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Hey fam!

It’s been a rough week for us, especially Jax! Which brings me to the topic for the blog. Although, February is pet dental month Jax is just a special kind of dog that doesn’t follow the rules. This past week my poor little brother lost or should I say had 7 teeth removed.


Turns out our little guy has periodontal disease. His disease is bad enough that it has attacked his bone. His vet now has to check with a specialist to see what could be done to save Jax’s jaw. It seems there is a possibility that he may lose his jaw. Jax has to eat soft food for the rest of his life, which is not a big deal. I’m just concerned about everything else.

So fam let Jax be a cautionary tale. Please make sure that you take care of your pet’s teeth. Make sure your pet has their teeth cleaned yearly. If they tell you that teeth must be removed find out what they will do after. Would you believe that dogs can now have dental implants? Find out if they have gum disease and if it’s affected their bone. Ask your vet as many questions as possible. Make sure there are x-rays taken, if not, asked to have them taken. Also, research your pet. For us, Jax was adopted and we had no idea what breed he was until recently. Some pets have a predisposition for dental issues.

Fam, please say a prayer for Jax and celebrate his healing! Jax will be back to talk to you soon.

Later fam!


Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays, but I do adore fall and it’s colors. Come on, who doesn’t? But ever since I’ve learned that I can actually go to a store and purchase Halloween candy on my own . . .  Folks, “the thrill is gone”.

Then why blog about something that I really don’t care about, you wonder? Well, despite my dislike for Halloween, I do love seeing artistic carved pumpkins, creative costumes and most importantly, “Halloween memes”. Yes I said “memes”. They give me life.

So to celebrate Halloween 2016 with flair and  giggles, I’ve picked out 5 of my favorite memes from the list of Bustle’s “12 Funny Halloween Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud”.

Here we go . . .

unknown Who never experienced that feeling? I do all the time, of course minus the zombie. But I’ve been there. Poor doggie!26dc6420-602f-0134-5ed5-06caa2286297

unknown Y’all, I’m so tempted to do this for this years  trick or treaters. a0e94760-602e-0134-3e90-0ad17316e277

unknown Self-explanatory. Especially amongst some of my friends. Always “one” that’s different. Even if it’s me mostly. I just saying.78494250-602e-0134-cd90-0aec1efe63a9

unknownMe with any unhealthy food. af7b1fe0-48f0-0133-9dc3-0af7184f89fb

And Finally . . .

unknownThis is the best treat for most college students. I know it worked for me . . . “still do”. 890262f0-602e-0134-3e91-0ad17316e277


Come on folks, what do you expect. This is a person who was on Degrassi and does this sing-song type of rap. Do you really think that he’s competent and/or compassionate enough to not have released a “diss” track against someone with Mental Health issues? Really? 

I never was a fan of this kid. . . At all. As a matter of fact, I’ve always thought that he was this “actor rapper”. In other words, a person who’s acting out “a rapper character type role” for movies and/or sitcoms. But sadly, he’s not and this is what the “rap world” has been reduced to.

The drama this time around was that he (Drake) had  beef with Kid Cudi, and because of that Drake released a “diss track”. The problem was that Mr. Cudi aka Scott Mescudi announced on social media that he had checked himself into a treatment facility for “depression and suicidal urges.”


Hey, it would have been understandable if Drake didn’t know about Cudi’s mental situation, but he did and mentioned it in his lyrics below.

“You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases

Life of the angry and famous

Rap like I know I’m the greatest and give you the tropical flavors

Still never been on hiatus

You stay xan and perked up so when reality set in you don’t gotta face it.”

As reported on Huffington post, it seems as if Drake was still salty when Cudi went on his “twitter rant” in September against both Drake and Kanye West. Cudi insinuate that they both were fake rappers and “jealous, chicken hearted shits.”  While West “squashed his beef with Mr. Cudi”, thin skin Drake had not; hence the diss track.

It appears as if Drake overlooked the support that Cudi was receiving and received some flack from his diss track via twitter.

Let’s face it, there is competitiveness in Hip Hop. And everyone knows if one rapper disrespects another, then it’s up to that rapper to assert their “dominance and try to throw lower blows” (Sorry Mrs. Obama, your “higher” road theology doesn’t work in rap). I’m sure that was the case with Mr. Degrassi, but unfortunately “one’s mental health” shouldn’t been part of the game. That’s why Drakes diss track is seen as a “disappointment”.

Everyone should be aware that “Mental Health” is a illness, but it’s still seen as a “weakness” and not a “disease”. To hear a ‘popular artist’ state publicly that he or she is seeking help because something is wrong takes bravery; especially in the African American community. Let’s be clear that Cudi wasn’t the first and want be the last artist to state their struggles to the world. Let’s just hope that enough folks listens.

PS: Hashtag #YouGoodMan has been started in support to “Mental Illness” among black men.

Hey fam!

I have to admit I’m not doing well today. After what happened last night, I just don’t know if I can watch the show anymore. Seriously, why did he have to die? All this time I was thinking it was somebody else.

First of all, you need to know as usual, I’m the johnny-come-lately when it comes to joining in on certain shows. Usually I start watching a show after the third season I hate becoming vested in the show and it’s yanked. So this year I decided to watch. I binged from Netflix, Amazon Prime and On Demand. My friends said they wouldn’t tell me anything until I was caught up.

This past week I kept getting close to where everyone else is. Then I had a set-back, had to deal with some other stuff first. Oh how I hate it when I’m behind. But I’m determined to get it done. Then it happens, it’s Sunday night, I’m close but I happened to go on Twitter while on the phone with Pla’s Thoughts.

Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ

Gage Skidmore, Peoria, AZ

We were chatting and then we start seeing it up on twitter “#walkingdead”  trending that’s when Pla’s Thoughts burst it out. “Wow these people are losing their minds about this man dying on Walking Dead! Just like they did when what’s his name died. Um McDreamy”

What!? I had avoided not knowing all this time. I’m soo upset!! I can’t believe he’s gone! First, McSteamy now McDreamy?! What?! Why Ms Rhimes Why! What is going to happen to Merideth and the kids?

“Walking Dead” fans although I don’t watch your show, I understand. My condolences and may they rest in peace.   Together we can pull through this!

Have you ever came across an article while cyber stalking that you thought was “hilarious and/or informative“? Well folks, I did and can’t wait to share it with you!

If there’s one thing that I can say about Twitter . . . “It allows folks to throw “major shade“; and apparently, it happened once again to Mr. Trump. As reported on Huffington Post, “Tweeters Give Their Favorite Books a “Hilarious” Donald Trump Twist”. These crafty folks used Donald’s  life experiences and “consistent gaffs aka *bleep*- Ups” to reimagine their favorite book titles.  Below are a couple of those tweets for some chuckles.

And Lastly . . .