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Hey fam!

It’s the end of the DNC and OMG what a whirlwind! The DNC started with the email situation that had to be dealt with. Debbie Wasserman Shultz became a whooo?! She was booed so bad you would have thought it was a ghost convention. Enter the best woman to handle this situation. Donna Brazile! Ms. Brazile did what needed to be done with a swiftness.

After “the fixer” took care of business, they kicked into overdrive. The first night was AAAMAZZIIIING! It started with Corey Booker (D) New Jersey. It was nothing like the GOP who started with Duck Dynasty and D-lister Scott Baio. Corey brought us together using an African proverb, “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together.” Then to end with the words of Maya Angelou “You may write me down in history/ With your bitter, twisted lies,/ You may trod me in the very dirt/ But still, like dust, I’ll rise.” When he finished I felt like I was in church. I was standing and clapping along with the rest of the audience.

Although, he wasn’t the star of Monday night, he was first up to get the crowd warmed up to the rest of the speakers. Of course, he was followed by the true star of the evening First Lady Michelle Obama. Everyone knows, including President, that she truly is the star of the Democrats. He quipped that he stayed up late to work on his speech because of hers.

Vice President Biden did his usual folksy, every day man, speech. He let everyone know that Trump trying to say he understands what the rest of America is going through was a bunch of “malarkey”. Only Joe Biden could make that word sound equal to a cuss word. God love him. That man will be missed, along with his boss, President Barack Obama.

By the time Thursday night rolled around, I had heard the history of Hillary Clinton. There were a few things that I had completely forgotten about. There were stories from people that she had helped along the way that didn’t have a media blitz on it at the time. These were people that just wanted to tell their story. With all of the Hillary bashing that’s been going on, it almost made people forget of the historic part of the nomination.

So how amazing was the Democratic convention to me? Well, as some of you know, I admitted to being a registered Republican. The reason why I became one isn’t important what matters is that I won’t be one for long. You see, after watching both conventions I saw that one candidate made statements about what only he alone would do. He also followed up every one of his promises with “believe me”. I can’t believe anyone that says for me to believe them. The only thing he didn’t do was speak in a higher tone like most liars do.

The DNC truly converted me. I will be going to the local Democratic office to volunteer. Now some of you may not be that enthused about what you saw at either convention, but I do ask is that you participate in this election. All votes count. We can’t afford to sit this one out!!

On record, I’m not a coffee drinker but I do understand the addiction of caffeine; mine is chocolate (My “Dark Master” the coco bean” ~Seinfield). So I do understand when you are addicted to something that makes you feel good, “prices” are the least of ones worries; especially for those “Starbucks fiends“. Honestly, I don’t have enough fingers and/or  hands to count “how many times I heard one of my friends complaining about those Starbucks prices. But yet, they don’t miss a visit.  And just recently, while I was visiting my local  Target store, a lady almost ran me over trying to get to their Starbucks cafe’; and she didn’t say “sorry” either. How RUDE!!!

Because of my almost near death experience with a psychotic “Starbucks fiend”, I’ve decided to wage a war against Starbucks! And as an American, I feel it’s my patriotic duty to do so. Okay yeah, I’m still a little pump from the Democratic Convention . . . but “Whatever”. My first action of plan was to bring along my BFF  “Cyberspace”,  and search both high and low of various ways to help this Starbucks’c epidemic.  And low and behold, I came across just what I was looking for at Bustle.  “20 Copycat Starbucks Iced Coffeee Drink Recipes” that you can make at HOME! Yass!!

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m not a coffee drinker but I tell y’ah, looking at some of those beverages, I possibly change my mind quickly. Here’s my “Top 4 picks“.

Unknown Iced Mint Coffee: When it comes to anything mint, I love it! Simple as that. So to see a drink that have both mint and coffee infused together, well what more can I say. And the word on the street is that “With Style and Grace” has the best recipe that combines both of those  two flavors together DELICIOUSLY!


UnknownPumpkin Mocha Frappuccino: I do like the taste of pumpkin, although I prefer sweet potato (Who doesn’t?)  So to have pumpkin, coffee, and chocolate together? Well, that’s a win win; especially for those caffeine lovers. “What’s Cooking, love?” has the best Pumpkin Mocha Frappuccino recipe like . . . EVER!!


Unknown Homemade Strawberry Frappuccino: There are times I find it hard being a diabetic; especially with my love affair with “fruit”. Although most fruits are considered “good” sugar, to much of a good thing can send a diabetic blood level into orbit. But no worries folks, “Desserts With Benefits” homemade “Strawberry Frappuccino” recipe, provides us with healthy ingredients while still capturing that “Starbucks” taste.


And finally . . .

UnknownEasy Homemade Caramel Frapp: I’ve never had this Starbucks’ traditional drink, but it’s been  popular for years. Thirty Frugal Mom provides a recipe  that’s easy as well as good. And . . . allows you to keep your COINS. Cha-Ching!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.55.52 PM


Despite the bumpy road that the Democratic Convention experienced at the beginning of this week,  I can honestly say, that this convention has been smooth and steadily. Even Trump’s “childish tweets” and his “openly act of Treason” did not stop this convention’s groove. No instead, Donald’s “newest outburst” provided Wednesday’s DNC Speakers additional ammunition that they needed to “conquer and destroy” this “demagogue clown” to smithereens.

