- Pictured: Ron Cephas Jones as William -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

THIS IS US — “Memphis” Episode 116 — Pictured: Ron Cephas Jones as William — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

This week started with Randall in his doctor’s office after having a breakdown getting permission to go on a road trip with his dad! During this road trip we learned so much about William. William’s upbringing and relationship’s.  Along the way, he honors Randall’s dad at the “burial site” to say “thank you for raising my son”.

On arrival in Memphis, after going to his childhood home and finding that his secret spot still had his “treasures”. They ventured to other places, the last being the club where William wrote a song that elevated the group that he was in with his cousin. When he left Memphis it was to care for his mother. That’s what his cousin remembers, and still is angry that he never came back. William still owes him some music and he is trying to make it right. As usual, with family, when the family member we’re angry with acknowledges the pain they caused, all is right with the world.

THIS IS US -- "Memphis" Episode 116 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Ron Cephas Jones as William -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

THIS IS US — “Memphis” Episode 116 — Pictured: (l-r) Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Ron Cephas Jones as William — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

William gets on stage and begins to jam with his cousin. Randall meets his Memphis cousins and for once we actually see him relaxed. Unfortunately, eight hours later, William needs to go to the hospital. Randall witnessed one of his father’s best day and last day of his life. Randall ushered his father home to William’s mother’s arms.

This entire episode had me crying. Watching Randall connecting with his birth father was beautiful. The ugly is the fact that he was kept from knowing him. Sure it can be argued that he found out about him when he could handle it. Maybe if he had known him earlier he would have understood himself. Randall is always shown as being soo uptight. We were shown about William; did he talk about Randall’s birth mother? Did he explain about his drug use and homosexuality to his son? Well I can’t wait to see what happens next. Unfortunately, we all have to wait until March 7. If you haven’t seen it, please do. This show has already been picked up for two seasons.

So fam, become vested in “This Is Us”.

The way I tell that Mardi Gras season is coming and/or here, is when my husband takes his high school band (Riverdale) to Mobile Alabama to participate in several of their parades.  Other  then that, I’m clueless to this whole Mardi Gras celebration. Besides me being out-of-touch with the latest celebration happenings, doesn’t mean that I’m clueless to the “celebration foods”. Like HELLO, it’s food! Who forgets about that. I’m just saying. And since it’s “Blog Food Thursday”, today’s blog features 3 must try Mari Gras Cakes recipes to help end those nights of crawfish and gumbo eating as well as  tossing of the beads to all those faceless flesh flashing folks on a good note. 

Here we go . . .

UnknownPecan Praline King Cake Money Brea: For the  record, I like all types of nuts. But I must say, “pecans” in one of my faves. So imagine those luscious pecans draped in praline sauce dripped on top of a cake made with dinner roles, brown sugar, heavy cream, melted butter and cinnamon. Yass! Well folks, you don’t have to imagine any longer and just hope over to “Bake Love Give” for the recipe. This definitely will bring a happy ending those nights of Mardi Gras partying.


                   Photo by: Bake Love Give

UnknownKing Cake Donuts: Who says donut cakes couldn’t be the MVP of Mardi Gras as well. Once again, anything that’s soft, sweet and good to eat, can’t be wrong. So trying this King Cake Donuts recipe from “Hummingbird High” should be a top priority on your Mardi Gras list of things to eat.


             Photo by: Hummingbird High

And FINALLY . . .

Unknown For a traditional Mardi GrasKing Cake, try this “Browneye Baker’s” recipe. Made with dough, cinnamon-sugar filling and topped with “Colored Sugars”, how can anyone go wrong with his delightful treat.


    Photo by: Browneye Baker




I’m not a John Legend fan, although I think he has a nice voice and I like at least 2 of his songs from various albums throughout the years.  But that doesn’t take away his intelligence and witty comebacks; especially throughout this last and horrific campaign season.  To say that both John and his wife Chrissy Teigen was hilarious as well as on point when assessing “President Agent Orange Trump”,  was an understatement. Not to leave out their continued feud with President Agent Orange’s sons. That  was quite entertaining as well. But today’s blog isn’t a trip  . . . “Back down memory lane.” No, not at all. It’s about “How the Internet thinks that John Legend looks like Arthur”. For those folks who isn’t familiar with this, “Arthur”. He’s an animated kids cartoon character who is featured on PBS and is widely known for his “yellow sweater”.


It appears that over the weekend, Twitter User Emily Sowah tweeted out a photo with both John Legend and Arthur next to each other stating how the singer and cartoon character look so much alike. Actually, Sowah stated “John Legend look like Arthur low key”.

Based off the many retweets and/or responds from Emily’s tweet, the comparison immediately went viral which brought many, many memes featuring both John and Author together.  Not to feel left out and is known for her hilarious tweets, Mrs. Legend aka Chrissy Teigen tweeted out the following . . . ”John when you tell him he looks like Arthur.”

And of course, John had to get in on the fun and responded with . . .

Aww . . . How cute, a happy married couple, right? Below are other tweets from different “Twitter Users”  who ran with the “John and Arthurs” comparison phenomena. Enjoy!