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So this morning I was thinking about all of the most recent headlines I’ve read online and heard on the news. Nothing extraordinary jumped out at me…more like I noticed that just like in Law and Order the tagline to life could be “The names and faces of the following have been changed”. That is our everyday, some child has been injured or killed due to negligence and a general lack of supervision and parenting, someone has killed someone else over a dumbass dispute that in the end wasn’t worth either of their lives being ended earlier than the lord intended, or some politician or high profile person said or did something stupid, for which they apologize profusely for after the fact, as if that would really make their words disappear.  Then I went to the bathroom and handled my business. Sometime between entering the restroom and leaving it a pungent while late, reality hit me hard.

Life is a collection of sh*t, that we all must endure, while we individually trying to make the stank smell like roses and potpourri. Every person on the planet is filled with crap, if they are lucky, each day they will divest themselves of some of it but inevitably it will have to be done daily in order to feel a sense of balance and refreshed. Physicians will tell you that a person’s body should pass stool up to three times a day according to WebMD, when the body fails to do so a person feels bloated, sluggish, and basically icky. This is a natural process the body goes through to rid itself of impurities and unnecessary waste, seems reasonable right. Seems to me that I should do the same with the rest of my life but how does a person rid themselves of the sh*t of life.

How do you rid yourselves of the bad news, bad Chee, bad karma that we all surround ourselves with on a daily basis. How do you rid your eyes of the images of women and men who lack basic respect for themselves and those around them? How do you cleanse your ears of the disrespect, negativity and vemon our nation’s representative through around at the country’s highest representative of government? How do you wash away the taste of the words we spew at each other in times of anger and pain? How should we all go about ridding ourselves of life’s sh*t?

Obviously if you have ever read one of my blogs, you already know I will not pretend to answer these questions. I believe that my goal is to ask the questions and hopefully provide you with a little food for thought.

I want people to think of their impact on the world, are they the sh*t takers or sh*t givers and once you’ve decided  on that, when is enough enough. Afterall there are only so many artificial cans of spray you can use before it all becomes toxic.

Happy cleansing <3


c jenner  Caitlyn Jenner has gone on record to say that in her heart she has always been exactly who she appears to be today; but her love of fame, fortune and family kept her concealed within herself for most her life.

On the other hand, Dylann Roof believed that it took love and dedication from him to start a war that would be a catalyst toward cleansing the world and making it a more perfect picture, one that would make man/woman in his image appear dominant and true.

The love of self, heritage and often times those we grew up and were influenced by all play a part in our bigger decision in life and good or bad it is from that love that we make most of our decisions and act out our inner most desires.

For whatever the reason, we as a nation tend to pick and choose a race or a particular brand of people/religion to display the ugliest parts of our soul but have you ever wondered what the truth source of these feel are.

I wonder how many people really know their heritage, how many people have chosen to believe the hype.

Did you know that the earliest signs of homosapien existence herald’s from the Middle East and Africa. There is no such thing as black or white, we are labeled according to and solely by the count of melanin in an individual’s skin.hl-ancient-egypt-makeup

Man began to branch out all over the world in efforts to establish something they could call their own and in doing so their bodies, minds, hair and temperament change to suit that of their new

Every person born of natural selection and mating practices of Africa and Middle Eastern descent, so what make you love me less?

Why am I less than you, why not love me and in doing so learn to love the better parts of you.

Why do we fight the possibility of loving each other, why do we cling to hatred like a new born to their mother’s breast?

What makes a person despise another so much that it makes them want to ruin and end their own existence. Do they not see how their actions affect us all.

Why do we not love ourselves.

We strive for a state of perfection that doesn’t exist and we pigeon hold each other to unreasonable standards in order to make us feel better about how shitty our own lives are.

If Love transforms than it is safe to assume that Hate condemns.

We mar and mark our bodies in efforts to belong, we poison or skin in effort to disguise, we color our head in order to hide the roots of our being

Pop culture is the songs of youth screaming and preening in an effort to be heard and loved.

We are now asexual, pan sexual, bisexual, transsexual and a moral…all in efforts to be adored by someone. One person that will see and accept us through and through.

With all this sex, and sexual annotation to a person you would think we’d be to busy getting busy too be planning methods of attack against mankind.

We become parents as soon as we can, not because a person bears a darker hue of skin but because we are in a perpetual state of yearning.

Yearning to be accepted and adore by another.

What will it take to turn the page?

I recently visited an area that so thinly disguises their hostility for the end of segregation the whole state is hot with the contempt the people hold for anyone with a tan let alone seen as colored. Where slavery is showcased as a business to be displayed and used to remind the masses of what they see as a better time.civil-war

We ask ourselves should public displays of ignorance still be on display today, what we should want to know is when we we learn to love ourselves as God loves us.


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While growing up, I remembered seeing churches being burned in Connecticut. There were different denominations involved. Watching the parishioners there, not know what to do, the feeling of helplessness. That feeling returned as I watched Thursday morning’s news. I couldn’t nor did I want to turn away from the information. At one point I was switching channels from CNN to MSNBC to TVONE and back. I read Twitter too to see what was going on.


During one news report it was stated that there was a 5 year old that survived this shooting by playing dead. I could feel tears fall from my eyes leaving a hot trail for others to follow. The thought of a 5 year old, losing her innocence because of a terrorist that came into the church. A 5 year old that should have been learning about the bible and praying. She shouldn’t have been introduced to this terrorist, who after bible study decided to take her childhood innocence by having her experience the piercing sounds of bullets ripping through flesh of those around her. To lay there with eyes shut and remain quiet during all the chaos while lying underneath her grandmother.