But today’s blog isn’t about their RNC’s Nominated Presidential “idiot”, but another set of “idiots” known as “The North Carolina Republican Party”. Yes, those folks. As reported by Huffington Post, during  Tim Kaine’s speech last night, someone from the NC Republican Party took to twitter calling Mr.Kaine “shameful” for wearing a “Honduras” flag pin instead of the “American Flag” pin. The problem was that it wasn’t a “Honduras” flag pin, but a symbol pin this is recognized by the Department of Defense for “Blue Star Families” aka “Families of those who Serve in the Military”. Once again, the NC Republican party is a big FAILURE!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.42.35 PM

                  Photo of Honduras Flag


Photo of “Blue Star Families”

This ridiculous gaffe was caught and saved by WNYT Reporter Ben Amey from Albany New York, before it was deleted from cyberspace.

Now embarrassed  and made a fool of once again, the state GOP “thanked” Ben for pointing out their mistakes but didn’t provide  an apology to Mr. Kaine of whom they tried to attack and SHAME.

Seriously, am I shock of their behavior? Well of course not. Look at their “party nominated leader” . . . “Mr. HOMEGROWN DEMAGOGUE Trump”.  He’s an embarrassment of riches and with army of his  MINIONS not far behind.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.52.27 PM

Today’s blog isn’t about the Democratic Convention or the continued praising of Michelle Obama’s speech (Yes LAWD, she ROCKED). No, today’s blog is about Naya Stephenson? Who is she you ask? Well . . . Naya is this young lady who dated this dude from California. And unfortunately, the “dating” and “relationship” thing didn’t work out for the couple. But don’t fret folks, as reported by Huffing Post, Ms. Naya handled her break-up “In A Way Only A Boss Lady Could”.

Before I continue, there is a DISCLAIMER.

Note, this isn’t a “Kardashian”, “Taylor Swift” or even “Housewives  of Whatever” over-the-top like drama. There will be no clothes burning,no physical violence and/or name calling (That’s for Trump and the RNC party). But just a classy way of handling “relationship break-ups”.

Okay, let’s continue. . .

At the beginning of all relationships, everything seems cool, runs smooth and on point. And it was no different for Ms. Stephenson and her nine month relationship with her boyfriend.  One day they went on a date and the next day, it was over. Finished . . . Done .  . . You get the picture.

It appears as if Shayok, Naya’s now “ex-boyfriend” was heading to Japan for an internship. And since Ms. Stephenson wanted to see him before his departure, they planned a nice date on a beach. Whatever events that went on that night, only “the couple” knows.  But “alls” we know is that by the next day, it was “OVAH”!! It’s important to mention that this couple (Naya and Shayok) faced other dating issues in their relationship such as discussing and/or debating topics regarding racism and policing. And actually, because of their indifference on various ideologies, it left doubts. Because of those doubts, and how it  plagued their relationship, Shayok thought it was best for them to just end it now.

Instead of Naya getting angry, hating and/or bashing “all” males, she went on Twitter and posted a follow-up to her once excited tweet which stated “I cannot wait to see my boyfriend in July”. To “life came at me fast” . . . “lol we’ve broken up now”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.40.51 AM

                    Photo from Naya’s Twitter

Naya told Huffington Post “I tweeted it because I thought it was incredibly ironic and funny that I had posted a happy photo of us in love only to be broken up the next day,” and “I didn’t feel the need to be embarrassed or hide it; people break up all the time.”

Wow, I applaud this young lady for traveling down a road that’s hardly chosen after a break-up. But “alls” I can say is . . . “It couldn’t be me. I embrace “bitterness” which means, something would have either been burnt and/or ripped. In other words . . . DESTROYED!  I’m just saying.



Hey fam!

The DNC hasn’t even started and the convention is already in the news. Thanks to Wikileaks, which leaked some of the infamous Hillary Clinton emails. Big deal you might say. As of yesterday, you could hear a different spin taken by Hillary’s people. It didn’t want to acknowledge the emails, instead they wanted to blame Trump and some of the Russians for leaking it.

Before I go any further, I need to admit that I’m a registered Republican but I’m a Democrat on many issues. I know it sounds crazy but there is no third party running here.

Now back to this DNC mess. Seriously, folks you want to find who’s at the heart of this leak? I don’t care who leaked it, I just want to know if it’s true? Was the DNC so bent to have Hillary in office that did whatever it takes? Next we have Debbie Wasserman Schultz accepting some kind of blame and saying she will step down as president of the DNC, but only after the convention.

The DNC is certainly starting their convention with some fireworks. Well I’ll be back on Saturday with the weekend wrap up. But before I go I will leave you with this tidbit. Bernie Sanders is still going to back Hillary Clinton!

Take care and enjoy the show!!