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Let me first say that I “sooooooo” love “blogging”, and enjoy sharing my thoughts about “weird and unusual events” which inhabits this universe we call home. But there are times, that “blogging” can be “intimidating”. Yes I said it . . . INTIMIDATING! Not because of the content that “we” or “I” blog about, but mainly on “how the content(s)” is written and/or is delivered to the audience. What’s important to me, is that the “words” to which “I” use  don’t “make me feel”  . . . What’s the word I’m looking for? . . . umm . . . STUPID! So to avoid or limit myself from “word stupidity”, I’ve researched and came across a list of “25 Misused Words That Make Us Sound Dumb”. That’s right folks . . . There are at least 25 out there!

This blog isn’t just for insecure bloggers like myself,  but for those folks who like to write or email or text or whatever and don’t want to sound dumb.  The first step is admitting that “you do” have a problem. . .  with “words” that is. Anything else, you may want to seek professional help. I can’t help you. . . I’m just saying. 

When I started researching this particular topic . . . issue . . . insecurities . . . whatever.  I came across this common saying . . .

“The English language is crammed with commonly confused words that sound similar, but have very different meanings.” ~Your Dictionary

And oh . . . How true that statement is. This blog isn’t about me covering  all 25 of those “Misused” words, but to  discussed a “few” that I have difficulties with from time to time.

So here we go . . . First UP . . .

  • TO vs TOO
    I understand that this “To” means moving towards or directional and this “Too” means much or very but “I” consistently  use the wrong “Too”. It doesn’t matter, even when the sentence calls for just one “o“.  I believe the proper way of using this “Too” is  . . . “It’s ‘too’ damn hard to use this word correctly.” Yasss . . . I got it now!
    Here’s another one of those words that make me look . . . “Not so bright” at times. I’m starting to think that those words with the “double same letters” is “my” problem; especially “o’s”. Yeah, I know “Loose” means not tight and “Lose” means to not have or retain but my brain sees these two as one. Yep! Once again, the “o’s” got me TRIPPIN!
    Now who doesn’t have problems with these two words. Come on y’all. My problem is that “they” (Affect/Effect) sounds the same to me. Although “Affect” means to make a difference and “Effect” means consequences of actionsI still have a problem using them properly. And honestly, when “I” do use any of these words, I have to look them up first.

Yes, it’s a short list, but “I aint tellin’ y’all all my stuff”. Dang! Anywho . . . If you feel “bold” enough and want to leave some of your “misused words” in the comment box, then I will do a follow-up blog listing more of mine. That’s “fair” right?

Until the next time


It’s not strange to have an “Epiphany” while attending church. But what was strange was “me” actually attending church (Easter of course), and trying to encourage my 3 year-old cousin to fill her “basket” with those colorful Easter eggs which was placed around the church court yard (I don’t do “hyper-active” kids very well). Although I think “Jellybean” (That’s my cousin’ nickname) thought her half filled “basket” was a great accomplishment; I couldn’t help but look over at this little dude’s “full” basket. That is when I turned around and encouraged “her” (Jellybean) to continue until her basket was just as full as his.  Most folks probably would have sum up my actions as me being competitive but I “labeled” it as a “Feminist” moment; hence my “Epiphany”.

I truly believe once a person is born as a female, they’re never to young to understand and/or embrace being a “feminist”. So educating folks on “gender equality” at a young age  isn’t or shouldn’t be a problem. It’s also imperative to know,  that restricting this learning process to a specific gender isn’t a requirement and/or necessary. Males are welcome to learn and understand that “the struggle” is real. Whether folks agree with or unwilling to accept the changing of today’s society, “gender equality” is an important issue; especially when it comes to groups like “women of color” or “trans genders” to which both is currently being marginalized. To show “Jellybean” that “she can have” and “deserve more then” or “equal to”  little dude, was my lesson to her in regards “feminist”.  Now, was this lesson a little extreme? Probably. It was also little hard keeping those eggs from falling out of her basket. . . but boy . . . it was worth it!

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Once I left church and those eggs behind, I wanted to further tap into my feminist moment and ventured into cyber-space for additional feud. Lucky me, I came across an article written by by Claire Warner @ Bustle that listed 9 Feminist Tumblr sites that “us” feminist enthusiast would enjoy.  I visited those Tumblrs sites and highlighted my  favorites 4 for yah’!

Here we go . . .

