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I knew this day would come . . . .  but I couldn’t imagine it happening to someone so young . . . 83 years-old,  my Spock was (Hey, my grandmother lived to be 86. So don’t judge me) Pain . . . . hurt so much . . . my inner “Geek” is grieving now . . . . I want to be alone. . . Lawd! Why Spock? Why not Kirk? Who’s next huh? Betty White . . .Awwwww. . . . Noooooooo!!!




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I loved me some Keith Olbermann, especially when he was on MSNBC (I was sort of a Liberal fanatic back then . . . Ok, I’m still that way). And I actually remembered when he was on ESPN, vaguely but I remembered nonetheless. I must say, for a man who’s knowledgeable in politics, sports and actually had several opportunities in being a commenter in both arenas, “he sho’ like getting suspended a whole lot”. Dang! I didn’t know “Suspension” was fashionable. I thought it was a bad thing; especially when it happened to me (Don’t ask. Lets leave the past the past), but in Keith’s world, it seems constant, an active “verb” in his life.

Can someone, anyone explain how a 56 year-old, Cornell University (That’s the problem, he should have attended “Florida A&M University instead. Go RATTLERS!“) graduate, who’s at least 7 ft tall get suspended, AGAIN! Really, Keith? This time Mr. Olberman was suspended for getting into a twitter war with both Penn State fans and students. Over what you may ask?  Their (PSU) “Annual Pediatric Center” fundraiser as reported by Now, if you know Keith like I do or read Wikipedia (Not just to see if Sinbad (Comedian) or Eddile Murphy is actually dead), then you would know he’s a very outspoken and/or opinionated person when it comes to cancer and how it relates to children. So image some of “his” tweets replies . . . . yeah.

From what I understand, this whole twitter thingy started when a Penn State University student tweeted Mr. Olbermamm a link to their “Four Diamonds Fund for THON 2015” fundraiser and he simply tweeted back with the word “Pitiful”.

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Well apparently Keith’s “Pitiful” didn’t go over well and “ruffled” a few feathers . . . .

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At times Mr. Olbermann can be very “passionate” (Actually “volatile” – that’s my husband’s pet name for me. And it’s not cute) and let his emotions determine his outcome (Whether it’s negative or positive); hence this recent suspension. I must admit, reading some of the tweets I believe that both parties is at fault, but Keith’s let his “volatility” got the best of him and it appears that he (Keith) now “hates or dislike” Penn State University. Maybe Keith should have spent the day preparing for his show instead of being  embroiled in a tweeting battle  with those “twitter twits”. But no,  Mr. Olbermann got himself suspended  by upsetting, offending, irritating, and angering those folks over a topic that wasn’t even job related.

Keith, Keith oh Keith, you should know by now that being a celebrity or public figure, you are always targeted, judged and/or actually tried by folks; especially those who troll “social” media. If that chick sent you a tweet either for fundraiser purposes and/or instigating or baiting you because of your stance in regards to cancer, knowing your volatile nature, you should have just blocked her.

Hey, if you are a person who gets upset if someone looks at you wrong, or drive slow, or don’t have your medicine ready or even mess up your food order just slightly . . .or tweet you a fundraiser flyer, here is a word of advice . . .just IGNORE it! Please!

But look at you now Keith, another suspension (Shaking my head and sighing). You definitely need a “Come On Dog” friend when you see yourself about to mess-up. That person is there to say “Come on Dog, really?” But hey,  I still love yah’ Keith and I’m sending you a big hug.

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 The Kardashians

Who in this day and age hasn’t heard, seen, or been annoyed by the Kardashian clan. You can’t befriend, like or inquire about a single one without getting flooded with images of the others. Many people claim to not like them or be sick of seeing or hearing about their antics but really what would life be without them. Truth be told I admire them individually and as a family unit.

They are a tightknit clan of people and seriously, how do you NOT admire their business sense. Let me inform you exactly why we are Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The Kardashian name has been highlighted since 1994 when her father thrust the family into spotlight. The addition of Bruce Jenner certainly didn’t land them far from the spotlight either. These family seems to unwittingly align themselves with fame and fortune simply by existing and falling in love. Even their tragedies and mistakes have been noteworthy, Kim K managed to make sex a catalyst to individual fame and fortune. I mean really, women have been screwing around for centuries but always in a low-key manner. Once a women’s promiscuity is announced she is usually banished to “visit family far away” or since the days of internet use in the home, she becomes the scandal that everyone will remember forever (insert Heidi Fleiss here). If she’s lucky someone else will do something way worse and her scandal will be replaced by the misery of another women.

Kimberly Noel Kardashian decided not only to own it as a (everybody does it so why am I afraid to claim I had one of the hottest men of 2003 as my boy-toy) natural act between two people, but her mother turn the annoying request to be interviewed into what is now her management career.

Impressive act of notoriety #1, made a stay at home, ex-flight attendant a manager, and producer.

Because of their name and the size of this family that didn’t get the memo to shy away from the limelight, was propositioned to do a reality television show following in the footsteps of their famous friends the Gastineau family in 2004. Kris opened her home up and showcased her blended as an average yet advantaged close knit unit.

Kim’s continued interest in African American men, made her a constant source of interest, and I must admit she has had an awesome list of beau in her life. Damon Thomas, Ray J, Nick Cannon, Kris Humphries and now her hubby Kanye West all of which have proudly claimed to be with her, some have even had repeat performances.

