Hey fam,

I’m hooked on Netflix. Let me rephrase that, I’m hooked on the new shows. Netflix has two new shows. “Mr. Iglesias” starring Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and Sherry Shephard. The storyline is about a teacher and an administrator that care about their students. The teacher, Mr. Iglesias, is a recovering alcoholic and former student that came back to be a history teacher. I admit I’m not doing the show any justice but it’s a great binge of chuckles. It’s almost like a male funnier version of “Mom”.

My other new favorite show just came out today. I have already watched it twice. The show is called “Family Reunion”. Thanks to the website shadow and acts. That’s how I found out about it. You see the hook to this show is that every one of the writers is African-American. This is unusual. Please believe me when I tell you that it shows. I have read other reviews that say that this is a throwback show. They obviously didn’t watch the season. Sure there are some moments that are a little throwbacky (yes I made that up) but it is still a great family show. There are ten episodes for part 1. I’m ready to see part two. I don’t know when part two comes. Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry-Hardict, and Richard Roundtree are the seasoned actors for this show. And add Telma Hopkins to the mix and you have a show that reminds you of all of your relatives or friends of your relatives.

So if you are looking for some fun with lessons to be learned, watch these two shows. I will let you know the other shows I like too. Maybe next time we can talk about “Claws” and “Queen Sugar.

Later fam!

I like Monique, really I do but I never was going cancel Netflix for her.  And now that I hear that both Barack and Michelle Obama is in talks of producing shows for the streaming service company. All I have to say to Ms. Beloved aka Monique is “Bye Felicia”.  Yeah . . . Girl, no!

As New York Times reports, The Obamas is in talks with Netflix in “producing a series of high-profile shows” on a global level. The terms of the proposed deal haven’t yet been finalized. Note, Mr. Obama himself isn’t planning on using Netflix as a direct response to Trump and/or other conservative critics.  Instead, the Obamas are planning on making inspirational shows. So for those “Fox or Breitbart” clones that looking for messiness, I think ‘your’ current President is serving you guys enough of that, isn’t he?

One show idea may have Mr. Obama moderate conversations on topics that were outlined in his presidency like “healthcare, voting rights, immigration and foreign policies”.  Whereas, Michelle Obama show may focus on “nutrition” that she championed while in the White House. It’s unclear on how much the Obamas will be paid, but Netflix isn’t the only streaming service that’s interested. Both Apple and Amazon have expressed interested in dealing with the popular, beautiful, powerful couple.

So, like I’ve stated earlier, yeah as long as Netflix keeps developing new shows, hiring diversity and now “possibly” having the Obamas on board, then Monique needs to find another cause and/or product to have folks boycott over. Happy Friday!