  1. Escher Girls – Tumblr DESCRIPTION: This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or secularized out of content, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to follow them? Tumblr ID:
  2. Masculinity is So Fragile – Tumblr DESCRIPTION: This blog is dedicated to all the ridiculous things made for men because menz need to be manly because masculinity is ~so~ fragile. This is a funny site and surprising ran by dude writer  Eliel Cruz. This is definite “must check out”!  Tumblr ID:
  3. Saved by The Bell Hooks – Tumblr DESCRIPTION: Critical theory applied to pop culture. The inspirations behind this blog are bell hooks and Saved By the Bell. Basically it takes “bell hooks” or tv shows and combines with feminist statistics and/or statements. This is a pretty cool and interesting way to learn about feminist issues via integrated into TV satire shows.  Tumblr ID: savedbythebell-bellhooks.tumblr.comScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.25.37 PM
  4. Sex+Laci Green is known on both YouTube and Tumblr as a sex educator who covers topics related to sexuality, relationships, body image and gender.   Tumblr ID:
  5. Lipstick Feminists– Tumblr DESCRIPTION:Do you love Cards Against Humanity? Of course you do. Everyone loves explaining the grundle to grandma at Christmas. I keep a set of Cards in my car trunk at all times so I can break it out at bars for strangers’ birthday parties. Cards Against Humanity is awesome.  A lack of ladies and lady-centric jokes in the comedy world, CAH included. This makes me sad in part because it’s wrong and stuff, and in larger part because there are so, so many tampon jokes that men need a little ladysplaining to understand. I like the flow of this particular of this Tumblr site. It’s worth checking out.  Tumblr ID: 



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Seriously there are some things you really ought to know. I’m not actually referencing the movie, actually I am not even solely referencing white people more like Dear People of Other Ethnicities.

There are somethings that people do that will forever baffle and amuse me, when all acceptable social standards go straight out the window. I am not a person that has very many boundaries, I’m very open because I truly believe what is done is done, there is no changing it so why be ashamed of it. Grow and move on, that said no having very little boundaries leave me open to absolute foolishness.

  1. Weaves: Dear People of other ethnicities every time my hair changes in length, color, texture or style does not mean that you can touch it to “see” how it feels (since when does sight translate to touch, Unless your blind than you get a pass) or that I have some miracle growth secret that I am not sharing. How about it well past time for you to understand that a weave is hair that can be added to your own to create a different style or to create a desire effect to the outside world. It’s really not a secret or something that even deserves a state of awe. The weave barrier was unanimously broken back in the 80”s with Bo Derek! You can get one too. Lol
  2. Gluteus Maximus a.k.a the butt: Dear People of other ethnicities, I am sorry that your European descendants did not have the genes that enable present day you to have a gloriously defined rear-end. For many years I thought you were ok with it, your self-esteem as high as your self-righteous behavior that led many of you to take over lands that weren’t yours to take. You made video after video after video about “Buns of Steel®” and you made the world the world idolize images of very slim to down-right skin and bone women the norm of adoration but yet in still we now find ourselves going to extremes to have (lord only knows what) inject into that area to give the yourself the look of having an enviable ars. Please stop! It really isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, have a big behind cause strain to your lumbar system and makes having a preferred posture that much harder. Plus shopping is not as much fun when you have a size 12 bottom and a size 8 waist (Thank God for spandex and workout clothes). download
  3. Love the skin you’re in. Nothing is worth increasing your chances of getting melanoma. (That is all on that one)
  1. All in or just support: Rachel Dozier lived by that motto, she was so all in she must have forgotten her parents were still alive and very white. Listen we absolutely love sharing everything about us, we are a proud mix of nationalities. Whether we be African, Caribbean, Asian, Mexican, …the list goes on and one, we in many cases are very far removed from our roots, so we rejoice in any opportunity to share and celebrate that which makes us who we are, but that should never come at the expense of losing your real identity. Refer to # 3! Stand with us and make the nation better but please do it as you, even if that does mean you are pale, flat- bottomed and without ability to change your hair on a whim. I really do love you as you are (so does that Man/Woman above).

I think that covers for today…oh, oh no wait I got one more

  1. Dear People of my shared ethnicities: please stop doing all of the above in reverse. We were not born with the ability to be blonde, so stop dying and killing your hair trying to emulate a color not naturally known to us. Although I love a good highlight, in my opinion we took the definition of that and applied it too liberally, it was to be an accent to accentuate our personal attributes.
  2. Be proud of the varying hues of brown we do own, stop shaming one another because ugly covers all colors and looks especially horrible in you!

Ok that’s it for real this time.

If you only take one thing from all of the foolishness I wrote above, take this. Be proud to be who you are. Nothing is changing your DNA.

This was not intended to offend any nationality, if I have done so please take this as an apology and as a suggestion you seek counseling and get a life (JK).

Hey fam! Last week I talked about how Georgia is trying to pick and choose who they do business with. Guess what? It seems that North Carolina did something just as bad.

The city of Charlotte had passed an ordinance which would have expanded civil rights protections to transgender people using the bathroom that aligned with their gender identity. The State of North Carolina basically felt Charlotte was not within its rights to write such an ordinance.

