What is it about ice cream that has folks going crazy? I mean . . . “come on, now.”

Yep, it appears as if another insane “ice cream” attacker has struck out against our beloved soft gooeyness.  It appears as if a woman in Florida decided that it was cool to both spit and pee in an “ice cream” store. As Tampa Bay Times reports, an insane, crazy, looney woman faces felony charges for defiling both the materials and products that used in an Indian Shores ice cream store.

Sixty-six year on Jung Soon Wypcha was charged with “mischief and tampering with consumer products” with damages estimated up to $2000. Yep. Due to Jung’s offensive behavior, it caused the shop to close down for several days. But the arrest and charges of Jung came about on Monday once the Indian Shore police reviewed the store videotapes which outline this disgusting chick behavior.

The ice cream has been destroyed for public safety, and the shop has opened back up. Now, what’s interesting about this whole ordeal is that Ms. Jung Soon Wypcha owns a business next door to the ice cream shop and they share a bathroom. Yup.  As the ice cream owner Paul Chiulli states . . .

“I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular.”

Video footage captures Jung using the restroom several times with the door ajar and not washing her hands. From there, this crazy chick would go to the organic ice cream freezer and rubbed her unsanitary hands over the containers. The video also caught her picking her nose then touching the products and later spitting into the ice cream containers. This chick is just nasty is all.

Look  . . . this crazy lady did some other gross stuff that I don’t have to stomach to continue to write about. But let’s just say, that yeah, I think she needs to do some time and pay a hefty fine.

Anywhoozle, based on folks attitude as of late in regards to ice cream, I think it’s time for a sista’ to go on a diet, regardless of whether I want to or not. You feel me.

Hey fam,

By now you have heard about the young man from Arizona that was killed for playing rap music. When I first heard this I thought here we go again. Then I read about this case. I thought this happened near the car. No, it happened inside the “Circle K”. I mean right there in the store. Elijah Al-Amin was 17 years old not knowing why he was being attacked.

Elijah Al-Amin

The killer, Michael Adams age 27, was recently released from prison when he felt “threatened by rap music”. His lawyer is trying to use the “mental health issues” and was released without medication. The reason he was released without medication is that DOC said he wasn’t under psychiatric care while inside.

Michael Adams/Peoria Police Dept

The previous crimes included assaulting other people that he didn’t know. He also assaulted a correctional officer. On one of his cases they tried the same thing and well he ended up being found competent and served his time.

When the police showed up Adams tells them he was fearful of his life. People that played rap music have allegedly harmed him or family members. Now, this is foolishness. The fact that he could hear the music and then go inside the store to find Elijah and slit his throat. I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on t.v. but that seems premeditated to me.

Hey fam,

Last post I talked about me going to the movies. I told you about “Shaft”. The other movie I watched was “Emanuel”. This was a documentary about the shooting in Charleston where a domestic terrorist joined a bible study group and then killed nine people.

This film can only be seen tonight. Check your area for the time. The documentary interviews the survivors as well as the family members of those who died. This film will keep you drawn in as you learn about everyone. Why did they forgive the terrorist? You see everything from the time the terrorist walked in the door as well as the interrogation. Nothing gruesome.

Please do yourself a favor and view this film. As I said earlier, this film can only be seen tonight. The viewings coincided with the anniversary of the shooting and the day the terrorist appeared before the judge. The only thing that would have made this better is if there was a moderated discussion. I hope this film will be available for purchase.

Hey fam,

Yesterday I talked of how heartbroken I was because of the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. It was sad yet beautiful to watch. Beautiful because people gathered together and sang hymns which gave a type of calmness. During the burning, what we didn’t see was that there was a brigade to remove as many of the priceless relics as possible. Today, we found out all things were saved including the buildings. Since then people from all over the world have donated money.

They have raised millions if not billions of dollars (or is it euro’s). This reminded me that with all of the donating going on what was being done for the 3 predominately African American churches that were burned down. The culprit that did it happened to be a sheriff’s son. It has been ruled a hate crime. So as much as people would like to donate to Notre Dame, why not donate to these churches that were burned down on purpose.

These churches need our help. Growing up, my Dad would tell me to take care of our home first. No offense to Notre Dame but I’ll be donating to the churches at “home”. Will you join me?

Hey fam,

Well, it happened again. I’m having brain blockage. I can’t think of a thing to talk about. Sure I could talk about the king of idiots but why? Lawd knows he’s done so much wrong. Especially this weekend by going after Ilhan Omar. After Fox News and the NY Post went after a snippet of a speech that she said and didn’t correct it.

Yesterday, Tiger Woods proved that he’s back. He won another Master’s green blazer. He’s been working hard. What made this great was that his entire family was there to share in his win. With his first win, his dad was there to give him that huge hug. This time it was his son. It was a beautiful thing to see. Today 45 says he will award Tiger the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Geoffory Van Der Hasselt AFP/Getty Images

Alright, I had a little thing there but really I’m not sure I have anything else. Let’s see, oh yeah, Wendy Williams is going to be leaving her sober house and living on her own. It was nice to see her actually talking about her business in “Hot Topics”. Glad she isn’t trying to run or hide from it.

Right now my heart is broken. After seeing the breaking news just now. Watching the Notre Dame cathedral burning down. My friends and I just spent this past Saturday making plans to go to Paris in the fall. Going to Notre Dame was definitely on the list of things to see. Now it’s on fire. All of that beautiful architecture. This structure built in the 1300’s how heartbreakingly sad. 

I guess I did have things to talk about. So fam, tell me what’s on your mind?