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I’ve come to a point in my life that nothing “shocks” me anymore. And as of late, I found myself adapting and even accepting a “pessimistic attitude” that I once fought against. So to hear that Trump is heading to Mexico to meet with their President, again. . . Wasn’t “shocking“.

As a matter fact, once that bit of information was released, I made it my duty to search both high and low on “Twitter” to see what people thought. And folks, let me just say . . . “I wasn’t disappointed”.  Instead of folks waiting for the outcome of his visit to  Mexico, some took to Twitter and to quote from Huffington Post, “respond to what’s bound to be an awkward meeting”.

So with no further ado, I present to you some hilarious “tweets” in regards to Trumps impending visit to Mexico .

And lastly . . .



It’s Tuesday and I’m hankering for some “wings”. Yes . . . “wings”. And since I can’t really have them in the traditional way: fried and covered in many of my favorite sauces. The next logical thought was for me look up recipes that can fulfill my craving, but not jeopardize my health. And honestly, there are days that I’m like “screw that healthy crap, bring me those fried WINGS! Chomp! Chomp! But I realized that I couldn’t do that to myself,  and life is to “precious” to throw it away for something that I’ll crap out in two hours later. So now I find myself here, feeling like a junkie looking for their next fix. Determined to find something, just something to help my craving for “wings”.

After leaving another wing support group, feeling depressed and hungry, I drop by my friend “Cyberspace’s” crib and chilled. Looking for something to do, we cruised “the highway of information” where we made a pit stop at this “Pillsbury” joint.  Not really feeling the “sweetness” at the time, we (Me and Cyberspace) decided to leave until something saucy caught my attention. Standing over in the corner looking “scrumptious” was my salvation.  A silent “Thank You” to God was given.  Being confident I approached my possible fix, the “Slow-Cooker Buffalo Barbecue Wings” and folks, I wasn’t disappointed . . . At ALL!

The cool thing about this particular recipe is that it uses a “slow-cooker” pot.  Yeah, it will be several hours before you can eat but there’s “no FRYING” involved!  And for me, I finally have a reason to use that “slow cooker” my cousin brought me like three Christmases ago. So that’s a win win.  Now, if you are a self-professed “wing addict”  like me, then below is the Pillsbury “Slow-Cooker Buffalo-BBQ Wing” recipe. But before we go any further, there is DISCLAIMER!

Unknown This dish isn’t totally healthy because “we” all know that the “wing part” is considered the fatty portion of the chicken. So what I recommend is to substitute the “wings” for “breast strips”; the rest calls for “imagination and creativity”. Or better yet,  just eat the “breast strips” with your eyes close.  I’m just saying.

Here we go . . . And ENJOY!



Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.48.50 AM





Hey fam! You know how much I love award shows, but last night’s show was, well, let’s just thank God for Rhianna and Beyonce!!

Anyway, the show opened up Rhianna dressed in light pink. Pretty much it looked like cotton candy on the stage. But in Rhi Rhi style she worked it. She turned it into a club. She got a sista to jam with her in my living room (sorry neighbors).

Now I love Key & Peele but I wasn’t feeling them maybe it’s me. Then there was Jay Pharoah. Poor baby, now that he isn’t working for SNL he is looking for a home. Well, I’m here to say, Jay, don’t do this no more. It’s not a good look for you. DJ Khalid, you were fun in the beginning but now I’m getting tired of seeing you all the time. Please take a break so we can appreciate you more! Seriously!!

Next up was Minnie Mouse a.k.a Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Minnie Mouse is always kicking that ponytail. Now I’m sure everyone thought her set was original but it reminded me of an Olivia Newton Jon video, Let’s get Physical. (Yea I went there) check it out. Now this is Ariana  and Nicki

Now my next favorite person to come out was…Kanye West! He started with, “I came here to present my new video but before I do that I’m gonna talk.” That’s when you heard the whole world sigh wondering what the rant was going to be about. To be honest I don’t know what his rant was about. I’m going to have to watch it a few more times to understand him. He finally showed the video with Teyana Taylor. That video will have a lot of women working it out in the gym. Didn’t see it? Unfortunately I can’t find a link for the video.

We had the second set of Rhi Rhi! Now this set right here brought us back to the island, starting with Rude Boy. She was definitely enjoying herself. The VMA’s turned into a reggae club. If you weren’t slow winding to dis I feel sorry for ya!

BEYONCE!! Yes, that’s right the queen herself came out and as per usual “did the damn thing”. She performed a concert. I’ve seen her perform before years ago. She had definitely stepped her game up. Maybe I’ll be able to see her live one day…again.

The worst part was Britney Spears had to follow this performance. MTV knows they are wrong. I’m not even going to talk about how wrong that was!!Of course, the fact that her routine was boring and tired (yeah I said it). She performed with some Macklemore wanna be, G-Easy. I guess another way to look at is that she cleansed the palate for us to truly enjoy Rhianna.

Although I didn’t like the set right after Britney. My favorite was her last set. Her voice was pure. Ms Rhianna is the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! So of course, she shut it down! The surprise of the evening was the fact that Drake was there to give it to her and he professed his love for her. Sniff Sniff..just propose to the woman!