Gov. Pat McCory

Gov. Pat McCory

Governor Pat McCrory  decided to write a new law that bars local government from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people. This law bans transgender people from using public bathrooms according to their gender identity.

So who else is against this? Per Washington Post “San Francisco mayor bars city workers travel to North Carolina over transgender bathroom law” by Niraj Chokshi; the city of San Francisco. The mayor, Ed Lee is banning “any publicly-funded City employee travel to the State of North Carolina that is not absolutely essential to public health and safety”

American Airlines, Apple, Duke University, IBM, Facebook, Google, Lowes, Microsoft, the National Basketball Association and Wells Fargo have all made it known how they feel. Oh yeah North Carolina is scheduled to host the 2017 All Star Game. So let’s see what happens.

Now earlier this week Pla talked about how Microsoft basically struck out with having these scantily clad women showing their software to get to the geeks. Well they struck out with the female demographics because they neglected them. But anyone can make a mistake right? Well let’s talk about two in one week.

Microsoft twitter profile pic

Tay  Microsoft twitter profile pic

Yup ol Microsoft decided to use a bot to tweet on Twitter. Her name is Tay. The longer Tay stayed on Twitter the sassier and racist she became. Tay was supposed to be used for entertainment and chatting with the 18-24 year olds. Well by the end of the day Tay had announced she was tired and signed off. Some people enjoyed the fact that they could make “her” racist. So Microsoft I think you need to slow your roll. It seems as if you don’t talk or test enough before going live. But hey who am I?

Now the last story I wanted to talk about well is kind of funny! At least to me. So the students at Emory University woke up to seeing support for Trump written on the stairs. This apparently “frightened” the students. Now before we go any further, I want you to be aware that this didn’t say anything about anyone in specific and it wasn’t written in blood. It was written in CHALK!!

stairs at Emory

That’s right written in chalk. Seriously there has never been anything so threatening as to see someone write “Trump 2016” in chalk. As Mike Yard said on one of my favorite shows, The Nightly Show, all you have to do is throw some water on it and the threat is gone.

A student decided to write about it in the Washington Post and say that it wasn’t about the chalk. It was more about how it made her feel. Well I can understand that being a POC. Although I have had similar things happen to me, they all happened when I was a child. I went to a parochial school from K-6th grade and I was one of 2 POC in my class. So let’s face it I heard the N word almost every day before and after mass. Maybe this is a sign of how thin skinned some people are. Words can incite and make you fearful but it’s up to you to use your inner strength. Remember sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Before I start this blog about our beloved “menace to society” Mr. “Katt Williams”, the ladies of “I’m Simply Saying” would like to send our condolences to the family of Malik Taylor a.ka. Phife Dawg a.k.a co-founder of “A Tribe Called Quest“. “You sir”, will be truly missed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.08.59 PM

Now back to the subject in hand . . .

As of late, “I” as well as “everyone” else isn’t understanding Katt William’s recent actions. We all know that Mr. Williams isn’t a “stranger” to trouble, and have mentioned his “outlaw behaviors” in some of his stand-up acts. But his patterns after incidents have always been. . .  to disappear out of the spotlight for awhile. But lately, his behavior has been a little disturbing; and confusing.  Ever since Katt “tweeted”  his hatred and/or dislike for Kevin Hart and even challenge him (Kevin) to a “battle” of wits, it appears that Mr. Williams “just” doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Proverbs 16: 27 . . . “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.” 

In the past several months, Katt has been arrested twice in Georgia, testing the patience of the “peach” state and now . . . “he’s caught on video getting handled by a 7th grader”?! Really Dude? I guess the biggest question is “Why are you hanging around 12 and 13 year-olds? Or better yet, “Why did you “Katt” sucker- punch that child any ways?” Am I the only one who thinks this dude needs to be evaluated for mental issues? Honestly, this “whole” incident reminders me of some type of sitcom episode or something . . . but sadly, it’s real.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.53.56 AM

The word on the street (Huggy) is that Katt was playing soccer with a group of kids in Atlanta, this youngster “gotten up in his (Katt’s) business, and was aggressive”. That’s  when is Mr. William sucker-punched the child, and  in return the “child”, handled his business by placing Katt into a choke hold. One thing I can say about Mr. Williams is this . . . he’s not afraid of embarrassment,  because that incident was caught on video. For folks who wondered why this grown man was fighting a child . . . don’t fret, because”the police” is on it!! They’ve viewed the video, and is looking to see if Katt violated (Once Again) any of his bail conditions from previous arrest charges.

Simply put . . . Katt is losing or have lost his mind . . . And the “whole” world is watching. Now I don’t know if he’s testing that “Cats have 9 lives” theory (Although he’s human), but if this dude doesn’t get help mentally and/or emotionally soon . . . Then “his” life whether it be factual or myth, will come to abrupt halt; and no one be surprise . . . at ALL.