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What this world coming too, when all we do is fuss and fight” ~Michael Pla and Open Mind (One of the Greatest Band ever. Waiting for the tour you guys).

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I’ve come to the realization that the value of a penny is worth more then a person’s life.   By me being a woman, I understand the importance of appearances; especially ones hair. I’ve been natural my whole life and probably went to a stylist at least a couple of times (Hey, don’t judge me. I had aunts and trustworthy friends who did the job just fine), but when I allowed . . . wait trusted someone with my hair, I saw it like flying on a plane. Once you are up in the air, you basically have to trust the pilots, do a lot of praying and hope that everything will be fine.

Granted, my theology maybe simple and a bit naïve to some, but “I” Pla’s Thoughts aren’t facing a possibly prison sentencing for acting on stupidity like New Yorker Cheryl Lynn. As reported on, Ms. Lynn allegedly stabbed her hairdresser because she did a botched job to her hair. Apparently, the lady in question (Cheryl) ran into her hairdresser at a party last week (April 22) and the two started arguing about her hairdo (Image that conversation). Cheryl wanted her money back (Really? Did you read the fine print on your receipt?) and the hairdresser most likely told her “no” and went on about her business.

I guess that was unacceptable to Ms. Lynn, and later on that night the two ladies ran into each other once again and started fighting. This time, according to the police news release Cheryl Lynn “allegedly” pulled out a knife and started stabbing her hairdresser in the neck, shoulder and chest before fleeing the scene of the crime (I never understand why folks run, when there are witnesses left at the scene).  Despite her (Cheryl) doing a disappearing act after her “Freddy Krueger” moment, she was  indeed caught on April 28th and charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

This young lady will possibly lose her freedom for a while, because of a bad hairdo.  I guess my question to her  is this  . . . . How bad was the hairdo? It surely “didn’t” keep you from going to that party or walking the streets afterwards. And since you decided to act on “stupidity”, have you ever image what type of “hairdo” you will be receiving behind bars? Ahh, no you didn’t, did cha’?




So I not unlike many other parents of the world love to brag about, talk about and take pictures of my children.

I am so proud of the people that are becoming and very hopeful about all they will accomplish in their lives.

I also like most parents in the world today have had to go it alone for most of their upbringing. Their respective fathers chose themselves rather than to be burdened with committing to a life of hard decisions and sacrifice for the sake of their own flesh in blood. I say this with a dose of respect and admiration for their ability to live such full lives on their own terms. I wish I could have chosen at any point since becoming a mother to be so selfish, to think of myself and to act on my wants and needs first before those of my child. I wish I could have chosen just once to buy myself a cool new pair of name brand shoes instead of buying groceries and clothes for them. I wish I could sit on the sideline and pretend to be judge of the highest court in parenting, whilst the parent that makes the day to day decisions about the life you both created hangs in the balance.

I could wish I had the opportunity to swoop in whenever it was most convenient to my schedule and be the cool mom that hangs out and plays video games. The mom that makes promises that are never kept but somehow always is understood for my shortcomings. Did I miss the shortcut line when I was given my newborn baby at the hospital, was there a fastpass lane I should have stepped into once I singlehandedly pushed out a human being or oh yea, that’s right,  I already too tired from creating said life, to be looking for the door.

Eighteen years is a very long time to be in servitude and the kicker is that is a minimum sentence in parenting. For eighteen years (if you’re lucky) someone or hopefully someone’s get to forgo the fun life, fast cars and hot, insane moment of sweaty, funky, monkey, love in exchange for dirty diapers, school projects, dating anxieties and college preparation, none of which is for self.

So how’s this for a thank you, after all the work is done (well not really done but you have completed your initial sentence) the other guy/gal you laid done and had a good time with at least once and hopefully it was good, comes around and is there all gussied up. Saying how it’s your fault they haven’t been around, how it’s you they’ve been avoiding (financially, morally, physically and parentally) since said child was old enough to form words.  They get to make promises to get together and have lunch, or hey let’s skype or some other form of lax-parenting allowed by this human creature you just finished making into a decent adult-like person.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much such a slap in the face hurts, and how far deep down in your soul that hurt goes.

Parenting is such a thankless job, most parents will tell you they have no idea what they are doing. They just go each day hoping not to break them, hoping they won’t end up in jail, or pregnant, or die. Babies don’t look like they are and will forever be the cause of your greatest stress and angst in life. They are cute and they smell good and their little hands and feet just make you want to eat them up.

Never had I seen the warning sign attached to them, saying they would also be ungrateful, entitled, little vessels of excrements they can be when the mood or better yet when puberty hits them. When they believe they have gotten all they need from you except your money, your car and your eternal forgiveness.

Parenting takes strength and courage, being a parent takes willpower. No one wants to fail at it, we create these people, we love them despite all they do, and they are a part of our very fiber.

So we take the slaps, and crass words and judgement, and we keep turning the other cheek, never letting them know how very much they hurt our soul.

We take the judgement of their lesser half, the lies and the complaints and we keep on keeping on because at the end of the day, they are our flesh and blood. God gifted us this very personal responsibility.

So cheers to all the parents out there, I feel your pain, I know it will but Thank God you’re there. They couldn’t be in this world without you.

