Hey, fam!!

What up? What up? What up? When we last chatted “Pla’s Thoughts said we would be back in a few weeks. You can blame me for that. I ended up being the hospital and then to rehab followed by in-home physical therapy. There are still some issues but we are back!!

Jax has been relatively good. I think when he saw me with a walker it scared him. That didn’t last too long before ol’ Jax got used to me. The first time he saw me without my walker, that was the day he went for a run. The only difference was that I couldn’t go after him. Luckily, it was a nice ice-cold day and the day after he had his haircut. Needless to say, he came back on his own within twenty minutes he was at the door doing this pitiful whiny bark.

That’s how I have been, now let’s talk about what is on my mind. Boneless wings Yes, you read it correctly. In case you forget I’m the foodie. Well, that’s not true. I’m a closet foodie, Pla’s Thoughts is the true foodie. Anywhozzle, back to what’s on my mind. Boneless wings. If they have no bones in it, isn’t that basically a nugget.

So, why do they call it a boneless wing? Maybe they want you to know where the pieces are from. I thought of that too. Why not call them, oh I don’t know, wing nuggets. I’m not on Madison Avenue. That’s not my job just stop calling them boneless wings. They are NUGGETS, I tell ya, NUGGETS. Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox, now. So tell me what you think? Yes, I know there are more serious things I could have talked about. Why not have some fun. Life’s too short.

What is it about ice cream that has folks going crazy? I mean . . . “come on, now.”

Yep, it appears as if another insane “ice cream” attacker has struck out against our beloved soft gooeyness.  It appears as if a woman in Florida decided that it was cool to both spit and pee in an “ice cream” store. As Tampa Bay Times reports, an insane, crazy, looney woman faces felony charges for defiling both the materials and products that used in an Indian Shores ice cream store.

Sixty-six year on Jung Soon Wypcha was charged with “mischief and tampering with consumer products” with damages estimated up to $2000. Yep. Due to Jung’s offensive behavior, it caused the shop to close down for several days. But the arrest and charges of Jung came about on Monday once the Indian Shore police reviewed the store videotapes which outline this disgusting chick behavior.

The ice cream has been destroyed for public safety, and the shop has opened back up. Now, what’s interesting about this whole ordeal is that Ms. Jung Soon Wypcha owns a business next door to the ice cream shop and they share a bathroom. Yup.  As the ice cream owner Paul Chiulli states . . .

“I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular.”

Video footage captures Jung using the restroom several times with the door ajar and not washing her hands. From there, this crazy chick would go to the organic ice cream freezer and rubbed her unsanitary hands over the containers. The video also caught her picking her nose then touching the products and later spitting into the ice cream containers. This chick is just nasty is all.

Look  . . . this crazy lady did some other gross stuff that I don’t have to stomach to continue to write about. But let’s just say, that yeah, I think she needs to do some time and pay a hefty fine.

Anywhoozle, based on folks attitude as of late in regards to ice cream, I think it’s time for a sista’ to go on a diet, regardless of whether I want to or not. You feel me.

I had today’s blog all planned out. Yes sir, I did. I was going to act coy, mysterious and have y’all play a guessing game. But I figured, why not just come out and say it; eliminate that whole suspense jive?  So  I am and here goes . . . This Friday, June 7th, 2019, is known as “National Donut Day“. which means . . . Yup, “free” donuts. And the joint to visit for these “free sinful round delights” is Krispy Kreme.

As Thrillist reports, Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts this Friday on National Donut Day here in the United States as well as Canada. The coolest thing about this whole donut thingy is that “you don’t have to buy anything” to get yah’ one. Nope, not at all.

Now,  like everything else in life, there is a twist in this whole free Krispy Kreme thing. Yes, there is. The deal here is that if Krispy Kreme gives away “a million donuts” on Friday, then it will unlock another “free donut day” for later on this month. And who doesn’t want another donut day? I’m just saying.

So let’s do this. Let’s go and help Krispy Kreme reach its goal, so we can get that “free” fatty treat day.  Who’s with me?!


When the drinks start to roll out, then you know it’s Summer.

Sooo . . . It’s 175 degrees here in Georgia, and all I can think about is getting my drink on. Yep, getting cool-off by something fresh, fruity and relaxing is a great way to settle down after a rough day at work. And from what I hear, the “High Key Wine Pouches,” is a way to go to capture those smooth Summer evening dreams. Yes sir, as Bustle reports, “These individual pouches of boozy joy are basically an adult juice box.” And with the various flavor options of Sweet White, Dry Rose and Semi-Sweet Rose, these little wine pouches come with a punch of 12% ABV.

Now, the mission of High Key Wine Co. is to . . .

“Create great wine in innovative packaging that speaks to our valued customers.”

And for the price of $19.98 for a pack of three, I see nothing but good for these “hot” long and I do mean . . . longggg Summer days. If you want to get your drink on, then check out the “High Key Wine” website to get your “order” on (Yeah I know it’s a bit corny, but it rhymed). Other than that . . . Happy Friday!!

Hey fam,

This is the time of year when school systems talk about their lunch budget. Well, not the budget per se but the fact that some student’s parents owe money to the school. The way that some schools have dealt with this problem has been to deny children their lunch. Some have even resorted to denying them a hot lunch and giving them cold sandwiches.

In Warwick, Rhode Island their school system is owed $40,000. A local business person tried to donate money towards the bill but was turned down. Granted they only wanted to donate $4000.00 but it was a start. The school system wouldn’t accept it on the basis that they didn’t want to be responsible as to how to distribute it among the student’s bills. They did, however, ask the donor to figure it out. Which is better so that no one says favoritism was involved.

I don’t know how other school systems handle this. Yes, parents should be responsible to pay their bills. However, sometimes life gets in the way. They are unable to pay. There are ways to help a school with this. For those groups looking for community things to do, perhaps adopting a school, and assist with paying a student’s lunch. Let this be your random act of kindness.