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There are many things wrong in the world, which is usually why the Christmas season is so magical.

During this season ordinary people do extraordinary things, they are nice to one another. People are more likely to go out of their way for a stranger, they give of themselves and their assets more during this time of year than any other. There are thousands of stories of selflessness from all around the world, and that’s great but what is it about this particular holiday season that makes people behave as they should all year round? What makes Christmas a season of giving?

Is it because at least 70% of the world’s population believe in the principles of Christianity even if they are not Christians themselves? Or is this a form of salvation or better said second chances, to feel better about the lives they lead?

I happen to live by the principle: do unto others as you would have them do unto you, or in layman terms act in a manner you wish to receive.  Karma is a wonderful thing, at some point everyone in their life begins to fret about their past actions dedicating their current or future selves.

I know this might sound like I’m rambling so let me get to the point, I am saddened by all the reports show on news outlets. Killings of any nature, animals, resources, people (regardless of profession or color) integrity, innocence and personality. Killing of any kind is damning to our souls. Albeit as you grow some actions are purely reflective of the life you lead i.e. a meat eater will eat a slain animal, a child will act out toward another until taught of the negativity of their actions, or a person with no or low self-esteem does not see the beauty inside them or in others. But all those acts are nature versus nurture related, those are all amendable and the first is an action already forgiven by God (as he provided to Adam and Eve the sustenance in which to survive). But it is NEVER ok to kill another person, degrade another to improve yourself, to impose your wishes and desires upon another for any reason.

I would love to live in a world where the Christmas feeling is shared all year long. Where it is no longer extraordinary but ordinary and unmentionable to be kind to those around you whether known or unknown. There is a story circulating right now that is the best example of the world I wish to live in, a crossing guard is seen as a blessing to the community he serves. His tireless effort to protect the children he guides daily regardless of his personal struggles was noted and rewarded by a group of the parents of those children. He gave of himself, so they gave back to him in a time of great need.

To me this isn’t newsworthy per se but it is national news because it is an act of kindness seldom found in our day to day.

So let me tell you what my Christmas wish is for you (the inhabitants of this world) Be kind to one another, teach and show love to all around you, create neighborhoods that are comprised of those how care for every child, that does not accept abuse of any kind, strive for more…better, be respectful to one another, love with an open heart, treat each other as equals regardless of social, political and moral differences.

May the upcoming year (2015) be as good to you as the year of your creation.  For (he) so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that we may find grace and everlasting life in him and through him. (I respect the beliefs of others, so let (he) stand for the name of your choosing, he=God to me.

Happy Holidays to all and a Prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas

Let me be the first to say that “Technology’ is the devil in disguised. I spoke these words to my husband recently and  I’m telling you all here and right now. To quote a famous line from one of my favorite movie “The Usual Suspect”, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.” That particular statement has become so true, my friends. Being a Technology enthuses, I’ve always kept my wits about things and used commonsense when venturing into the Oracle world (I’m having a Matrix moment, so just bare with me). So when Morphesus offered me those pills (red or blue) to choose, I said No to “drugs” (lesson for you kids out there) and took my “One A Day” vitamins instead (Hey, healthy bones is important to a woman my age). So keeping a clear mind like I have, there are things in this world that still shock and surprises me and in return,  have me second guessing my decision on why I passed on not choosing one of those pills (red or blue). Well my friends,  I came across a story that questioned my sobriety once again (I’m still in the “Matrix” moment folks). If you don’t believe me, read further and see for yourself.

This craziness started with this woman in Clearwater Florida, who now faces felony charges for “slapping” her grandmother because granny  denied her “Facebook Friend” request. This past Thursday, deputies arrested Rachel Anne Hayes on aggravated battery charges for slapping her 72-year-old grandmother multiple times.  WFLA in Florida reported that the arrest affidavit indicated that Rachel, was drunk and that played a factor in her assaulting her ol’ granny. The fight started over Rachel’s’ “Facebook Name” (I can imagine what name she called herself) and granny refused to not accept (it’s her right) her granddaughter’s “Facebook Friend” request unless the name was changed. Well Rachel left the house (she should have stayed gone), but came back and continued arguing with granny; then she (Rachel)  up and slapped her several times (What the heck! It’s couldn’t been Pearline or Stafford, I tell yah.). Once granny shook off those blows, she was able to step back from the door and shut it closed on her granddaughter (You go granny!).  Now to add on to Rachel’s already glowing arrest record from her having a DUI, to disorderly conduct (Urinating in Public) arrest, and now assault charges, is the prestigious honor of being called “the worst granddaughter EVER” (Honey, your certificate is in the mail).


Pinellas County Sheriff Office Photo

I remember there was a time, if you even looked at your grandmother funny, you were knocked out for the count. So I can’t imagine hitting anyone, let alone an elderly person for not accepting me over something so “mi nute” as a “Facebook Friend “request, really? And for the record, if drinking causes a person to lash out or perform stupid acts (Ah, like urinating in public or hitting a GRANNY!), then they need to seek help immediately or end up like ol’ Rachel. Seriously folks.


