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Unfortunately, we currently live in a world where we tend to neglect SELF because we are too busy trying to keep up with what society says we are supposed to do, say or act. Even far worse, we’re trying to keep up with what others are saying or doing.

I mean, it’s in our face everyday, 24/7, in what is termed social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). I’m quite sure one of the first things the majority of us do when we wake up in the morning is to check one of the above social media websites. We might be better served instead to do something for SELF, like listening to uplifting music, which is one of  the 11 morning rituals that can change your life, according to an article on

However, the majority of us don’t do that because again, we are too busy wondering what our “social media” friends are doing or saying instead of thinking about SELF. Shoot, I’m guilty of it sometimes; it’s become like a bad habit.  So. . . I said all of that to say,  it is so important to focus on SELF because when we begin to neglect self, it can have a negative effect on us. We may then lose sight of who we truly are as an individual, become less productive and/or not live up to our true purpose in this lifetime. Just like everything in life, social media websites can have both a positive and negative effect on its users.

What effect has it had on you? Have you lost SELF?

“Why is it so hard to find an exercise bike with a nice little basket where I can put my NACHOS?” ~Ron Alderson

One thing I can say about covering the continued bashing of Donald Trump is that, it sure makes you hungry. And Lord knows, when I have a hankering for something delicious to munch on, “I” along with my trusty BFF “Cybie aka Cyberspace” hit the internet in search for those calories to satisfy my belly. Hey . . . I’m a person who loves to be “HAPPY”! That is why, today’s blog features the AWESOMENESS which is . . . “NACHOS“!!! Yass! Nachos slays, right?

Because I roll like that, I’ve decided to share 4 of what “I” think is the best Nacho recipes like . . . Ever! So let the count down begin.

unknownBuffalo Chicken Nachos: Even though I’m diabetic and is constantly monitoring what I eat, there are times that I do allow myself some “naughty  food” (Small potions of course). Besides my love of buffalo wings, I ‘heart’ Nachos as well and “The Girl Who Ate Everything” has the best recipe that includes them both.


unknownNear Perfect Nachos: Folks, if you are looking for a Nacho recipe that’s first, easy to make and fulfills that thrust for beer, check out this cool recipe at  “Macheesmo”.


unknown Spaghetti Nachos: Granted, this dish doesn’t consist of “Nachos’, but it does have “fried lasagna noddles”. That has to count for something. To replicate this great dish, visit “Doughmesstic”.


And FINALLY . . .

unknownS’Mores Nachos: Who doesn’t love chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker cookies baked all together? I *bleeping* do, I tell y’ah. And the cool thing about this sweet dish is that it’s “simple”. To peep out this recipe, check out “Livforcake“.


Since Donald Trump welcomes any type of news coverage, negative and/or positive, I’m sure he want mind today’s blog. And if he does, who cares. Any-who, since Trump thought it was a bright idea during the debate to acknowledge and brag on “how he got President Obama to show his birth certificate”, he’s stupidity apparently influenced others, but this time in a creative way.

As Huffington Post reports, a Washington State driver attached a “larger-than-life” head of  Donald Trump to his passenger seat headrest, and took to the HOV lane that’s “strictly reserved for two or more passengers. As faith would have it, he got caught and was fine a healthy fee. Hey, we have to get Trump to pay his taxes some how, right? 

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that drivers in Washington State tried breaking the HOV rules with their “fake” passengers. Another bust took place in Tacoma Washington with the driver’s passenger being a “Zombie Baby”; and near Fife Washington, a driver was stopped with the “Most Interesting Man” being his squatter. Yeah. . . Folks is getting bored out here in these streets.

I’m sure both the “driver pranksters” as well as the “Troopers” got major giggles but once the chuckles stop . . . Is this prank worth paying that expensive fine? Yep, reality is something else . . . Isn’t it?

