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Since we are rapidly approaching the season for giving, and to be honest, receiving, I thought I’ll share this story about hope and well . . . a way to not have to pay rent.

Apparently Ms. Xiao Yun found a way to live both rent and family free. In 2005, Ms. Yun’s family reported her missing and presumed that she (Xiao) was dead. But to their surprise, their long lost daughter wasn’t dead, but has been living in various “Internet cafes” in the neighboring city called Hengdian. How ingenius is that? And if you look at it from a point of commonsense, this girls action was bit “selfish” as well.

As reported by Huffington Post, this chick left her home at the age of 14,  due to the argument between her and her mother. Come on son?! What happen to arguing with your parents, storming off to your room and “dissing” them on social media. Wait, was social media even around then? I’m sure cellphones was the back in the day (Gosh, I sound old and corny right about now). Anyhow, Ms. Yun who’s now 24 was able to live under the radar by hanging out in Internet cafes, and at times working  in  those cafes for money to help with her online video game addiction. But mostly, Xiao “gig” was relying on hand-outs from kindly strangers.


                     Photo by: Visionshare 

What’s ironic about this story, is how Xiao Yun’s family received the news that their daughter was still alive. It appears while on the streets, Xiao also learned the trade of stealing, and used a “stolen” credit card at a near by Internet cafe to feed her, you guess it . . . online video addiction. The police contacted her family to say  “she’s ALIVE”! And arranged the reunion. At first,  Ms. Yun refused to meet with her parents. . . Ahh . . . she’s was still salty, uh? But, with a little prodding, she caved and the reunion happened. Yeah! On a positive note, Xiao fine only cost her $156, but what’s money when you got your parents back.

See folks, at times I can blog a “feel good” story.  But . . . I betcha’ Xiao’s mom is going to piss her off  once again, and she (Xiao)  maybe at a cafe near yah’. So watch your credit card.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pla’s Thoughts


Black Movies

Why are black produced films so painful to watch? No it’s not all of them but it’s enough for me to write this post!

So every now and then I feel the need to binge watch Black produced and cast films, and of the 10 that maybe available I find that the acting of only 2 maybe three of them are up to classic standards. Black women in my opinion are powerful actors and actresses but it seems that their timing, punchlines, and effort are all off when being cast in black films.

It’s like watching a stage play that isn’t a stage play. Here’s the thing…you may think I’m poking fun but I’m not.

This a serious question, I really want to know. Help me fans of IMSS.

Here’s a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Black CoffeeBlack-Coffee-poster

The Ideal Husband9755e11ebe3f0c4893c8ee21370dac4a

The Marriage Chronicles

Preacher’s kid

Man of her dreams

Love Chronicles

The Great Divide51uqA5oBoIL._SX200_QL80_

…yes these are all Darrin DeWitt/Clifton Powell films but they seem to subscribe to them all

Mind you I’ve watched them all, not because I heard about them or was interested but because I do believe in supporting the black film movement so that we can all share in the pride of the Viola Davis Emmy moments but seriously who are we going to get there is our own movies are lacking a showcase of our true talent just so that they can get the movie made under or within budget and straight to DVD count.

Personally I really want to so us shine, and not be comparable to the Sci-fi late night time fillers. We are better than they give us credit for, it’s well past time for us to show it!

…this has been my black power movement for the year

P.S. gone make that money but don’t let the money make you (Players club or as close as the quote as I can get without sounding completely uneducated)





I will not sneak out of the house.

I will not sneak out of the house.

I will not sneak out of the house.

Shhh…don’t tell my sister I’m writing to you. I’m on punishment. I understand why but I don’t like it.

This is what happened. We went over to the house to do some stuff. We realized that there wasn’t anywhere to sit so my sister went to the porch to get a chair. I followed her as usual. I was trying to tell her I needed to go out. Well, she wanted to move the chair first before letting me go. So when the door opened and she picked up the rocking chair, I snuck out behind the chair
To be honest I actually thought she saw me. I waited for her (so what if it was only a second, the point is I waited). Then I casually walked around the back yard. (I know my color blends in with the fall colors). When I walk slowly; you can’t really see me. I was in super stealth mode. I decided to check out the neighborhood. The next thing I knew I smelled this great smell. It was indescribable but I just had to have it on me. So, I did what we dogs do best. I rolled around in it. Not only did I roll in it I made sure that some of it was on me. I mean to me it was like cologne. I felt extra handsome with this scent on me.

All of a sudden I hear my name. Jax! Jaaaax! Jax here boy! Rut roh. Really she calls me now? I hadn’t finished putting my “cologne” on. Plus I wasn’t ready to come back yet. So I let her call me a few more times. I finished getting a good schmear on me and I headed back to the house.

Unfortunately, I didn’t time my walk back because she saw me. I was hoping she would be in the front yard and not in the back. She saw me taking my time coming which I thought made her a little angry. I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to be out a little longer. When I got closer I could see her smiling. She picked me up and told me how she thought I was gone. I felt bad because I didn’t think about that.

As she hugged me, she smelled my cologne and calmly told me that because I was dirty I had to get a bath. A WHAT?! A BATH?! SERIOUSLY?! She doesn’t like my cologne? I think it smells very manly! I don’t think she realizes how hard it is to find a scent like this. Not only was she telling me about the bath but she called Mom up and told her what I did. Mom sounded disappointed because she wanted to see me. So I’m on her list.

After my bath, I fell asleep as usual. When I woke up my sister told me that since I snuck out my punishment was I had to write five hundred times “I will not sneak out of the house”. Seriously, why do I have to write? She said I could type. I think she forgot that all I have to do is type it once and hit copy once and paste 499 times. I mean I really don’t have time for this. I have things to do. You know like napping, looking for people to pet me and tell me how good I look. Well I better finish my punishment. Peace out!


CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Lynda Alley for winning Adele’s “25” album!

Folks, “we” the ladies at “I’m Simply Saying” really enjoyed having this contest and would like to “thank” everyone who participated.  HINT . . . “Tis the SEASON” for giving, so stay connected by continuing to visit our blog site.  Who knows what “Santa” may have in his gift bag this upcoming Christmas.

Folks . . . I don’t know what we’ve done (Especially the Ladies) to be blessed with such gifts . . . . but, Yeah! ! So, I was standing in the check-out line, minding my “own business” when something so “great”, “glorious”, and “freakin’ fantastic” caught my eyes (Even with glasses).  And “what” you may wonder. . .  well, see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.18.15 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.18.39 PM

Yasss!! And you’re WELCOME!

Now that I have your undivided ATTENTION . . . wait for it . . . You have


Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.24.19 AMUnknown


Left to enter for a chance to win  Adele’s “25” album! So folks . . . what are you waiting for?! You and a private concert featuring Adele (metaphor), is a great way to bring in the Holidays . . . don’t you think? So ENTER . . . please!

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 2.20.08 PM