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So every other week I go through my office and place business appropriate comic printout on random co-workers door in an effort to lighten their and other moods around them.

The first time I did it there were lots of questions, like …“Who put this on my door? What is this supposed to mean?  and Boy this is me, how did you know?

I laughed silently to myself and enjoyed the chatter, the second time I did it I wasn’t as secretive at all. I let it be known that I chose these comics carefully and that my sole intent was to take some of the stress they wear on their faces and make it go away, if only for 2 minutes a day.

The next week I placed three jars in front of my desk and filled them with candy, all sorts of candy…pixie sticks, starburst, gummy worms and others that bring instant smiles to their faces.

When my co-workers finally realized the lengths I had gone through for their entertainment, one by one they asked why?

It was then that I was able to let me true intention be known. You see I took this job because of the friendly environment I witnessed when I was just a temp. All day you would here laughter and conversation from different subsets of people and I was impressed at the overall sense that people there might actually enjoy working here.

Upon being hired I found that my earlier impression was indeed true albeit a little askew. There was lots of laughter, and conversation but it was amongst like-minded groups instead of across the board.

So when asked why I was doing the things I had done my answer was simple. It’s because it made you come down to my office and speak to me. J

We can become very isolated people if left on our own. We go into survival mode so effectively and have become so dependent on technology that we forgot to miss human contact. We forget the benefits of actual conversation and touch. We forget that it takes a neighborhood and sometimes a nation to create effective change.


So why not follow the principals of love and share a hug, a smile or a coffee with someone you don’t know. Help someone else just because you can, and instead of writing a note that will undoubtedly be on the internet within minutes of it being written, just commit an act of kindness and walk away.

Be the person you wish to be every day and life itself will be the reward.

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Do you remember the movie “Freaky Friday”? No matter which version it all came to the same conclusion. The daughter learning, what it’s like to be her mom and deal with all of her stressors and vice versa. Well that’s what is like having to be a caregiver for your parent.

The other day my mom had a mini stroke (T.I.A=Transient Ischemic Attack). She has had these before but not in a while. How do you know if your family member is having one?

Well in most situations they tell you to have the family member smile. If they don’t give you a full smile, this is a sign. Another sign is their speech. This is the sign mom showed. She was trying to say something but what came out was garbled. Ask simple questions like, name, address, month, day, year; president; their date of birth.

If they can’t remember this info and they normally could; call 911 immediately. It’s better to have EMS assist you with bringing your family member to the hospital, if something happens they will be able to assist her en route.

Luckily, mom was ok for the most part. The doctor agreed she had a T.I.A. Her blood sugars had increased but have since remained in regular numbers.

What was learned from this experience? First of all I’m glad that I listened to the PSA’s that they have on the radio regarding stroke warnings. Now I’ve decided to pass that on to y’all. So I beg of you to keep this in mind to help your family members.

Sudden numbness/weakness of face, arm, or legs especially; on one side of the body.
Sudden confusion, trouble speaking, and/or understanding
Sudden trouble seeing out of both eyes
Sudden trouble walking dizziness loss of balance or coordination.
Sudden severe headache with no known cause

These are other signs specific to women:
Loss of consciousness or fainting.                               Hallucination
General weakness.                                                          Nausea/vomiting
Difficulty or shortness of breath.                                 Pain
Confusion, unresponsiveness or disorientation.      Seizures
Sudden behavioral changes                                          Hiccups


Please remember these or print them out and carry it with you.
Thanks to for the info.

So I saw this video on Facebook early this morning and whereas I normally bypass such things, I am such a sucker for kids that I chose to watch this one. The video begins with a plump face little girl looking at two dolls, one white and one black, both dressed in nothing more than a diaper and both similar in nature. Neither has hair, both have two eyes , a nose and a mouth, neither has clothes on, so all in all they are ordinary baby dolls (they show you the dolls feature towards the end of the 2 minute video).

In the video the person (unseen) ask a small variety of children (all appearing to be less than 5yrs old) both girls and boys different questions about the dolls, asking the children to point to the doll that best answers the question ask… the questions range from what doll is prettiest, which doll is nice, which doll is bad, which doll is white or black, etc… the overwhelming response for each kid (as least as far as their edited version shows us) is that the white doll is the better doll, nicer doll, etc. and the black doll is not.

Now on the feed that I saw this video has garnered approx. eight thousand viewers and five thousand comments, many people commenting how this made them cry, feel bad, confused, blah, blah, blah…you get the jest, but not one person took responsibility for the response of these children or their own. Many people had an opinion much like a**holes as usual but no one admits to readily identifying with how these children see things. So let me just be clear, I am saddened by this video as well but for a different reason, I am saddened because these innocent children don’t know why they see white as good and black as bad. All they know is what they have been feed and heard visually and familiarly.

The reason shows like Sesame Street, Caillou, Gem, My Little Pony,  Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and the like were successful and have had such long running times as they do is because they had the best and purest perspective intended for children. They operated with an unbiased perspective, problem were introduced and discussed in a child appropriate manner, and color wasn’t ever an issue unless you consider having Muppets and cartoon characters the colors of Crayola’s best product a bad thing. Children that grow up in a less advance environment (by less advanced I don’t mean lacking in resources, I mean children that grow up being children, not subject to adult matters and language and violence) didn’t know that people weren’t green or purple or that cookie monster, the Easter bunny and Santa Clause aren’t real.