Khloe, Kourtney and Kimberly took advantage of their fame and parlayed that into clothing stores, spin-off shows, modeling and a series of cameo spots on both television and radio shows. Oh and they do have beauty in spades (or better yet in their genes, being of arminian decent rocks!). There striking good looks have been the obsession of many.The-Kardashians

Although Kourtney is seemingly the quieter of the Kardashian clan she also took advantage of her sisters fame and her mother’s business savvy, to open a series of children’s clothing stores and sunless tanner and a book, she has also tried her hand at interior design.

Khloe seems to share her sister’s affinity for African-American men and married Lamar Odom after a few short months of dating.

Rob Kardashian (the baby of the family) also showed an interest in fashion and with the assistance of his unofficial brother in law Scott Disick have launched a high end sock line.

Kylie and Kendall are both high fashion models, requested by some of the hottest designers of our time.

Bottom line, when a family manages to turn one members embarrassing moment and turn it into successful individual careers for all 6 of their siblings and surviving parent you have to respect their conglomerate.

Besides you tell me a single other family (including the Hiltons whose daughter Paris major claim to fame is still being a socialite) who’s done it better.

We talk about them, blog about them, watch them and judge them but at the end of the day (reported at 100 million mid 2014 alone) means they will always be admired by many including me.

I guess sex does sell 🙂

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Let me be the first to say, that “I’m” not a person that stays current with today’s trending topics. And I blame that on my attention span; in other words, if things don’t affect me directly, then I seldom, or “don’t” pay attention to it at all. My days of being a slave to what‘s hip is over; besides there are times that I can’t remember what I had on the day before or if my husband is even in the house half of the time (God, I sound like my mom); so to dedicate myself as a “ride or die” chick for “hot trending topics” is pretty much out of the question (Yeah, I’m blogger). Now for someone, something or anything to even tap into getting my “attention”, it or they would have to either stand out from the rest, be extremely extraordinary, remarkable, sensational, exceptional, weird, green skin, an Alien from Voltron or simply gorgeous! And I do mean G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (Again folks, I’m vain. Hello!) which brings me to this specimen of a man . . . .“Mr. Jason Momoa”.  Before I get emails reminding me that “I’m married” (Don’t hate), let me first say that marriage doesn’t exclude someone, better yet anyone from looking and admiring fine art. Although I’m married to my “Michelangelo’s David” . . . . umm, so is Lisa Bonet!

In my Bernice Jenkin’s voice, “I just found out that Jason Momoa’s is playing Aquaman! Ain’t no body told me nothin’!”



This is Lisa Bonet’s husband (1st: Aquaman and 2nd:Game of Thornes)

When I saw the release photo of DC Comics “Aquaman” played by him and directed by Zack Snyder (I don’t know who he is, thought I should mention him though), “I” right-click my mouse, save and “set” as my desktop background. Yasss!

As reported by Variety “Mr. Momoa”, will also be Snyder’s upcoming film “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and other Justice League films. “Yasss again”! The only tragedy to this blissful story is that “Aquaman” will not be release until March 25, 2016 (WTH). By that time, I hope to be vacationing in Europe with my peeps Veenus In Bloom, Simply Cherita, Collins Journey and Mike Pla of course. But until then, I would like to thank the studio, DC Comics and that Snyder guy for such a great photo.


Such a sad day in the entertaining world . . .such a sad day, I say (Hey I can’t help it when Dr. Seuss channels me. I roll like that). This unnecessary drama all started when the Daily Mail (British Tabloid) reported information from an “inside source” (In other words, snitch, tattle tale, etc.) that Madonna’s new album will not be played on a particular U.K. Radio 1 station. Why? Because she is too “old and irrelevant”. No, Not Madonna! Old? Her? Never! (Hey, we all can’t age well like Prince, Eddie Murphy or any other black man; especially if you a white woman. That’s impossible, right?). So when the “Material Girl” fans heard the injustice that was bestow on her, they fought the only way they knew how . . . that’s right, via Twitter (Hey, it’s cheap, free and you don’t need no PR Firm or Lawyer, okay).

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.00.23 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.02.03 AMAs reported by Daryl Deino at Inquisitr, it appears that once the U.K. Radio 1 station heard the outcries or read the tweets (Which ever one) defending Madonna, they thought it would wise for their spokesperson to put out the following statement.

(NOTE: It’s more effective if you read the statement in a proper British voice . . try it)

First of all, there is no ban on Madonna. Her single ‘Living for Love’ might have been available since December, but the record company didn’t start pushing it until recently. We have played the song — I think more than once. It may not be played a lot on Radio 1 right now and may not be played at all in the future. But to say the song was ‘banned’ is an incredible lie and one that some are pushing to promote an obvious agenda against Madonna.”

But no worries, those Madonna lovers  that live in the old U.S.A. knows how to treat the Material Girl right (I guess, I don’t know. I’m more of a Bjork fan myself). It seems as if, Ms. Madonna, “Living for Love” album has been playing on various radios stations such as KIIS FM in LA, Z100 in New York City and Y100 in Miami Florida (My birthplace); and continually moving up the charts.

As Mr. Deino eloquently summarized this whole awful ordeal,  “It’s quite obvious that the Daily Mail‘s attempt to age-shame Madonna with a possibly false story is “backfiring“. I could not have said it better myself.