Hey fam! Did you watch the debate? Or should I say “The Smack Down”

OMG!! I was too excited to watch. I was excited because the Bloomberg channel said they were going to live fact check. Well that was a bust. Yes, they did it, but not in a style that I liked. The facts were muddled in between Bloomberg’s usual stuff, so you had to search for it.



Anywho, we (mom, Jax, and I) settled in to watch this debate. I will admit at the beginning Trump tried to be very “presidential” but that went out the door when Hillary Clinton mentioned his father and the “loan” of $14 million. He tried to say it was a small loan. Everyone wish they had that kind of loan, but I digress. (Fact check- According to Wall Street Journal, Trumps father came to his rescue repeatedly with multiple loans.)(1)

One of my favorite comments from Donald was “you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.” The crowd took it as a zinger. That was false. Unless of course, Hillary became an adult in 2013-14, because that’s when the current version came into play. Of course, versions of ISIS have been around since the 1990’s(2).

Later, came the talk of the infamous income tax return. Of course, he won’t release them. He says he is being audited. Then he turned into semi bully mode. I’ll release it if Hillary gives her deleted emails. Seriously fool!!! Even Nixon released his and he was being audited. Come on now! When he said that Lester Holt jumped on it as being negotiable. Out of fear, Trump said no but he kept pushing the email thing.

Hillary came back with facts of other presidential candidates did it and then she went in with a few jabs and said that there a few reasons that she could think of as to why he doesn’t want to show his taxes.
• “Maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is?
• Maybe he’s not as charitable?
• We don’t know all of his business dealings and it’s been said he owes six hundred and fifty million dollars to Wall Street and other foreign banks
• Or maybe he just doesn’t want those that are watching to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody has ever seen for a couple of years where he had to turn them over to the state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license. And it showed he did not pay any federal taxes.”


This fool had the nerve to say “That makes me smart”. No, sir that makes you a dumb butt (trying not to curse). Hillary had to break it down to him about what not paying his taxes meant. If he didn’t pay maybe all his business dealings were soo bad (you know he’s a great business man…just ask him).

Another favorite part was when Trump continually brought up the email issue. When Lester Holt brought it back to Hillary. She took the wind out of his sail. She admitted that if she had to do it over again she wouldn’t. What does Trump do instead leaving it alone. No, ol mutton head says, I think you did it on purpose. Somebody please teach this man something.

When the racial divide was brought up all he could talk about was how it looked in certain areas. You know, the areas that he has alleged properties in? He never did answer what he would do to fix. Even Lester Holt told him he didn’t answer what he would do. All he mentioned was Law and Order like it was a television show. Then had the nerve to argue about the “stop and frisk” law. Who is helping this man prepare? Can we say… nobody!!

The final smackdown came when Hillary admitted to preparing for the debate (like anyone else would) and then said” you know what else I prepared for? The Whitehouse!!


What’s sad is those that love Trump are soo into him “speaking his mind” that no one is thinking about the repercussions. This is a man that will need his ego stroked more than you can pet a dog! He hates to have his own words come back at him. He refuses to say he is wrong about anything. Hey Trump you are not God. You aren’t perfect. Admit your imperfections. Yeah right!!

Although everyone has given, round 1 to Hillary, there’s still more work to do!

Trump, poor chile, is like henny penny.  That ain’t the sky falling it’s knowledge and a mic drop!!!

Thanks for the fact checks!

I’m sure by now everyone has at least watched and/or read about the presidential debate, and how “Hillary servered up Mr. Orange Wonder Trump his *bleep* on a platter”. Besides Trump’s befuddled look and his consistent rumbling and/or continued stance in his lying, Trump presented the viewers something else more entertaining and yet annoying at the same time.

As reported all over “Twitter”, the consistent “sniffing” which resonated from Trump’s nasal pipes that sits between those two “white crop circles” (His eyes), gave the people something to “clown” about and me . . . “Life”.

Because of his continued annoying harmonious nose effects, it’s produced #TrumpSniffle and these funny tweets . . .

And even though these last tweets aren’t related to the sniffing fiasco, they were funny enough to share. ENJOY!