God luck

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What constitutes cheating?

Cheating by definition is: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination or to avoid (something undesirable) by luck or skill. (Thanks Google).

But what is cheating in today’s world? So many people make light of sleeping around, flirting or having an open relationship that I am more than a little curious about what the current standards of cheating are.

I recently saw a post on Facebook that was a screen shot of a conversation on someone’s phone. I’m quite sure the man in question had no idea this information had leaked to the social capital of the World Wide Web but anywhoo, the conversation was between two men.  One inquiring to the other if he would see him again, the pursuer had no qualms about the reply he received saying they he was in the company of his girlfriend because he was granted his request to visit under the ruse of being a “friend”.

But then you compare stories like the post fellow IMSS blogger posted about a woman who created a fake profile on Facebook, to befriend and flirt with her husband unbeknownst to him. Carrying on this charade for more than a few days or weeks, her husband actively pursuing this woman despite being married. Making numerous inquiries about seeing her in person, but because she felt so neglected by him at home the wife in question was seeking the approval of the masses to continue her “affair” because as she saw it this is not a form of cheating.

Have we lost all ability to be monogamous?

The internet was probably man’s greatest creation, but because of the internet people are 10x more like to stray away from the family values this country was founded on.

We turn to strangers for affection and acceptance, we look for like-minded souls whim we may never meet to make us feel better in our skin.

We no longer use books or our brains to do the work; we turn to a computer for everything, cheating our families and friends out of companionship, conversations and comfort.

Does that make us a lonelier society, increasing our individual unhappiness? Maybe this is the reason why as a nation we have suffered so many attacks bit domestically and internationally.

Maybe other countries have a standard of care and life that we should examine at a closer level, city wide siestas, long lunches, business meetings that involve a glass or two of wine, dramatic displays of love and affection for whatever or whoever interest you.

Maybe the problem isn’t being monogamous at all, maybe the problem is learning to love self. How can you ever proclaim to love another or what you do with your life if you have no idea what love looks and feels like.

Thereby making it easier to hope from bed to bed or job to job, or whatever because having to commit to anything takes a level of skill, knowledge and admiration but it also take the ability to love who you are, what you have to offer and who you could become whilst involved in the insipid stages of life.

Find the light in your life, commit to making it brighter….find your joy!

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Once again I question not only my sanity but also the sanity of folks that represents what is called “normality or normalcy”. Being an opinionated person like myself (Hey it runs in my family), is it “politically correct” for me to question and/or request answers from folks who society considered “culturally” important? Or should I just embrace the bizarreness and shut-up like a “good little ol’ human being”? Before you ask, “No”, this is not another one of my off-the-wall rants, but a much need observation of “what this world is coming too”.

There was a time that I welcomed the strange and unusual; I embraced it, fed it and housed it in my thoughts for future reference. I’ve even provided a platform for “oddities” to speak with openness; but at this moment, I’m afraid this movement that that I’ve once embraced, have gone, shall I say, “crazy”. It has now left me in a unappreciated and unwanted conundrum. To further explain what I mean, earlier last week the media thought it was important to cover a subjects that they deemed newsworthy. It was Michele Bachman’s statement that President Obama will single handedly bring about “biblical endings” to the world. Yep, you heard me right folks, the world is coming to the end and it’s that black man fault!

As reported on HuffPost Michele Bachmann said in a radio interview (They seldom let those under psychiatric observation out for physical ‘Guest Appearances’) that the rapture is coming thanks to President Barack Obama, his Administration, his policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality (Now this is coming from a woman who husband literally looks and sounds like Richard Simmons).

Whack-a-doo Bachmann  furthered her lunacy to host Jan Markell (I guess she’s the radio personal)by stating the following . . ,

We are literally watching, month by month, the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events. “Barack Obama is intent. It is his number one goal to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon.”

But wait there is more from “If I only had a Brain Bachmann” who also stated that America is being punished  by God because of “embracing a pagan view” by accepting abortion and gay marriage. Question????? “What is a pagan view”? I think the only punishment that we “Americans” are receiving from God is his disappointment of us who’s continuing to provide you “Michele Bachmann a.k.a. “Insane in the Membrane”  a platform to speak you lunacy. If we look into your background and wonder why you aren’t a “Congress Person” anymore, what would we find? Umm…… oh that’s right  . . .this . . . “Michele Bachmann investigated by the Ethics Committee over ‘misuse of campaign funds’ during presidential bid”. 

So before you demand the world to fall on their knees due to the “ending is coming” which was caused by the “black man” and the “pagan embrace”, maybe you should fall on yours knees and actually pray that you aren’t found guilty for “misuse of campaign” funds. I don’t want the world to end and you are stuck in that 12 by 12 or whatever size cell. At least if we all are gone, you can finally be “President” and release your bitterness of not even polling in Iowa while trying to dethrone the “Black man” a.k.a “President Obama” a.k.a “Mr. Two Terms President”.

Now let us pray on that! Unknown


Some of y’all might know this
And some of y’all don’t
Some of y’all might be with this, and some of y’all won’t
But listen, let (us) clear (our) throat ~ DJ Kool


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