Because Re-blogging is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on…. at least when talkibg about the sextastic 50 Shades of Grey/Blush.

So now that the movie has come out, do you agree with my earlier assessment?

Please read…  🙂

So I must admit, Pretty Woman is my all-time favorite movie. Regardless of how many movies studio companies come up with; my favorite movie has not changed in over 18 years. I have questioned on more than one occasion why this is a fact and honestly it’s the simplicity of the fairytale aspect of the movie. The base storyline speaks to every girl’s dream of Happily Ever After. You don’t have to be girly, prissy, hookerish or anything slutty. You just have to have a dream of prince or princess charming coming into your life and rescuing you at some point. Showing up at your door with minimum expectation but upon seeing you feel an inexplicable love/lush for you.

So why reference “50 Shades of Grey” because there is a direct comparison between the two movies. A rich and powerful younger man (young by money standards) meets unexpectedly and awkward naïve yet smart woman, who doesn’t exactly take his shit bit at the same time submits to his will. She has her difficulties accepting her place or better yet her role in his life as explained to her through the late night negotiations they agreed upon but she can’t stay away.

But here is my question, is that a bad thing? I was having a conversation with my mother today while cooking and she says “I never saw you in the kitchen cooking when you were little,” I was not in the least surprised by this  because unfortunately for me the first few years of my adult life I was a fast food, out the box, microwave queen. I mean I’m pretty sure that my oldest didn’t get a real meal until he was 2 maybe 3. Her rationale was that she didn’t want me to assume the role of housewife/caterer to any man (Go women’s lib movement). So being the smart-ars that II am I had to ask her if her plan was thought out at all because to me it didn’t seem so.

Of course I got a I stand by my thought and how I raised you stare back but I explained why I asked. Growing up I learned not to depend on others for anything, never let a man call the shots completely, control you own destiny and create a path of there is none. Oh and believe me those qualities are invaluable when raising a girl but there was a down side that she couldn’t foresee. I didn’t know how to cook and really struggled with that as I come from a family that can throw down in the kitchen, I felt like a failure, kinda like I missed the plot. I also didn’t trust any man’s interest in me, so I treated them much how men treat women. Like a piece of meat. They were around to please me and if they failed to do so, I dropped them like a hot plate. This meant guys that were sweet and kind and just wanted to be in my company got no play at all, guys that couldn’t bend to my desires were also dropped and of course just like cockroaches (cockroaches live through almost everything including nuclear environments) the ones that got through weren’t always good for me. They were just too stubborn or stupid to stop trying.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they were bad people just not the men for me but a man that is insistent on impressing me, cooking for me, taking me out, buying me things (and let me say before you assume- I am not materialistic at all) driving me around, all surface level commitments. They were the ones I chose to spend my time with. This also meant I developed an “I can help him” complex, not save him or change him, but help him…because why not. I don’t really need him for anything, I always work, I never rely on them to pay my bills, I can fend for myself but OMG he put so much time into getting he He Must Be The One.  Blah, Blah, Blah, all I can say is Thank God! It took a higher spirit to see the flaws in my thinking and place him in my path. The fact that we met at all is minor miracle but that’s a story for another blog.

All that said, isn’t it a bit peculiar that 25 years later we are still showing the same twisted supposedly romantic storyline but this go round the sex line is kicked into high gear (which says something about society on a whole as Pretty Woman was about a hooker, how’s that for irony). When will women ever truly be valued?

I’m choosing to end this here because we are all a work in progress…


50 shades tie


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While scrolling through the News Feed on Facebook yesterday, I came across a few posts about VH1’s new reality show Sorority Sisterswhich premieres on Monday, December 15.  After watching the trailer, all I could do was shake my dang head!!

The show highlights the lives of nine females, in Atlanta, GA, who represent…oops, my bad…are members of the four sororities in the Divine 9 BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Organizations). I’m not a member of any of these organizations, but I do have friends and family members who proudly pledged to exemplify Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service and they are S-E-R-I-O-U-S about everything these principles stand for. Now, I’m not saying that these ladies aren’t serious, but this trailer has Ratchet, Rivalry and Shade written all over it.

You know what…this is soooo wrong and ratchet!! Mona, you came for the Divine 9 sisters and they didn’t send for you??!! Everybody knows that these sorors do not play when it comes to being misrepresented or disrespected in any form or fashion. I don’t know about this one. These ladies would’ve been better off signing the dotted line to appear in  Shady Boots Sorority Sisters of Atlanta, instead of the real thing!!

As my Moma would say, “Order what you want and pay for what you get.” I hope signing on that dotted line was worth more than Sisterhood. ijs

I don’t know if I’ll be watching, since it’s Monday Night Football and my New Orleans Saints will be playing. Maybe I’ll catch it after the game, but I doubt it.

Let me know what you think.

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