We then find out that Rev. Senator Clementa Pinkney’s wife and child were in another room. His wife heard the shots, called 911, shut the lights off and covered her child. This child’s innocence was also taken away. Yes, she held her mother but to know that the sounds she heard were the sounds of her father and her church family being murdered. The terrorist murdered her father; not allowing him to celebrate Father’s Day.

At the hearing Friday, this terrorist, heard from different family members of the people he murdered. The majority of them stated that they forgive them and they couldn’t let hate win. One family member admitted to being angry. Although none of the people killed are direct family members of mine, I admit that I too, am angry. I’m angry with the fact that although he didn’t murder the children, he did murder their innocence. It’s been said that because they received help after the shooting they should be alright. I pray that this is true.


The fact is they were there. The fact is if the terrorist wasn’t they wouldn’t have gone to MUSC for evaluation. The fact is this terrorist not only murdered nine people but he murdered the innocence of these beautiful children.

pictures used with the written consent of Adrian Franks


I am a woman who doesn’t lack, let’s say “attention on top” (Yep, Grandma blessed all her daughters with such a lovely trait), so I never had the desire to alter what was naturally given to me. But I’m also a person who doesn’t “judge” (At least not all the time) those who want to insert objects in their bodies for need of beautification or society acceptance. But when you use your “body modification” for evil instead of enjoyment, then that opens the door of “judgement-ville” baby.   So before “I shall proceed ~The Roots”, I must present y’all with a “DISCLAIMER” moment. Drumroll please . . .

Disclaimer Time

We, the bloggers of IMSS do not encourage drug usage as well as drug trafficking; unless it’s a prescription drugs being transported from a pharmacy to a safe location  like Home. Now to think of it,  I guess we do support drug usage and trafficking. Scratch that!

We, the bloggers of IMSS, do not seek the embarrassment of folks ignorance. As a matter of fact, “we” try our best to stay away from such subject’s matters. But since stupidity is readily available to us consistently, “avoidance” is not an option. And hey, “stupid” folks what to be talked about too, right?

Shall I begin? Well, this latest story takes place in a “Colombian” airport where 22-year-old passenger Paola Deyanira tried to smuggle at least 3.3 pounds of liquid cocaine in her wait for it . . .”BREAST implants”. Tada!!

“The Guardian” reported that Paola was trying to reach her destination of “ Barcelona Spain” when she was observed acting nervously and having weird looking breasts (We all know “her” strange but large looking breast caught their (male officers) attention first and not her “weirdness”); which flagged her to be monitored throughout the airport. After questioning Ms. Deyanira, it was determined that she (Paola) be taken to a clinic for examination. The liquid drug (cocaine) was discovered and the value of said drug was worth at least $47,000. Ms. Paola must have wanted that money badly because her breast implants was done in a make-shift clinic (Her surgeon probably was the cousin of the drug Kingpin) which later, caused her an infections and she (Paola) had to be treated.

Although this “smuggling method” is new to me, apparently it’s not “new” to these ingenious “smugglers”. The Daily Mail reported that other implants such as “butt implants” is being used to carry these drugs as well (From the Rooter to the Tooter). And even though the “danger” bell rings loudly in these folk’s ears, being “caught” or possible “leakage” is worth their “freedom” and/or “life” for that almighty dollar (I haven’t figured out yet how a “dead” person can spend money). Surprisingly this isn’t Paola’s first time trying to smuggle drugs in her boobies.

By this time I usually have words of wisdom to share for those lost souls who provided shameful entertainment to folks like us with their stupidity. But honestly, I think my wisdom is worth being used on those misguided Republicans candidates (Shout-out to the clowns), then another dumb criminal. Don’t you agree?




So let the sideshow begin.  Hurry, Hurry, step right on in. Can’t afford to pass it by, guaranteed to make you cry ~Blue Magic

What a perfect introduction to the newest “clown” that joined one of America’s biggest circus around which is the “Republican” party; and “no” I’m not talking about “JEB” Bush. I’m talking about the one and only “soft ice-cream” cone head Trump.


Pictures don’t lie (Vanilla favor)

Apparently, Donald aka “I whip my hair back and forward” Trump feels as if he can run “this here country” (I’m using my southern voice with a toothpick in mouth) and made his ridiculous “announcement” today at the “Trump Towers”.  And just incase you didn’t hear him say it,  old “Surf board wave hair” tweeted it as well.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.30.02 PM

DISCLAIMER: This is the only time a “Trump” tweet will appear on this blog . . .Oh wait, scratch that, he’s an idiot and running for President. . . On with the TWEETS!

“Kangol hat wearing” Trump stated that his reason for running wasn’t solely on him being the most annoying piece of crap in the USA, or even trying to dethrone Sarah Palin for being the world biggest loser, but simply the following . . . .

Our country needs a truly great leader, and we need a truly great leader now.

As if that pathetic statement or the man that’s running isn’t laughable enough, “Inquistr” reported that , “Whimsical hair” Trump flaunted his wealth around by bragging that his Guuci store is worth more then Romney and that “he” (Trump) don’t need no stinkin’ campaign money from donors to fund his “comedy show”, I mean presidential run. Why??? Because “I’s rich, yes sir!cars5

Of course Trump’s uneventful, un-educational rhetoric that he spoke at this “I’m coming out”, I mean “announcement” said the same old thang; from president bashing, appealing Obamacare, building borders to a-lot-of yada, yada, yada and blah, blah, blah. And just incase y’all forget who Sir “So Let-it Whip” Trump was, your “Greatness” reminded everyone just how excellent of a business man he is and “surely” that’s a positive attribute of being “President”, right?

Well folks, all I can say is I can’t wait to watch “Bill Maher” now (Shameful plug! HBO, Friday nights at 10PM EST). I feel a continuation of the “orangutan” jokes ‘comin‘.