Now the funniest skit of the night came from Jimmy Kimmel. He came out looking like Ryan Lochte, hair and all! “Is it too late now to say sorry?” Fallon said, using the recent Justin Bieber hit to mock Lochte’s sharp decline in public approval over the controversy. He then claimed to have filmed all the Video of the Year nominees: “I had a 30-way with Kanye West. I made Lemonade with Queen Bey. I’m Reezy with the good hair!”

Fallon concluded his introduction by mocking the specifics of Lochte’s fabricated story: “Who had the Best Video of the year? I can’t tell you that. I couldn’t tell you even if there was a gun to my head, which there isn’t, but I still couldn’t choose.” Thanks to website for the transcription of his skit.

Well folks if you missed any of these fantabulous performances there’s always youtube or you can catch it on television. I’m sure they will show it again.

Peace out!!


WOOOF!! I’m soo hungry, this don’t make sense for me to be this hungry. I mean I get it I have to lose some weight but does a brother have to eat less than a child in a third world country?! Seriously!? This is not right. It’s bad enough we left the hotel where everyone let me have a snack. Ready for this, yesterday was national dog day, what did a lil brother get? A bone? Maybe a little snack since I’ve been pretty good on the begging? No, I got a “your sooo handsome” as if I don’t already know that and a belly rub. Alright I admit it I loved the belly rub. Oh yeah and my favorite teeth cleaner, matter of fact, she gave me an extra one. Come to think of it, I guess I did get some presents for National Dog Day. You know what else, she gave this stuff that was cold and short. I think she said they were green beans. I couldn’t tell if they were green but they definitely tasted good.

My sister told you about the vet visits, but you need to understand from my end. My first visit to Doctor 1 was really nice and loooong. When my sister put me in the car I just figured we were going on a little ride. The next thing I noticed was the highway! When we go on the highway Mom is with us? Mom wasn’t with us! How long was this ride? I’m trying to look out the window. I see tree, tree, tree, light pole, tree, tree, tree, truck, yaawn, zzzzzzz. When I woke up we were at the vets.

Doctor 1’s office people were really nice to me. They let me be me. I walked in the room then they put me up on the table to examine me. She talked to me to relax me. She called me handsome. I think she really liked me. Then she put me gently down and went to get the surgeon. Doctor 1 came in and I backed under the chair. Would you believe he came down to my level and talked to me?! He was really cool. I came out and he gently lifted me and talked to me and my sister about what he was going to do. He said to call if we had any questions and he mentioned me losing weight. Somehow, it didn’t bother me so much when he said it. When we left I got comfortable for the ride home.

Doctor 2 office people were nice too. When I weighed in I found out I lost a pound. I know my sister was very happy and proud of me. We waited for the doctor. When we got called in I was kind of nervous. The tech complimented me then she did what techs do and left. The doctor came and checked me. Then she took me out of the room. I could tell my sister didn’t like this. Once I was in the back I didn’t like it either. She tried to do what my regular vet did that didn’t work. It HURT!! I YELPED!! I don’t like her because she didn’t tell my sister what was going on. They found out I had something going on with my eye. They were nice enough but I think I want somebody else.

I heard my sister talking to my mom about us going to see a third doctor. I have to admit I want to see another one too. Well that’s how things are with me. I think I heard her tell my mom she was going to take me shopping. I wonder which store? PetSmart or PetCo. Talk to you later.

Hey fam! This has been a rough week.


Jax will talk about his version tomorrow. Today I will give my version. Jax injured his knee. His doctor said he needs an operation and he needs to lose weight. I was a little taken aback about the surgery part. She gave me a list of three surgeons and off we went.

The first surgeon was very nice. He explained what was going on. What would happen to Jax during the surgery. Medications and even physical therapy. I felt that this was going to be the doctor. Then I thought about how long the ride was. The price it would cost. So I figured l needed to check another doctor. Doctor 1 and staff did a great job with Jax. They made him feel quite special.

Yesterday we say Doctor 2. She was really nice. She explained the surgery in greater detail than the first one. Matter of fact she talked about pins being used to hold his shin together. Then she took Jax in the back and with the help of a technician they did something to him. I suspect they were trying to manipulate his knee. But I heard him cry out and that made me nervous. I don’t like hearing him cry. She then said they noticed his eye was closed and wanted to check that out. When he came back to me they put him in my arms. What was strange was that he didn’t want to get down like he usually does. As much as I liked her I don’t think Jax liked it there.

When we were home I started thinking about the differences and similarities of the information I received. Doctor 1 didn’t mention anything about putting pins in Jax’s legs so I will ask him about that. They both discussed his rehabilitation and how long Jax will be out of commission. Doctor 2 did discuss that if she saw he wasn’t healing well what she does to correct it. Both had different ways of talking about the outcomes. Doctor 1 said Jax has 95% chance of full recovery. Doctor 2 said he had a 12% chance of having something going wrong.

We are going send more questions to Doctor 1 and make an appointment for another Doctor to give us a third consult. So we will let you know what we are doing.

The reason for me telling you all of this is because sometimes we as pet owners and family forget that there are options. Other surgeons that can do the same surgery for less or see a way that can delay it. Although all of the surgeons have said that surgery is necessary they have also mentioned that Jax lose some weight. Speaking of which, Jax lost 1lb. We are soo proud of him!!