Hey fam,

I’m hooked on Netflix. Let me rephrase that, I’m hooked on the new shows. Netflix has two new shows. “Mr. Iglesias” starring Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and Sherry Shephard. The storyline is about a teacher and an administrator that care about their students. The teacher, Mr. Iglesias, is a recovering alcoholic and former student that came back to be a history teacher. I admit I’m not doing the show any justice but it’s a great binge of chuckles. It’s almost like a male funnier version of “Mom”.

My other new favorite show just came out today. I have already watched it twice. The show is called “Family Reunion”. Thanks to the website shadow and acts. That’s how I found out about it. You see the hook to this show is that every one of the writers is African-American. This is unusual. Please believe me when I tell you that it shows. I have read other reviews that say that this is a throwback show. They obviously didn’t watch the season. Sure there are some moments that are a little throwbacky (yes I made that up) but it is still a great family show. There are ten episodes for part 1. I’m ready to see part two. I don’t know when part two comes. Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry-Hardict, and Richard Roundtree are the seasoned actors for this show. And add Telma Hopkins to the mix and you have a show that reminds you of all of your relatives or friends of your relatives.

So if you are looking for some fun with lessons to be learned, watch these two shows. I will let you know the other shows I like too. Maybe next time we can talk about “Claws” and “Queen Sugar.

Later fam!

Hey fam,

Yesterday and today we lost two beautiful people that made me smile. Doris Day and Tim Conway. Doris Day was the actress Hollywood treated like the sexy virgin. Although I have only watched her comedy films and television show, I loved watching her act. Of course, this was back in the day when studios “owned” actresses. As much as I watched her television show, I didn’t really know about her movies until I talked to Pla’s Thoughts. One night we were talking about favorite classic movies and actresses. That’s when she put the movies in order of when they were made. Lord knows there are still others of her movies I haven’t seen but thanks to TCM, I will be able to view them on her tribute night in June.

Tim Conway, well he was different. He was on television starting with McHale’s Navy. The show was before my time but you know about syndication (thanks Nick at Nite). As well as he acted during that show, nothing showed him at his comedic best as the Carol Burnett Show. One of the reasons was that the show was being taped live so all the flubs and crack-ups were on tape so we could see the bloopers. One of my favorite outtakes is “Elephant”. As one commenter put it, watching an old storyteller at work.

Because of what’s going on in our world, we all need to take time to laugh. Either at ourselves or with the help of some great comedic actors and actresses. This puts me in a nostalgic moment where I feel I should end this with “The Carol Burnett theme song” and “Que Sera Sera” 

Hey fam,

Lately, I’ve been taking a break from politics and MSNBC. Watching comedies has been my thing. I’m trying to keep laughter in my life. Sometimes it works if I’m watching the right show. Last night I decided to go out for my funny.

Well, I saw the movie “A Madea Family Funeral”. I know it’s been out for a while but with things going on I didn’t have a chance to see it on opening weekend. Anyway, as I settled in my seat I was thinking of how funny this movie was going to be. I was soo wrong. There were scenes that were too long for no reason. It was actually painful to watch this. Sure there were some funny scenes, but not through the movie. We were introduced to new characters that had a life of their own. Maybe this looked good on paper but it didn’t play out well.

What was sad about this movie, was that Tyler Perry said that this was the last “Madea” movie. I really hope not. Madea can’t go out like this. I know he’s doing the last play tour. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it. I’m sure that was interesting to see but this can’t be her last movie. I think he should take some time off and write another movie. Madea needs to have a proper goodbye.

So fam, if you are looking for a funny “Madea” movie, check your local listings to see if she’s on BET, TBS, BET HER or POP channel. All I know is you won’t find it in this movie. Save your money!

Today’s blog, I promise is . . . short and light-hearted. I swear (fingers and eyes crossed).

Once in a while, I’ll treat myself by checking out this YouTube channel called “First We Feast with Sean Evans”. Yep. This show consists of this dude (Sean) who sits down with various celebrities and interviews them while they eat hot wings. The catcher tho’ is not so much the interview, but the intensity levels of hot wings the celebrities try to eat while concentrating on answerings dude’s questions. He (Sean) challenges the celebrities to try different “heat levels” of wing sauces.

Now, what I find funny about this whole thing is seeing them (Celebrities) fall apart while eating those hot wings. Yep, it’s a cute concept, that’s why I drop by from time-to-time to it check out. I do have my favorite episodes like with Jay Pharoah and my man, Al Roker (Hey, don’t be sleep on Al. He did the thang), but this latest one with Actor/Comedian Ken Jeong is hilarious as *bleep*. Yo’, this dude is mad funny (Yeah I went ‘old school slang’ on yah’) and like to talk “smack . . . noise . . . trash-talk” as well.

Check it out below or other episodes of this show.

See . . . today’s blog, short and entertaining like I promised. Peace and Happy Friday!


Hey fam,

Over the past few days we have all listened to the mini situation involving Kevin Hart. Hart was on a high about hosting the Oscars. As usually, it was a “grand opening grand closing”. He talked about being excited and the next thing you knew he was stepping down from hosting, saying he didn’t want to take away from the winners.

I still didn’t know what was going on. The stand-up routine that everyone is talking about I listened to it. The routine he performed was the way that people thought of LGBTQ community. That was back then. I’m not saying it was right. But during that time, every comedian was doing jokes that offended everyone. Seriously, offended everyone.

Now back to Kevin Hart, he said that the Academy wanted him to apologize. He said he did apologize back in the day and he wasn’t going to apologize again. At that point I agreed. Who hasn’t done stuff years ago that you seeing it now would make you apologize. Did you apologize then? If you did, how long should you apologize? What about if you did apologize then and 10 years later somebody brought it up again? Like how many times do you have to apologize?

Even Nick Cannon got involved in it. He showed how other comedians made homophobic jokes. Shouldn’t the measure of the person be how they evolved since an incident. To my knowledge, and please correct me if I’m wrong, he hasn’t talked of/ tweeted about any gay situations since the apology. By the way, I found the article allegedly has the apology. Unless I missed it, he just talks of not doing it again. Alright peeps, tell me what you think. Talk to you tomorrow