Children especially the smaller ones believe that everyone is the same and that we are all black and we are all white, and green and purple just in different shades of it. There is no color just difference sun exposure, and that dates back to the earliest of desegregation.  As noted in stories such as I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and There Eyes are Watching God and Imitation of Life, children don’t know that are different until someone else points it out to them. At that one pivotal point is when children seek to understand what makes them different, what makes life more possible for some and not for others.

Not until then do they know that the world is separated by color and class. At that time is when we as their protectors, providers, and first line of education and defense, we are responsible for enforcing their identity and solid and beautiful and one without limits. All of which we have resoundingly failed to do. The current state of our children is bleak, the hold few values, they don’t possess the self-esteem needed to truly go against the grain, the seek to assimilate rather than stand alone. They envy whatever is opposite of themselves, which translate to the public that they do not feel comfortable with themselves, they don’t think they are worthy of being praised. This is what hurts me; this is what makes me sad.

This video should be/ have been as much is a trigger to the world and especially to mothers as Sandra Brown, as Ferguson, as the events of September 2011, as any other social injustice our nation has suffered. We need to fix each other, fix our children, and fix our nation.  We need to do and be better as a people.  So let’s start with our children and wok towards a better tomorrow, or you could dismiss this thought as a crazy middle age lady looking for a possible utopia.

Either way as a friend of mine says every time he leaves “Peace and Blessings to you”.

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What’s on this  “scarecrow’s” mind? . . . .Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.46.39 PM

I know that by now, everyone (or maybe some, I don’t know) has heard about this Ashley Madison fiasco, which is crashing and/or destroying marriages & relationships around the world.

Ashley Madison is this website that’s based out of Canada which allow folks who are either married or in a committed relationship to hook-up supposedly “anonymously” (But for a fee of course). Recently, the site was hacked into and millions of names were released, exposing folks who used this site.  This is how that “Josh Dugger” dude got caught once again, in another scandalous escapade. I mean come on, do you need more disgraceful acts listed on your resume’, seriously? I’m sure that other known names will be “highlighted” in bright yellow and released for public ridicule eventually too.

But honestly, what caught my attention to this whole mess were the suicides that may or may not have been related to this Ashley Madison chaos.

The New York Daily News reported that a San Antonio police captain name Michael Gorhum committed suicide last week after his email was reported being part of that massive list leaked. From my understanding, the “leaked list” included the customer’s “ email address, phone number, payment information as well as their “sexual preferences”.  It’s “unclear” whether the Captain was actually using the website himself, although his email address domain ( was identified. Or whether his “suicide” is  related to the Ashley Madison data breach at all. Besides the Texas incident, another high-ranking law enforcement officer in Canada committed suicide as well.

OK peeps, let’s pump those brakes for a minute, shall we? Really, suicide? Come on! I don’t care how bleak one’s life may seem at times, it shouldn’t be that serious to want to end it, should it? I thought life was about making mistakes  and learning from them, correct?(Although the Ashley Madison debacle is a pretty big and embarassing mistake) Lord knows, I’m constantly learning and “He” knows that my first mistake of the day is made within the 5 minutes of me waking up. Like everyone else, I have my bleak days,so many that I can’t count that high but I also have faith that better days will come (Despite my sarcastic ways). I guess what I’m saying is this: In life, when we experience bumps  in the road, whether they are big or small, we should lift up our shoulders as well as our head and recite, “This too, shall pass”.



Hey Peeps,

In this world of information that we live in, it has become “extremely” difficult to stay positive; especially since this massive wave of “Trump-izm” has monopolized us with mounds of his stupidity. Short of me taken some type of anti-depressant to just survive all this nonsense, “I” being the dedicated soldier that I am, crawled through the trenches to scoop up just a little ray of sunshine to bright someone’s day. I’ve compiled a list of 5 “quick shout-outs” that isn’t infested with “Trump” and thought I share (Besides, I’m experience a case of Insomnia, was bored and had nothing else to do at 3:30am).

So here we go . . .

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.24.09 AM “Quick Shout-Out”  goes to  . . . Michael Vick for getting a one-year deal with the Pittsburg Steeler (I’ve always liked that team and it’s Owner). The 35 year-old quarterback with play backup to Ben Roethlisberger

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 4.02.10 AM



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“Quick Shout-Out” goes to the “3 Zip Codes” in US that didn’t have anyone with an  Ashley Madison account. And those lucky “3 Zip Codes” where Nikolai Alaska (Population 94),  Perryville Alaska (Population 113) and finally, Polvadera New Mexico (Population 269). God Bless America!


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“Quick Shout-Out” goes to both Drake and Serena Williams who tried to be “sneaky with their kissy” and got “caughty” with a picture taken by someone’s cellphone. And I  honestly could  care “lessy”.

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“Quick Shout-Out” goes out to Jax’s new blog photo (He’s such a DIVA)



And Lastly . . . .

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“Quick Shout-Out” goes to “us”, “I’m Simply Saying”  for returning back with a new look and attitude. Yeah!